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    posted a message on Looking for great players that can use redstone and command blocks!


    I am zabing12, command blocks are kinda my thing.

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    posted a message on Realm- I'm creating a virus, need other people's help.

    Hey, uh , I want to create a self replicating robot, and was wondering if anyone wanted to help. Just put your name and everything and uh, yea, how good you are at redstone. the self replicator is going to e used purely in the realm I have set up, and any further usage would most likely kill everything. I need trustworthy people. people that I can keep SECRETS with. Once it's made, never, EVER remake it. thank you.

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    posted a message on Secure. Contain. Protect. [RECRUITING]

    "Who is gaurdin me this week?" I ask through my door. "More importantly, where's my food?"

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    posted a message on Your Avatar Meets the Above Two Avatars In a Dark Alley...

    Hes measuring my size.

    Playing with your cat Muro?

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    posted a message on Different types of Bookshelves [10 supporters! keep it up!]
    Whenever I want to build a library or whatever, I run into the problem that bookshelves only have one color:oak. I myself prefer dark oak over regular wood, and do not want to limit myself to just one color of bookshelf in minecraft. I know bookshelves aren't that big of a deal, but I would hate to lose the beautiful cosmetics of my houser because the bookshelves look like something totally different than the wood of the house. What I propose is that A) Adding dye to the recipe for bookshelves, or B ) If crafted with different wood, will look like that wood instead of default oak.

    Wow, 10 supporters! I thought this would be ignored. Good Job! Lets go for twenty!
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    posted a message on Nerfed Villagers?
    This is not a realm invite thing. This person has a problem. Please READ before copy pasting your name into a textbar and pressing enter.
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    posted a message on Lets have some fun building 18+
    Just have some fun building. This is the last time I am changing my realm.

    Looking for mature people who will just build in my realm. I will give op to the players who I know and trust completely.

    No trolling
    No grefing
    no immature builds. (no dicks)
    nothing that will lag the server much.

    Thank you, here is the application(stolen from the Kingdom of Orion.)

    IGN (username): Your minecraft nickname here. Without this, we can't invite you (obvious).

    Age: Theres no need to lie about your age.

    Location (country): Not required. Just to know your main language, etc.

    Do you agree to the rules?: The question explains all.

    Why are you interested in joining?: Tell us the reason you are applying to join this Realm.

    Tell us something about yourself so we can get to know you: Write something about yourself. Whats your gaming style? What do you like to do on minecraft? Write at least one paragraph. The better you write, the better are the chances of you be accepted in our community.
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    posted a message on New Realm - Co-op Survival
    (you can wait until accepted to PM this to me.)
    Why would you like to join? jUST GOT KICKED FOR DISAGREEING with the host
    Strength in game: redstone, command blocks, roleplaying
    Weakness in game: survival
    What is your favorite biome? Jungle
    Please include a picture or two of your favorite thing you've built.
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    posted a message on Open World Zombie Apocalypse 16+ now
    Hello, I am playin a realms server that is a zombie apocalypse server!

    Delve into a world where zombies have destroyed humanity and only you and your friends can stop it! Loot people's things, discover other survivor's stories, roam the wasteland, Survive and own the Apocalypse, hang out and kill some Zombies! The map is always being worked on, changed, and just overall updated for new versions and to be made bigger.
    Listen To This While You Play To Enhance The Experience! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLep4I5IVS_Ir3bdNEDCHNUqmBgjz-w9Um
    Play with brightness on "Bright" for easy, and for Hardcore, play with brightness set to "Moody"
    Leave a comment if you see something wrong or wish to see something changed!
    1st city modeled from a map by "Yomama_"

    List your:
    Age:(don't lie. I will figure it out. And then I will ban you)
    First Language:
    Tell me something about yourself:
    Why you won't just abandon me:
    The more you give me, the more I will want to invite you!
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