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    No matter the kind of minecraft I play if I log off a server I get bad login errors for ten minutes and then they magically clear. Is this an issue with the Mojang server, and if so is it ever going to be fixed? Its really irritating especially if I get kicked for idling and it does that.
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    I apologize for the really crappy quality of the video. I still lack a decent recorder and a decent movie editor. I might get those in a few pay checks and edit the videos i upload after that and then reupload.
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    My video on how to slay the beastly beasts of minecraft. A guide designed with beginners to pve as we call it, not for experts. This is my first video so I wouldn't mind some thoughts and ideas. I'm working with a pretty cheap capture program till I get semi decent at making video's.

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    IgN: zerieth
    minecraft experience: 1.2.0 (know how to do some redstoning)
    tekkit experience: lots. Industrial craft and most of ee explored. I tend to experiment a lot.
    Why you want to join: I guess it's cause I am tired of either half of e erything banned or my house blowing up. I want to be on a safer server

    I am not a griefer so have no fear. I am very friendly and community oriented.
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    SupaSura whether you like it or not a debate this is. A debate is two sides of an arguement presenting their sides to the other. I am convinced through good old experience of playing minecraft that mobs can be tough enough in various situations.

    Now as far as you taking on three mob spawners all at once I very much doubt you could. Mob spawners can pump out two mobs at once at times and things can get out of hand depending on the mobs that spawn. Now if your back is to the wall and your fighting zombies that's one thing. Zombies don't have the reach to be a big threat. On the other hand if your fighting skeletons or spiders, depending on your armor level, a super enchanted sword won't do you a bit of good.

    Now all those happy funny moments were you died are the things the mobs have to do to win. You said you should never have to die. Okay then I dare you to go for a week in minecraft with the difficulty mode on max. If you don't ever die from a mob then I must say I will be impressed, if you can prove it. I agree the fighting mechanics are simple, but maybe in the case of minecraft simplicity is bliss. Recall this game is not just marketed to grown up players, but to little kids to. They have to be able to fight in minecraft and survive despite the vast amounts of mobs that can get in the way. Also having little kids just set it to easy all the time would put them down a bit. Right now all minecraft mechanics, including simple redstone ones, are user friendly for a large variety of age groups. What more do we need to include?

    The mobs aren't designed to be a challenge in and of themselves. They are designed to fight as a team. Because of how derpy the A.I. is they don't always achieve this but its so obviously there.

    Zombies are the close up fighters. They can be deadly only by surrounding the player and making the player panic.

    Skeletons are the long range attackers. If mixed with zombies they can shoot into the fray to cause more mayhem. They are accurate up to a certain range but very inaccurate at all other times.

    Creepers are the heavy hitters. They can make an explosion occur that can cause vast amounts of damage to the player.

    Finally spiders are ambushers that can climb almost anything and then drop from out of know where.

    With all this in mind if you had to fight a fairly large group of them, such as what can be found in a desert, the variety can make even a pro a bit nervous, and a average player panic. I myself have died to this variety attack before.

    Yes in a one on one fight you shouldn't expect to die from a mob. They simply can not do the damage required. However some mobs solo (Such as ghasts, blazes, and endermen) can be dangerous enough to leave the player severly damaged to the point of anything creature finishing them off.

    Now writing off my opinion and my sources because you think the point I am trying to make is stupid with no evidence presented has got to be the worst mistake ever. At least Insurrection gave me the benefit of some knowledge being spouted back at me. He never ignored my posts just because he thought them inferior, and he gave me the benefit of speaking my mind. You on the other hand can't seem to wrap your mind around this concept. Thus your opinions, I wish I didn't have to say, I can't respect nor can I acknowledge them unless you do the same for me.

    Now if you want to debate some more then sight me some sources and prove me wrong. Otherwise knock out the crap.
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    Quote from SupaSaru

    Was really hoping you'd post exactly the way you did, zerieth.

    Absolutely. You still haven't figured out the difference between in-game combat in Minecraft and Street Fighter. It's hysterical. Minecraft literally has 0 elements matching a fighting game, unless you very loosely want to define a "fighting game" as a "game with fights." Unfortunately, that isn't really acceptable.

    In the general realm of video games, there are vary rarely any games that do not include some form of combat. Every single game released in the past 40 years is not a fighting game - Wing Commander is not a fighting game any more than Mortal Kombat is a voxel game.

