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    This has no backstory. It's just a clean battle between two very similar characters who I believe would have one epic fight. And you get to decide the winner! I won't finish the end of the story until one of the two characters has 2 more votes than the other for at least one day. Hope you enjoy!

    The street were empty, dotted by the occasional destroyed car. On both sides of the street stood several tall buildings and street laps. The pavement was cracked and torn, and appeared incredibly old. On one side of the street approached a man. He was wearing a white collared shirt with a gray hoodie and a black leather jacket. On the other side approached another man, who appeared slightly younger. He wore a denim vest over plain clothes and a red beanie. Alex Mercer, the one in the hoodie and leather jacket, was the first to attack. He became a blur as he moved fast enough to destroy the pavement his feet touched. His fist came down, smashing the area where Delsin (The one in the beanie) stood, but found no person. Out of a puff of smoke and ash Delsin stood off to the side. He swung a huge chain, which was smoldering with ashes. Alex wasn't very quick and got hit, flying to the side. His body crashed into a large building, destroying the entire wall and causing it to partly collapse.

    Tendrils exploded from the building, tearing it to pieces. Alex walked out, his arms swarming in tendrils. His hands changed into massive razor sharp claws, and he lunged. The claws came down on Delsin, splattering blood on the pavement. He stepped back as his chest started regenerating. Alex attempted to slice Delsin again, but was met with hot cinders being fired into his chest. He stepped back as he was pelted by smoking cinders, which burned his flesh. His body rippled with tendrils, and he rushed forward going on a slicing frenzy. Delsin turned into smoke, simply drifting out of the way. Alex ended up slicing his way through an entire building, causing it to collapse. Delsin ran a far distance, and found a neon sign. He jumped up and grabbed it, causing his body to absorb the neon within it. His body let off some bright glowing energy.

    Alex emerged from the ground, claws puncturing through Delsins chest. Alex threw him to the side, leaving a trail of blood. Delsin stood, wiping the blood from his mouth as bright colored energy fixed his body. He held out his palm, which ricocheted back as bright colored beams shot from it. Alex's right arm was completely dismembered, flying off in a large explosion of blood. He collapsed when his knee was hit. Then Alex's body exploded, sending tendrils in every direction. Delsin had to move quickly, his body becoming covered in bright neon energy as he ran. He made it just out of range when a single tendril pierced his leg, causing him to fall. A huge tendril flung like a whip, wrapping around Delsin as he fell, and causing him to fling back. Alex stood, the whip attached to his left arm. He spun, swinging Delsin into a building. Concrete flew in every direction as Delsins body emerged and hit the road. The whip retracted, leaving Delsin on the ground. Alex raised his arm, causing the whip to go into the air. He then slammed it down as quick as he could, causing it to come down on the pavement. Delsin rolled out of the way of the whip, which caused the road to explode around it. Alex had started retracting it when a large neon bolt pinned it to the ground, and Delsin ran up to Alex, punching him in the face. Alex's head collided with the road, causing a large crater.

    Alexs left arm changed, the whip disappearing. It transformed into a huge blade, sharp enough to cut through thick steel. In less than a second he moved, and the blade went straight through Delsins stomach, separating his body into two pieces. Alex didn't stop, his momentum kept him going until his blade had cut a nearby building, causing it to crumble. Alex turned as Deslins body reformed. Both panted for a second before Alex attacked Delsin. Delsin ran, finding a working television. The electronics flowed into his body as weird square electronic symbols came off his body. He raised his hands and a large beam of white energy blasted from them, hitting Alex dead in the stomach. It exploded, leaving a huge crater in the street. In the middle Alex stood, his body covered in some gray armor. He was entirely intact. He moved, and Delsin barely dodged the blade that swiped by his head. He backed up, and then raised his hands. Nearby TVs began to glow, and angels emerged from them. They swooped up into the air then crashed down on Alex, barraging him. When the angels stopped, Alex backed up, his armor peeling off.

    Alex's right arm changed to become a blade as well. He moved faster than ever, being nearly invisible. Delsins instincts were all that could save him as he narrowly avoided attack after attack until a blade emerged from his back, having stabbed through his stomach. Alex lifted him high into the sky, staring into his eyes before throwing him to the ground. Alex jumped high into the air, above the tallest sky scraper. He suddenly changed directions, heading straight down, both blades aimed at the ground. Alex made contact with a huge barrier of concrete, sending him onto his back. Delsin stood, then swiped his right hand. The street buckled, following his demand. Alex ran, narrowly avoiding spikes of concrete that emerged around him.

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    In the year 6021, an unknown entity has sent signals to life forms all across the universe asking them to come to the center of the Yusov system, where a known gravity distortion exists. See, in this star system, several dead planets orbit a non-existant star. It's as if one is there, but there is no star. It cannot be seen, and you can fly right through it. These people have recieved a single message "Come to these co-ordinates for a test. If you pass, you'll become a very powerful person. There is a large pay, and tons of adventure and exploration. Time travel even." You, for some unknown reason, have ventured to this star system for this "test."

