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    I'm back with another post regarding changes for/questions about the mod


    Is the armor from the mod supposed to be super powerful even in the earlier stages? Outside of mobs that use piercing damage or are outliers in regard to damage dealt with a singular attack (Kagar with his ability to turn you into a pile of ash with his nuke launcher), mobs that use normal melee attacks don't seem to be capable of dealing any meaningful damage to the player because of how powerful the armor sets are.

    For a comparison, a full set of diamond armor takes 5 hearts of damage from Scyllas (who does 16 damage on normal, higher on hard) on hard difficulty, whereas a tier 0 merokite armor set such as fury armor only takes 4 hearts of damage from Scyllas despite the armor value having lower overall protection values. For an extreme example - the Overlord practically does no damage to the player in full reaper armor (which, mind you, only takes 3 damage from Scyllas when it melees you on hard)

    On the other hand, protection on any armor piece reduces the damage dealt by piercing damage - which can make scyllas' laser deal practically no damage to the player.

    I think the mobs should receive higher damage values for the most part. Might help with the issue of vanilla shields being a bit powerful (since higher damage would cause shields to degrade quicker). In addition to this, I think some attacks should be able to inflict the same shield disabling effects that axes inflict (or axe-wielding mobs like the vindicator) if they hit the player, such as the overlord bomb, scyllas/kagar's mele and Aegis' slam among other attacks.

    Outside of armor stuff:

    Tool changes

    I think Jack of Blades is still really bad. No reason to use it over enchanted vanilla tools. Give it something like fortune IV-V and give it higher efficiency at higher achromy levels. Make it something like the Celestial Jack back in TragicMC2 so it's different from enchanted diamond tools.

    Trickster's Gamble is still a complete meme despite being post-instanced. Every other instanced weapon has a trait to set it apart from normal gear/other equipment (Frostburn is powerful at crowd control, plathedron [which is crafted with post-synapse materials for some reason?] is powerful for playing defensively due to its knockback + defensive buffs and Ghostly Collapse has decent damage + a projectile that is good at dealing with crowds). I think Trickster's Gamble could deal more damage based on the amount of missing health the user has (maybe equivalent to the amount of missing health directly or 75% of it). The high cleaving the weapon has would definitely be really powerful in conjugation with this, making it powerful at the cost of the player having to play riskily.

    A means of giving tools modifiers similarly to Tinker's Construct would also be really cool. Instead of enchantments, the player could maybe have the ability to do something similar by combining gear from the mod in an anvil with specific items to give them abilities that can be upgraded as more of them are applied. Weapon tree items could have their own abilities that might relate to it via enchantments, but they can get further upgraded via specific items that either add on enchantment levels or add their own enchantments. Perks already exist (which are sort of an example of what I'm talking about), but they're at the very end of the game.

    Crafting Recipes

    Aside from the platohedron recipe (Tier 2 item craftable from tier 3 materials...), there's a lot of redundant recipes in the mod. Some of the most absurd ones imo are as follows:

    Roaring star: 9 of them can be made into a single diamond, because any sane man would kill 9 withers and collect 64 dragon breath for a single diamond.

    Fury steel: 9 of them can be made into one iron ingot, because killing plenty of dangerous mobs is better than mining for an ore that arguably more common than one of the materials you use to make it.

    Cybernetics: 9 Can be crafted into a single gold ingot. Same logic as above.

    The point is: why would you use any of these recipes?

    My suggestion: For now, heavily buff the amount of stuff you get from these recipes (E.G, fury steel gives you 36-64 iron, roaring star gives you a bunch of diamond blocks/other valuable stuff) and remove a few of them (probably remove the roaring star stuff outright, as with fury steel to iron). Later on, you could make special recipes for interesting items at some point.

    EDIT: Found a bug - Echo can break end portal blocks due to them being light sources.

    Do you plan on joining the small Discord server we made? Not really much going on in there so far but we're getting more people to join as we spread word of the mod.

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    Quote from alexandru20111»

    hello will be there a 1.12.2 version or the mod is dead since i wish to play this mod in a modpack but sadly is for 1.12.2 the mods from the modpack

    The mod isn't dead AFAIK, he recently posted this tweet wherein the Enyvil boss is textured and there exists another sound (spatial anomaly).

    Likewise, he might update to 1.15 once everything has been thoroughly tested at the like considering that 1.12.2 is no longer being supported as a forge version. If not, 1.12.2 is a possibility.

    Aside from this, the mod is entirely playable in its current state for 1.10.2 (albeit lacking textures and sounds for various entities). Should work with other mods in 1.10.2 aside from EnderIO (there's a weird crash with enderIO's core mod iirc).

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