    A game that includes elements that can be compared to the elements and mechanics present in a fighting game (ex: Puzzle Fighter, Tekken, Minecraft, Diablo 3, Half-Life 2) does not create a fighting game. Minecraft has puzzle elements, as well, but it isn't a puzzle game. These genres are well defined and very easy to discern between when looking at them briefly.

    With that information, you should be able to form your own relationships between the idea of a "fighting game" and how it does not apply to Minecraft. I'm not going to continue this conversation with you any further.

    Oi before shutting me down let me defend my position some what. That's how debate works.

    I didn't name minecraft as a fighting game per say. I did mention that it demonstrated several elements of a fighting game (ex. Combat system, in game tactics, rewards for successful combat situations, etc.)

    I also said that minecraft does not fit in the fighting game genre snugly. While it does demonstrate elements of one it wouldn't be a good idea to simply just call it one.

    Most video games released these days Are fighter games. FPS, Sandbox (in most cases), and various other forms that are not tactical warfare games that involve a bit of combat can be considered fighting games to an extent. The market of old called for a lot more puzzles than the maket of today which calls for lots of blood with a side of gore.

    So because it doesn't conform to your preconception of that genre you can't say that it still doesn't very loosely fit into it. Admittedly minecraft makes me think of a lot more before I think of the mobs, but since it has similarities to other games that fit into combat based games that I simply can't rule it out of that genre in good conscience.

    Now that I've had my say in this matter, and if you didn't notice I was agreeing with you somewhat, I have some things I want to add to the discussion.

    Now my only real issue I had with this game was its lack in sound track. I know its odd of all things, but when I'm building the equivalent of the taj mahall (yes I looked that up) I want to be able to listen to something while I work. The fact is that placing blocks on top of each other does get a little boring after a while without a little bit of ambiance. Yes lighting does play a part in this but when I'm underground its either lit up or it isn't.

    The fact that the game comes with almost twenty tracks leaves me a little perplexed. While yes I could go out for weeks on end scrounging up the discs with the various soundtracks on them I feel that is more like unlocking extras in a video game (Think advance wars days of ruin). The only reward those sorts of things give is being able to listen to the songs when you want to. Also they don't follow you around because you can't stick the disc players on your back. The game should allow for a lot more instances of music playing in the back ground. The fact that I have to turn on my itunes is a definite minus in my book.

    Chucking more into the mobs of the game, as I already stated, is a bad idea. The game is just fine as it is, and if you give those mobs half a brain this game will solidly fit into a fighter game genre as the mobs will have to be dealt with as opposed to the exploding hedges and derpy zombies being optional. I won't restate supasura but I do agree that piling more into something won't necessarily make it better.

    The combat system as it is does not merit any fixes. The bows work well enough, and realistically, and the weapons also perform as they should. Several game mods are in existence that add more tools to the game, and if mojang wanted them they would have made those mods a part of the game by now like they did with the pistons mod from way back when.

    Actually if we think about this a second a mod exists for nearly everything that was asked(demanded?) of this game. I'm positive a mod exists that changes the UI, or makes the mobs smarter. If a player wanted to play with the mobs on at all times they have the ability to do so.

    More tools and things exist for this game in mods than just about any other game I can imagine. Since we already have proof of a mod being absorbed permanently into the game in the past we know Mojang isn't adverse to adding more new things. It is very likely that none of these changes will come about anytime soon, some not at all, because Mojang already had the opportunity to make these changes and didn't. Right now Mojang seems to feel that the game is fine as is, and the it's original intention was fulfilled.

    Finally the fact that players make mob farms shouldn't be ignored because the creator didn't intend them. Players have this nasty habit of adding workarounds to almost anything they can, and mob farming is now as much a part of this game as rainfall in the world. The laughable part of it is that while mob farms can be very productive if done right the player stands to die a lot if the farm is implemented wrong. I have personally tried to make a cave spider farm with a spawner in its center. It worked fine at first then the mobs stopped popping out. When I went around the spawner room to back to my house I was ambushed by ten of the bloody things, and even though they despawned after killing me I wasn't able to get close enough to the area to get my items back without several more spawning. In the end I just blocked off the area and put it out of my mind.