    Rules and general needed knowledge:
    1. The usual. No meta, powergaming, godmoding, ect.
    2. Use proper grammar and spelling. This should be a given.
    3. Two sentence minimum
    4. You can be any known sentient species in the Who universe. Although I'd prefer humans.
    5. This is time travel. Keep in mind things will be weird. As the Doctor says: "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey"
    6. I'm not the best writer in the world. Occasionally I may need help to think of something, or some things may be a little cheesy.
    7. The Doctor will make occasional appearances, but it will be special related events.
    8. This follows the show. If the universe is about to explode in the show, same here.
    9. Doctor references are good. If you met him for a split second as a child, then that's fine. Just make it realistic.
    1. The Doctor lies.

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    Hey. I'm looking for one person to play Voltz with in a legitimate playthrough. I am not familiar with Voltz, and that is a large reason why. I want to learn. I will be hosting the server. Want to play with me? Fill this out.
    Describe yourself:
    What is your skype (REQUIRED, Mic not required):
    Voltz experience:
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    Quote from Reigorgas

    you never sent the i.p idk watit is xD

    He stated in the topic that the server is still under heavy construction, the applications are to reserve yourself a spot on the server.
    Oh and:
    You* I.P.* I don't know* what* it*
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    You have a good back story but you must keep in mind that public education is rare in a medieval setting. If Zack was lucky enough to get an education, it would either be from a church/synagogue/mosque. If thats the case he would also get religious studying as well as a normal education. If you keep that in mine then I'll say APPROVED

    Well I didn't specify -- It was just in a small room. Anyway it wasn't to be a focal point.. Just to help outline how far revenge drove him and what not. Thing people like about me -- While my character might have wanted revenge of some sort, it's already resolved. I like playing the guy with nothing left, gives me a sense of defining his new life and such.
    Do you have a skype? If so it'd be awesome if you'd add me, I'm zamorak789
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    posted a message on | » AvatarCraft - [1.5.2] « |Bending| Feel the power of the elements corse through your veins!
    Heres the banner you guys wanted

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    posted a message on [RP]The War of The God's[Events] [In building phase]

    A long time ago, four gods made our planet. Diru, God of law. Haren, God of life. Ohem, God of power. And Jiru, God of the dead. They coexisted in harmony, living in their ever-lasting kingdom in space. It's halls made of pure gold, and it's blue fires that blazed. But it was a boring existence.. They just wandered their own palace, and talked with one another. Haren was established king of the God's, as he was the first to create the rest. Diru was granted upholder of the sacred laws first made by Haren in the first millenia. Ohem and Jiru were considered second hand gods. Haren, behind the backs of the other God's, made a planet known as Earth. He created vast life forms that took over the landscape. Then Diru found out. Together they forged the first men and put them on this planet.


    When Ohem and Jiru found out, all was not good. A civilized race was made behind their backs, a race that could potentially overpower the God's themselves. War broke out. The four God's fought amongst each other, law and life on one side and death and power on the other.
    Ohem used his strength to lead the armies. Jiru raised the dead to supply them with ever lasting minions..
    Haren created minor God's to fight for them, though some turned to Jirus side. Diru played an important role.. He taught the humans how to use weapons and to make them.


    The war lasted several thousand years. When the smoke cleared, Ohem and Jiru had fallen by Harens own blade. Minor God's and undead layed everywhere. Five Minors remained with Ohem, and six with Haren. The two rebelling and evil God's were banished.. Into the realm of man. There man found the bodies of huge men.. Then the bodies stirred and warped, the two major God's turned to horrifing shapes.. One to a giant worm, the other to a huge beast of flesh. The minor God's remained in a human shape. The two majors escaped to their own domains, the minors left their various ways.


    Five years after the banishment of what are no known as the defiled ones, they got together and formed a army once again. The humans were the God's most prized creation.. Maybe if they slew all of the human race they would be able to conquer this realm? The defiled ones fought a short, but very bloody war. Human blood stained the ground.. And all were killed. The God's, outraged by this blood shed descended to Earth where they gave one man the power of magic. His name was Aron. He used his power to seal the two great evils into small objects that were hidden away, at the sight of this the minors fled.


    Now what? It seems the evils are defeated, yes? No. The minors are hard at work looking for a way to release the majors.. And when they are Aron will not be able to stop them again. Humans that survived crawled from the ashes of the destroyed towns to help Aron fight. Some he was able to teach magic, others not. But one thing is not certain.. Can they defeat the defiled ones?

    Welcome! Hey there guys. My name is Brian. I'm here to bring you my most well thought out RP ever. I want this to be one of the best RPs here on Terraria. Do you have what it takes to take on the defiled ones? Let's find out!

    Did you read all of the lore?
    If not, do so! There are questions pertaining to it in the application and you will be entirely lost without it. I understand it's long, but it should be entertaining. If you don't like reading, maybe you shouldn't RP?

