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    I've been working on an H.P. Lovecraft themed texture pack for the contest and decided that I'll need an appropriate piece of scenery to show it off...

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    Finally had some time to finish my first sculpture. I wanted to do something relatively simple for my first go, so I decided on a giant hand. The hand is just under 60M tall and because I did *not* check before starting the build, the very tip of the index finger is missing (hit the world limit). Lesson learned. However, as I intentionally did not put ladders, you cannot get to the top without modifying the sculpt, so you'd never notice.

    Note - the floating bits of dirt are not a part of the sculpt and were there when I found the place.

    The view my current base of operations.

    Looking up.

    From a nearby hill.

    Inside, looking up. I left a few blocks out so there would be some "natural" light.

    Standing between the thumb and index finger.

    Major thanks to Patrick for Binvox and Viewvox. I've prepared a Statue of Liberty model so I can recreate the end from Planet of the Apes (not the Tim Burton movie). I think I'll make some smaller stuff first just to experiment a bit.
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