    Spawners have the unintentional purpose of being taken advantage of, but perhaps Notch expected that. The game has next to no rules which means you can not govern the game without including things the players added themselves.
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    Quote from SupaSaru

    Including punching or a conflict between two characters does not create a "fighting game element" or a "fighting game" in Minecraft.

    Please, please, please go look up what the genre "fighting game" actually means - surprisingly, it does not mean a game that features things fighting. Here's a link to wikipedia for the lazy: http://en.wikipedia....i/Fighting_game

    Feel free to randomly quote parts of it that you think give you confirmation regarding Minecraft being a fighting game or including fighting game elements..... because that will be entertaining.

    Er How about some other quotes and some reviewer terminology?

    First off If you are talking about a fighting game as a on screen nothing but fighting game such as the Super Smash Bros, and Tekken franchises I would have to agree that minecraft is not that.

    However minecraft does promote the usage of tactics in order to take down an enemy and it rarely ever boils down to "Hit with stick" when its pvp. Usually you see a lot of jumping, item throwing, and tactical strikes to take out an enemy. If you don't believe me then go into a pvp server, get a weapon, then begin attacking someone while standing stock still. Chances are if the opponent knows what he is doing you will lose. Thus this means that minecraft does have some combat/fighting elements to the game. This doesn't meant that minecraft fits into the category snugly as it only has a few elements. On the other hand if you look at such as Runescape or Flyff I can't see much difference. You are still fighting creatures, though you don't have to, and the mechanics are very simple. Granted in the other games you get more tools with which to fight, but I count that as mainly fleshing it out. So long as you have a sword and something to hit it with combat takes place. However Minecraft is not solely a fighting game while it does contain some of the elements of one. The very fact that you can effectively shut off fighting (peaceful mode) is evidence enough of that.

    Now if you still don't think I'm right you can look/watch these other game reviewers and some definitions text. While some of the reviews might make you laugh I can imagine you won't be laughing because I am wrong.


    A player in Minecraft has a lot of freedom to choose how to play the game, with the primary goals being surviving attacks by monsters, also known in-game as "hostile mobs" (such as Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers) and building shelter.
    Hostile mobs you have to fight, hence the fighting mechanics within the game.


    "I've also spent just as many hours exploring, spelunking and slashing my way through monsters with bravado."
    Shows a certain amount of combat took place during the reviewers gameplay.


    "Survival Mode is the game mode of Minecraft in which players can collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, fight hunger, and explore the land."

    Once again shows certain combat elements to the game.

    Are we laughing yet?
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    Why wouldn't I quote the massive post? I was talking about the whole thing friend.

    Quotes still aren't working on my end for some reason, so I might need to do a major browser update or something to fix it. Anyways you contradicted yourself by disagreeing with me that minecraft has elements of a fighting game, and then saying later that it does have combat elements.

    Minecraft does have the option of not being a fighting game because that wasn't the main purpose of the game. That is why beds, and the peaceful button exist in the first place. Players are given the option to shut off the mobs so they don't have to play with them. They can still die (ex. falling into lava), but its a lot less difficult for them to mine, and make things. To say the peaceful button should go would call for a change in minecraft that wouldn't leave it as minecraft anymore. You would have Jeb make a completely different game from Notch by removing that button.

    Minecraft does have fighting elements within the game when them mobs are enabled. To say it doesn't is wrong in every way. If something attacks me it is fighting me. If I attack something I am fighting it. If I engage something in combat in the game, is that not fighting? I have a limited amount of health, hunger, range, speed, and resistant in the game. One could consider these stats which help determine combat out comes. My fist is equal to say, attack 1 in the game. My stone sword is equal to 5 in the game. This is purely for example.

    If I hit a skeleton with my fist, not including resistances I have just dealt 1 damage to the skeleton. This is based off my attack stat.

    Now if I hit the skeleton with my sword i have dealt out 5 damage without resistances included, or enchantment affects. This is again based off that same stat that was increased by the equipment.

    The same goes for wearing different levels of armor, which is indicated by the armor bar on the screen. It is possible, albeit not easily, to make oneself impervious to mob damage by wearing good enough armor. If all my protection stats are maxed out a mob can not damage me, and I have worn armor in the past that allowed to me to do just that. I still take knockback because the mob did hit me, but no harm is done.