    To go along with the already existing magic items, we have RP only magic that will be used for everyday live. A full list is below. There are four elements you can choose from that each have a specific web of skills. WARNING: Choosing Death or power condemns you to joining their side when re-awoken (Unless decided otherwise)
    -------------------------------------------------------/Rain fire \
    --------------------/Light ray -- Flame thrower [------------- [ Fire Chasm
    Life -- Light orb [-------------------------------- \Flame bomb ----------[ Lightning spin
    --------------------\Light beam -- Lightning shock -- Lightning bomb /

    ------------------------/Shield -- Ice shield -- Jagged shield of ice -- Poisoned spike shield
    Law -- Condensation[-------------------------------------------- /
    ------------------------\Healing -- Poison -- Advanced poison [

    ---------------------/ Rock pummle -- Rock fist -- Magma fist [
    Power -- Strength[------------------------------------------------ \
    ---------------------\Muscle Mass -- Enflamed muscle --Sharded muscle -- Magma muscle

    Death -- Shadow --Dark orb -- Dark claw -- Nightmare realm -- Death form

    1. Absolutely under no circumstances are you to meta-game or god-mod. You can look these up on Google if you must (remember it's RP definitions) but these are instant ban.
    2. Do not build huge structures right when you join. Seriously, let's keep the look of the server. If your building anything bigger than a small shack to live in, ask first or you might get banned.
    3. START A NEW CHARACTER. Under very few circumstances may you bring items into the server. Vanity items may be allowed if you ASK first.
    4. Do not steal from fellow players. Just don't, we're on the same team. If you need 3 iron ore, ask! Don't take it.
    5. Stay true to your character. If you were the towns black smith, odds are you won't be mining or chopping trees, you'll be making armor and weapons! Same goes for a lumber jack, you probably won't be mining! Just keep it realistic
    8. Please put in your status "I love bacon"
    7. Keep characters in a med-evil type setting.
    8. Do NOT kill fellow players. This server is not PVP unless we are having a event that involves it. If you attack another player you WILL be subject to punishment.
    9. Do not flame, do not use racism, and keep cursing to a minimum.
    10. Please for the love of god do not whine about things. I will get ed, FAST.


    In-Character information
    Age (keep between 18-30):
    Profession (What did he/she do before the war?):
    Background story:
    Out-of-Character information
    Age (Not required but much appreciated):
    About you:
    Why us:
    What makes you better than the other people we failed:
    Describe yourself:
    What part of the lore has two gods morphing?:
    What part of the lore are people first made in?:

    Contact me!Want to stay in touch? Best way is via skype! My skype name is zamorak789.
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    posted a message on ✯☢✯ The FallCraft Network! ✯☢✯ 100 SLOTS ✯☢✯ ROLEPLAY ✯☢✯ A PLACE FOR ALL! ✯☢✯ JOIN NOW, NO WHITELIST! ✯☢✯
    Quote from nevy40

    we have to pay to play?

    Quote from futuredeveloper

    I'd rather pay a 10 buck donation fee to get on forever and not have to deal with the 2 bucks every 2 months.

    No to both of you! You do NOT understand what we are saying. It is a donation to use the same character after two months.. After two months, if you do not donate you have to start a new character. You do NOT have to pay to play.

    "If you get accepted once you cross our checkpoint in-game, you start a 2 month character time limit. Once it runs out, you can start all again but with what will seem a completely different game altogether OR pay £2.00 a month to keep your character going for however you want!"
    Quoted directly from the OP. Please read more carefully next time.

    Quote from dragonox1155

    May I be reveiwed? I noticed I have been skipped(page 52, bluestudioes is my IGN)

    I will alert a staff member.
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    posted a message on ✯☢✯ The FallCraft Network! ✯☢✯ 100 SLOTS ✯☢✯ ROLEPLAY ✯☢✯ A PLACE FOR ALL! ✯☢✯ JOIN NOW, NO WHITELIST! ✯☢✯
    Hey everyone, applications needed! Come on, I've been on the server. I can tell you it is the MOST authentic Fallout NV replica you will EVER see.
    Not only that, but if there is another server that you can hold, aim through a scope, and shoot a anti-material rifle please tell me. Because in my 3 years of Minecraft, this is the only one I've found.
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    posted a message on ✯☢✯ The FallCraft Network! ✯☢✯ 100 SLOTS ✯☢✯ ROLEPLAY ✯☢✯ A PLACE FOR ALL! ✯☢✯ JOIN NOW, NO WHITELIST! ✯☢✯
    Quote from TheCrafter2011

    For NCR Application AND RP monitor:

    However, we neeed to talk on Skype first. Add me: fallcraftofficialserver


    Server Pack Link: https://dl.dropbox.c...Server Pack.zip

    Thankyou everyone for the support, we will look at your applications ASAP.

    Added. Also, if I want to help build, must I also submit a builder application or no? I don't claim to be fantastic, but I am decent. Even if it's small things, I want to help you.
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