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    posted a message on Burning zombies fire spread

    Skeletons might be smart enough not to set everything on fire.

    10/10 Support

    Some zombies just want to watch the world burn.

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    posted a message on Double Fence Gate

    A while ago under a different account I posted an idea about Fence gates. Years have past so I thought I would try again.

    The Problem

    When leading animals into their pens they sometimes have difficulty walking through an open fence gate.

    ~~Why not just have two fence gates open next to eachother? It's the same thing!

    No. It is absolutely not. An animal's AI will tell it to try to walk through the center of one fence gate as far as I can tell. And the floating post in the middle is awkward. It's not a problem and I'm sure it doesn't bother most people. It is just a little awkward.

    ~~Why not build a walled off area and use double doors?

    That is entirely possible. And the best response I can give is that I want my animal pens to look like pens.

    The Solution

    When placing two fence gates side by side their texture changes so they become one. Much like a chest placed next to another joins with the first. If you were to power only one block of the double fence gate with redstone the entire thing would open. And of course one could also click it open as well.

    Is it necessary?

    Absolutely not. HOWEVER...

    -Two doors placed together will orient themselves into a double door.

    -Two chests placed together will become a single entity.

    -The double fence gate would appear more aesthetically pleasing when used with two block wide paths.

    -The double fence gate would make the act of luring farm animals into pens a much easier and less time consuming task.

    But won't the double gate have to open into another block space?

    Yes. Yes it will. What do you think is going to be in the way? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's a fence gate. It leads from one open space to an enclosed space.

    Emphasis on space.

    Also chests will open with their lid showing in the block space above them so really this argument is moot.

    What if someone places a third fence gate next to the double fence gate?

    In Vanilla Minecraft if you place a third door next to a double door nothing happens. It works as its own single door and the double door remains paired. I assume this would be exactly the same with fence gates. Though there would be No real motivation to place a third fence gate there in the first place.


    When placing two fence gates next to each other they become one and open and close and receive redstone power as one. Essentially making some builds look nicer and also allowing animals to enter through the open gate more easily.

    Be aware that I looked for previous posts and only found two. Both of which were from years ago. One of which was my own from an abandoned account.

    Help would be appreciated. I do not know how to make concept images. Anyone who can point me in the direction of a simple model designer and texture program would be most helpful.

    Besides at least one image would make this post a little prettier.

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    posted a message on Double Fence Gate

    Thank you K SKISPER

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    posted a message on Allow players to crouch under 1.5 block spaces

    I can already imagine secret or "well-hidden" (hard to notice) passageways.

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    posted a message on Dark Quartz - Quartz with inverted color scheme (With Screenshot!)

    You have done an excellent job with your post. You really have.

    Personally I can't stand quartz because the blocks do not tile together smoothly. It looks like crap compared to my other build techniques and I just can't get it to look nice.

    I wouldn't mind dark quartz but the people here need to stop suggesting that it be dyed. We don't need to dye every friggen block in minecraft. We don't. Period.

    Great textures.

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    posted a message on Candy biome?!

    I'm sorry but this is quite vague. We need numbers and pictures and a better description..

    However... mmmm candy. <3

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    posted a message on New Mob: Warrior Vilagers

    Personally I prefer to break all the doors and stand atop a tower and watch the villagers suffer at the hands of the zombies.

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    posted a message on Players like me are are getting increasingly rare

    I rarely use mods. I will probably mod the everloving hell out of minecraft when it has no more updates coming along.

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