    I can also employ various tactics such as jumping for a critical, sneaking up on mobs, and having them attack each other by having one attack the other accidentally. If I use these tactics in the place of standing still and taking the hits I can make increase my chances of successfully killing the mob.

    So we have undeniable proof of there being fighting elements within the game. Just because it is possible to avoid them does not eliminate them from the game. That's like me saying that avoiding mining takes out the mining part of the game. It is still an integral part of the game.

    Going into that battle of quality in the game it is possible that notch wanted bloated mobs to begin with. Its simple to code, and since mobs aren't all that important to the overall game anyway (As it is possible to gather some mob drop items) it doesn't require a whole lot of updating. It grants some players the challenge, and later the annoyance, of fighting mobs if the want to fight the mobs. If they do not wish to fight the mobs they can simply avoid combat were possible.

    It is correct that the game could bear some minor improvements to the mob A.I. but they fulfill the job they were supposed to do quite well as they are. To radically change the mob system would radically change the game. Players aren't supposed to be able to travel at night without some risk. We all accept that fact in the game, and make sure we are prepared before we venture out. To make the mobs only appear underground would seem kinda lame to most players, and may actually make the game quality drop.

    Quality is in the eye of the beholder. It is generated by opinions of the game, and the overall quality is judged by the overall opinion. To say Call of Duty is a low quality game is to say that less people have a good opinion on it. However Call of Duty does feature some things that should actually make it a high quality game regardless of acceptance by the gaming world:

    1. A solid player base that ensures difficult online play

    2. Stellar graphics that make for a cinematic experience

    3. Solid game mechanics such as shooting and aiming as well as movement.

    4. Higher end programing to ensure a low number of glitches.

    5. A riveting campaign mode that teaches the player how to play the game, and challenges the player in a variety of different scenarios.

    I could go on, having played CoD before, but I don't want to make a huge list. If I take these five things though I can say that a variety of other well accepted high quality games also have these elements to them such as Modern Warfare. So why is it that you say Call of Duty has a lower quality level than other games? The answer is purely because you have a lower opinion of that single game. You can wrap it up in as much text as you like but the bottom line is that your opinion is low = the quality is low. That is how it works in the game industry. I can create what I think is the perfect video game, and end up with a low quality rating because no one else thinks the same way.
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    Hellooooooo minecraft nerds. This is Zerieth with a full and complete review of minecraft, the video game sensation that is sweeping multiple nations.

    Before I begin I must point out that due to mods this game takes on a lot of different looks and changes. I will place mods into one condesed section but I will not include them in any others because they are not part of the downloaded version of the game.

    Now then with that out of the way I present my review of minecraft!

    Sandbox games are coming out to be a big thing among gamers everywhere. Instead of following linear objectives, banging into invisible barriers, and feeling pretty limited in everything we now have games that let you be exactly what you want to be with no real defined rules or directions. This means that every play through is made unique, and you can do anything you want specifically because you can.

    Minecraft may not be as challenging as Eve online, a sand box space game out of carbon games, but it sure fits the description of a sand box. Minecraft utilizes a as yet unseen random world generation system were the world is spawned in randomly every single time. No two minecraft maps are ever quite the same, unless the player inputs a seed code that specifies what minecrafts world should look like. Minecraft also consists of two modes:

    Creative, which puts you into the game with invulnerability, flight abilities, and access to limitless amounts of virtually every block in the game. This allows the player to do the equivalent of playing with legos.

    Survival, which plonks the player down in the middle of the world with nothing more than their fists and the shirt on their backs. They must gather resources and eak out an existence in the world.

    One of the things about this game is that it includes things such as simple mining elements, and advanced things including brewing, enchanting, and red stone management. Redstone is the equivalent of electric wiring, and indeed follows the same rules. With this element the player can make almost any contraption they wish provided they have enough materials to create it. Brewing involves gathering specific ingredients to make potions. Some ingredients are very rare and difficult to cultivate while others are easy to gather and mass produce. Finally enchanting involves the minecraft leveling system which helps the player fortify/power up weapons and armor.

    If minecraft had any major flaws it would be these two things, A derpy A.I., and a lack of tutorial. In survival mode the player is literally thrust into the world no knowledge of how to make anything or do anything. While a wiki does exist to aid new players in the making of basic materials the game itself leaves players to do a lot of guess work with their crafting grids.

