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    I made these rune sprites for myself the other day. I thought perhaps there might be a use for them in Dokucraft, maybe not. I spent a couple hours and made enchanting table particles, and two matching font files, an 8x8 and a 16x16. Feel free to use them if you like.


    alternate.png (8x8 font size)

    alternate.png (16x16 font size)


    8x8 font

    16x16 font
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    Your texture pack wrecked my minecraftz!

    It made my village all.... nice. It looks like some froofy elf could come prancing around the corner at any minute. Blecchhh!

    Harbour view - Look what you've done to my plague ship!

    Street - How are my no-accounts supposed to skulk around these bright airy streets?

    Square - No shady nobles or shifty merchants would be caught dead here.

    Castle zedas - Look at those shining walls! I'm supposed to be an evil overlord, I might as well be handing out kittens. Gah!

    Seriously, nice work. And in three flavours, that's above and beyond the call. Well done sir.

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