    Many A.I.s exist but few compare to the sheer mindlessness of minecrafts A.I. This would lend to suggest that fighting is not actually a major part of the game, and that it can be lived without if the player is smart enough to utilize unconventional methods to gather mob drops. That aside the A.I. is down right depressing, and I have often laughed at skeletons killing each other because of friendly fire, and zombies trying very hard to reach me in a hole that they can't fit into. The only remotely dangerous mobs are the cave spiders which are fast, and capable of poisoning the player, and the enderman which can teleport though it will only attack if aggravated.

    Not only does minecraft provide a do what you want experience but it is also open to many mods which change the name of the game. Some mods allow the player to cast spells, while still others add in mobs of their own. Mo Creatures could be thought of as a sort of expansion pack that provides more creatures to interact with. The types of mods that are provided by the large player community this game seems to attract are limitless, and it would take a lot more than one or two paragraphs to describe. Installing mods does require some special tools and a little know how of how a computer works but many videos are provided to aid the none computer literate.

    Finally minecraft itself has no major multiplayer world. Instead various servers exist that minecraft can connect to give the player options on what groups he/she wants to play with. This means that a player can literally do whatever they want and it won't matter in the end.

    In my personal opinion this game didn't totally appeal to me at first. My first thought was how crappy the nintendo graphics were, and the spoiled kill everything side of me was appalled when hitting a zombie with a stick repeatedly resulted in the zombies death. After a while though I managed to warm up to the main aspects of the game which is to build the best you can and survive as well as you can. I there for rate this game a 4/5 for its longevity and never ending fun. That coupled with its appeal to young and old alike makes for a very succesful video game that will keep players coming back for more.
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    Quote from SupaSaru

    I'm not sure you went with the right genre there. Minecraft will never be a fighting game. Action RPG or something, sure, even FPS. Never a fighting game. Ever.

    Here's where any discussion on improvements in mobs gets a little shakey:

    If the purpose was to be solely creative, you're really playing the wrong game. Minecraft itself is so basic it's nearly laughable when compared to any number of newer products (and older products - Source SDK, anyone?). This isn't a jab at Minecraft - this is the way the industry works. Doom is better than Wolfenstein, Quake is better than Doom, etc. The early adopters generally have fewer features, were designed at a time when many things were inferior (development team ability, time, computer requirements, etc), and may not exactly have had the clearest of goals set initially. This, again, isn't a jab at Minecraft - this is any game.

    Notch himself (this is paraphrased, of course) has stated he wanted to create a game with an end, traditional goals, etc. That's the opposite of a completely open sandbox game. You can see achievements and The End as obvious proof of implementation on these design goals. Anyone that states that Minecraft was meant to be a simple voxel building environment is absolutely wrong and is most definitely using the wrong game for the goal they imply.

    Mob grinders, as mentioned, are another topic that is clearly "not as designed" - since there is an effort to prevent this from happening. While mob grinders are fun from an engineering perspective, it was never intended to allow players to achieve ridiculous amounts of XP by abusing the mob AI and spawning mechanics. Improved AI, reduced wander rates, Endermen teleporting on contact of water (a traditional canal trap), etc have all set back grinder builds but only momentarily. Hopefully, when we have 1.3 and XP gain from normal tasks, we can move away from this very terrible player created mechanic of grinders.

    Peaceful mode and Creative were features requested through feedback. Not in the original design.

    The improvements to AI may sound more challenging, but I doubt you would be very impacted if mobs suddenly learned they can't walk on signs or opened trap doors. More aggressive mobs with better AI would only increase the immersion of the world as a visitor surviving in this foreign world. Many of the suggestions that Insurrection and others have made could drastically improve the game as a whole, adding to the adventure and survival aspects while still allowing players to express their creativity and problem solving abilities.

    There is little compromise - if you want no risk and full reward.... that's not a game. If you want nothing but risk with only the reward of knowing you could "out click it" - that's not necessarily a game, either. At least, certainly not great ones, anyway.

    In the first paragraph you said exactly the same thing as me. I said minecraft is not a fighting game. "Finally the whole idea on the mob system is based on minecraft being a fighting game. It isn't."

    Minecraft is a sand box game with a twist. Yes I suppose if you wanted to you can whack an enderman and get a ender pearl off him then make it into a eye of ender to get to the end. Yes you can do that.

    But Minecraft, whether intended or not, is way more than just that. Aside from that one goal there are no goals, no rules. If you meant achievements then ya thats good right up until you complete them all and then you can replay and never worry about them. A sand box game is defined as being a game were you can do anything you want without being required to end the game any where.

    "An open world is a type of video game level design where a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives.[1]"

    "The term "free roam" is also used, as is "sandbox" and "free-roaming";[2][3]. "Open world and "free-roaming suggest the absence of artificial barriers,[4] in contrast to the invisible walls and loading screens that are common in linear level designs."

    Last I checked minecraft had only as much limitations world wise as your computer does. In a server I can play for years and never encounter an end to the game. I can play in single player mode for years as well and never run out of things to do. Whether Notch likes it or not Minecraft meets the defintion and requirements to be a sand box video game. Thats the end of that discussion as far as I am concerned.

    For years game developers have bickered amongst one another on how "Smart" an A.I. should be. Should it be able to learn from player input? Should it be so stupid as to be laughable? What exactly is the defining point on a good A.I.? Sadly no answer has been reached so we continue to get a broad spectrum of game A.I.'s. A good example is the video game Starcraft made roughly twenty years ago for the PC.

    Starcraft's A.I. was smart up until a point. If it wasn't given defined objectives it simply had no motivation to do anything and sat still until it died. If it was told to kill the player it proceeded to achieve that directive as much as possible. However even in this the A.I., after a lot of testing I put it through myself, had many issues when reacting to events. It would proceed to continue whatever it was doing at the time while it's base was blow to bits, or its units were harassed. The only way the game developers could even make it half a challenge was give the computer a resource boost, and to enable it to see anything the player did. This was determined after setting up bases in strategic points on the map, and then putting bases in random locations. In all cases the computer refused to scout and simply set a whole force out to destroy base, clear evidence that it knew ahead of time that the base was there. This was further reinforced when the map revealing cheat was inputted, and the computer was seen to dispatch forces to bases as they were being built.

    Other games such as left for dead deployed A.I.s that were more like ballistic missiles. The A.I. saw the player and gunned for him at full speed regardless to what was in the way. This was good because the sheer number of "mobs" made it difficult to cope with the rush technique. Still other games such as Eve online preferred A.I.s that were more strategic and reactive, making Eve one of my favorite online games. With a few faults it's A.I. system was smart enough to cause me some trouble on more than one occasion and it ensured that every battle was unique in it's own ways.

    The point I am attempting to make is that for a game that was never intended to be a full fledged fighting game, minecrafts A.I. is still capable of presenting a challenge in certain situations. It is possible for the A.I. to achieve its directive to destroy the player in any way it can. That doesn't mean the A.I. is smart and that frankly making it smart enough to avoid even half the player traps would take a large amount of restructuring to make it a learning A.I. which would inevitably make the game impossible to play. As it stands we lack the technology and know how to make something like that on a low cost budget, and even if we could additional time would have to be taken to code the computer to limit its ability to learn. This is simply not a feasible tactic. The point of minecraft is to build and mine away.

    Even if mob grinders are considered to be "cheating" or "evil" creations, and even if peaceful mode was implemented after the initial release of this game, the very fact that they are part of the game means they can not be ruled out in good concious. The bad, as they say, must be taken with the good in equal measures. As it stands the A.I. is good enough to fulfill the task that is required of it. That does not mean that minecraft doesn't have its problems including asthetic glitching and a few other bugs. However for a measly 30 bucks for a lifetime subscription I am willing to say that minecraft is more than worth it's weight.


    Adding into my lengthy post cause I noticed page ten. XD

    Ok I will try to explain this over. Again.

    First off just because the games Icon is a creeper don't assume its all about da creepers. The sole goal of the creeper is to effectively delete player creations, hence the blowing up blocks aspect. It is supposed to back the player. I have largely considered the various craters around the world to be a side affect of this fact.

    Second off if looked at in a objective position this game does not in any way shape or form scream at me "Kill Da Monsters!" The creatures of this game appear only at night, and half of them are effectively erased at the end of night time. The rest can be largely avoided if a player knows what he is doing.

    Also writing off mob grinders simply because they were never meant to be is a bad idea. Players rarely ever stick to the defined rules that the creator envisioned. I can site several instances, (Eve Online to name one) were the players simply did not conform the creators ideas. Did it make for a better game? Well that depends on who you ask.

    Mob grinders exist so players don't have to fight mobs. If I throw the game into peaceful mode that works, but then I can't get several important mob only items that I need to get around. No bones to tame wolves, no easy access to string for bows and fishing poles, and no spider eyes for brewing. No ender pearls for the end of the game as well.

    Also the idea that "It's fine for me," being worth diddly is another gross misconception. This game was meant to sell and earn money. Thus, like any investor, the fact that I bought into the game gives me a entitlement to a honest opinion. I am not trying to say that it being fine for me means don't change it. I am simply saying that it looks good as is from my perspective. Recall that we didn't make the game. Jeb currently has the over all say in the game, and we can't begin to guess what is going through his mind at this time unless one of us develops mind reading powers.

    I will agree that the fact that Mojang refuses to make any ground breaking updates makes for a complete waste of time when minecraft updates itself. The most it does is make a bug fix, and cause map makers/modders to get very pissed off when they have to put out update releases almost biweekly. How ever I must admit that Mojangs height limit increase, introduction of a new biome, and some introduction of new mobs should be considered big ground breaking updates since those things were not ever in the game.

    Also mobs are already nescessary to fight in various situations. The player has the choice to shut mobs off, however no mob grinder exists that can grind out ender pearls. That means if you need to get to the end you have to go fighting endermen. Also if you are digging in a cave and get surprised by some mobs, unless you shut off the mobs via the difficulty, you have to fight them or try and evade them. Enough players are challenged by these situations. Why is it that Mojang only just release the mob A.I. fix? It simply isn't an issue to them although I may yet be proved wrong via the next update.

    I'm sure you did post some other fixes in the post. God knows you listed a lot of them. But if you want to prioritize I can gaurantee this isn't even remotely on the top of the list, although I'll feel really dumb if they prove me wrong with another mob release.

    So before I go post a full game review I will leave with this bit of insight. Minecraft is a game that lets you be what you want to be. That is the definition of sand box. Yes obviously you can't fly or make lighting fall out of the sky if you stick purely vanilla, but the only difference between creative and survival is that creative lets you zip around can construct your building faster. I've made a pretty passable castle with red stone circuits and everything in survival mode by collecting the materials. It takes a hell of a lot longer but the very fact that I can if I put the time into it rules out the assumption that this game is only sand box in creative.
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    posted a message on Survival can, and should be, improved (Part 2: Electric Boogaloo)
    Good grief can the troll brigade come to a end?

    I stated some facts and humble opinions that I am aware of. That is the whole point of debate. And I happen to know that A.I.'s sometimes do things that can be described as outside the box. Sure I can sit down and pour over code for months on end looking for how its all happening and I can turn up empty handed and have to scrap the whole darn thing. Computers can be a little more intelligent than we give them credit for. Also don't assume I'm ignorant simply because I don't conform to your ideas. I am giving you the respect of acknowledging your opinion(s) so please do the same for mine. In no way, shape, or form am I flaming/trolling at anybody on this. I simply feel that this stands to be debated, and you may end up with better ideas than the one you had before. It's happened before. Once again I am focusing on the section on ai changes, not the bits and pieces spread throughout.

    I can't count the times when I was mining in a straight line, met a creeper, had the creeper blow up, and then drop me into a pit of lava it opened up. Strange as it may sound its happened before, along with digging right up into a lava pit. I don't claim to be the best player in the world cause I'm not. The most I like to do is sail around in zeppelins mod and ooh/ahh at the scenery below. However I feel the random generation of terrain has made things difficult enough as it is, what with lava essentially restarting you. I have also drowned while mining in the past. It's not something I'm proud of but it also does happen.

    Finally the whole idea on the mob system is based on minecraft being a fighting game. It isn't.

    Usually such games as these are described as fighting games with mining elements. This is the reverse of the norm. That is why the mobs are so dumb and can actually be shut off by setting to peaceful mode. It was never about the mobs, it was about the sand box. Players can do/be whatever they want in the game, especially on servers. If I want mob items I don't even need to kill mobs, i can just make a mob grinder and be done with it. Fighting is only nescessary when the situation forces it, such as a few skeletons coming at you and you can't escape, or getting exp for enchanting. Thus this all renders any major changes to mobs, which may happen or not, kinda at the back of the line. Mojang still has other things to fix such as lighting glitches, crappy looking biomes, and other such nonesense. We can talk about it all we want but it won't happen no matter how much some of us may want it to.

    Now I am not saying the idea isn't sound. I can think of a few games which could stand to gain from it. However as it stands minecraft is fine as is as far as the mobs are concerned. They are still difficult enough to challenge me and that's absolutely fine. I can barely handle them as it is, and I tend to spend long hours cleaning the landscape up. I can even utilize stoopid creepers in base raiding on servers. Making the mobs smart would make a lot more radical changes than some might think.
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    posted a message on Sky realm [Floating island survival]
    So basically the islands never look the same twice? Or do you just make the template so to speak then delete what you don't want.
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    posted a message on Sky realm [Floating island survival]
    Wait wha? The trees aren't just plopped down? What did you do, scoop a chunk of dirt out of the ground?

    I swear to god I saw some saplings that never grew on a island I never explored. I dunno how that works if not placing. It was a woods biome.
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    posted a message on Survival can, and should be, improved (Part 2: Electric Boogaloo)
    Spiltbot you sure didn't make any friends when you harped at me. On the off chance you read my WHOLE POST and UNDERSTAND IT WITHOUT TROLL FACE I will be happy to redirect the hatred that I seem to attract from thee.

    Now I won't lie, I didn't read the whole post. That is why I apologized at the beginning. Second he addressed numerous changes that he wanted to see minecraft make. I respect his opinion, hence me not spewing hatred across the board. Now I only addressed 1 specific thing out of all the things he typed out. I did not say anywhere in my post that it was the only thing he talked about the whole time. That one specific bit I wrote a lot about just happened to be one of the things I took the time to read that sparked my interest.

    Now if mods aren't included I won't be able to deny the rather droll looking terrain. On the other hand in my first night I tend to relocate to plains biome to get away from the darned trees I always seem to spawn near. Sad fact of life is that I tend to walk several days and then get ass raped by a walking rinky dink having a bad day and is just about ready to explode at the drop of a metaphorical hat. Boom, back to the start.

    I know it's rather dumb of me to do such exploring but I usually find diamonds when I do range out a ways plus a suitably sized village to take over. I like bread, very delicious, thanks testificat for all the bread.

    As for not fighting I frankly can't see how that is possible without adjusting the difficulty settings. In mining there is always the risk of running into:

    A. A lava pit that incinerates you.
    B. A water pit that drowns you
    C. A cave with a creeper who drops in and goes boom.

    I can't see how you don't understand this basic principle of the game. If I didn't want to fight mobs I suppose I could sit inside, redecorate the wall, and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ALL GAME LONG! Not my idea of a good time.

    In regards to recoding mob AI I'm afraid you didn't read the bit were I said it isn't that easy. Oh sure on easy it isn't supposed to have a brain but that is not always the case. The computer can and will give itself "glimmers of insight" once in a while to totally screw the player. All it cares about is making you dead, and it has no compunction against cheating to do it. This is a sad fact of game coding that can't seem to be solved. If you took the players loss conditions away the creatures would not respond in a motivated fashion to end your life because there would be no point. Computers shouldn't act that intelligent in games but for what ever reason it does. I can't fully explain it.

    The rest of it was directed at my harsh tone that I simply didn't have. Now for you I don't mind being a bit harsh cause half of what you responded to me was meant to make me look like a right evil git, and to make me feel about as dumb as a minecraft zombie. You jumped into a boat without checking for leaks, and dug a hole without a ladder. Unless I'm signing a troll face at the person I'm talking to don't assume I'm being mean. I am simply stating my own, silly I think you called it, opinion since that was what the original poster asked for near the bottom, or was it the top?, of his post. In no way shape or form am I being mean for saying my opinion. This is what a mean post looks like:

    Your opinion is ****.
    Your life is ****.
    Your minecraft is ****.
    All your base are belong to me.
    Get a life, don't play minecraft.
    Troll, troll, troll de troll troll troll.

    See the difference? This is just an example of a mean post. I am not directing it at any one in any way shape or form. I am capable of better than this. >=D
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    posted a message on Sky realm [Floating island survival]
    I can't imagine they are 100% natural. I have encountered some saplings that never grew when I was flying about in my zeppelin.
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