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    Z Craft 20 (32 x 32) HD

    - Description
    Z Craft is a mix between Mixcraft HD 32 x 32 and JohnSmith 32 x 32 along with some customized textures by me. Give it a go if you'd like.
    Thanks to Koolitwak and JohnSmith for some of the textures! :D


    I know development on this project has slowed. Other things have been taking priority at the moment and updating this pack just has been getting kicked down the road repeatedly. I have no intentions of fully abandoning this project and the texture pack still works without issues albeit without HD textures for recently added blocks and stuff. Once I get all caught up on some development stuff for Z Server I have been working on between work and school I will try to squeeze in an update for Z Craft when I can. Keep in touch at https://discord.zserver.org. ~Z

    - Downloads

    (LATEST VERSION) [No patching needed]
    (Minecraft 1.6.X - 1.15.X) [V20] (Recommended)

    Direct Download: Z Craft.zip

    This is a beta build please report any bugs.

    1.16.2 - Dev Build

    - Z Craft for older clients (Pre 1.6)
    - Z Craft HD [32 x 32] (Only for 1.5.X) (Minecraft 1.5.X) [V11.2] MediaFire Download: Z Craft.zip [Does NOT need patching]

    - Z Craft HD [32 x 32 and 16 x 16] (For 1.4.7 and older) (Minecraft 1.4.7) [V10] MediaFire Download: Z Craft.zip [Make sure you patch your Minecraft! (32x only)]

    - Known bugs

    Version 19
    - None. Enjoy.

    - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
    Q: If I install this texture pack, will it make my game lag? Also, how high is the resolution?
    A: Z Craft HD is a 32 x 32 pixel texture pack. Packs usually range from 16x16 to 128x128, and a few are 256x256. So this pack is fairly low resolution. For this reason, your game will probably not lag from using it, unless you already have a very slow computer.
    Q: With the HD font, the letters overlap each other and are out of order. How do I fix this?
    A: As a work around go to Options > Language > Force Unicode Font: On. (Note: HD fonts do NOT work with the Optimine(fine) mod!)
    Q: With the HD font, the spacing between each of the letters is doubled. How do I fix this?
    A: The HD font file is NOT compatible with Mod Loader Version 4 or any earlier versions. You must go download the latest Version of ModLoader and use that one instead. It must be at least Version 5. As a work around for go to Options > Language > Force Unicode Font: On. (Note: HD fonts do NOT work with the Optimine(fine) mod!)
    Q: I am on a PC running Windows and can't find the "AppData" folder. How do I find it?
    A: AppData is a hidden folder. To see it, click the windows icon on the bottom left of your desktop and open the Control Panel. From there, find and open the "folder options" menu. Under the "view" tab, look for the "hidden files and folders" section. Check the box that says "show hidden files and folders" and click "Apply" at the bottom. Go back to your Master Account folder and you should now be able to see the AppData folder.

    - Credits
    - Credit for the grass, craft bench, most of items.png, and water texture go to Koolitwak & tachohentai. Thanks to Koolitwak & tachohentai for being super awesome and letting me use his grass, craft bench, and water textures. You can try his texture pack by clicking the link here...

    - Credit for the glowstone, oven, lava, sandstone, dispenser, plants, pumpkin, bamboo, cobble, and mosscobble go to JohnSmith. Thanks to JohnSmith for being super awesome at making the glowstone, oven, lava, sandstone, dispenser, plants, pumpkin, bamboo, ladder, cobble, mosscobble, and break animation textures. You can try his texture pack by clicking the link here...

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    Add us on Facebook for updates!
    Join our Discord Server!

    For IP, Rules, Info, Downloads, and more go to our website.

    Wanna support the server and become a donator (We really appreciate it)?
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    Welcome to...
    ---- News 07/12/2011 ----

    - Z Craft in development <3
    - Map hits over 250MB!
    - Server folder hits over 300 MB!

    You can build only in towns while following the rules. We have towns to build in to have a close active community. We are a small server with a nice community and awesome looking map. If you have any other questions ask an admin.
    1. No griefing. Anywhere.
    2. No Spamming chat.
    3. No Digging in towns.
    4. No stealing.
    5. Be respectful.
    6. Replant a tree when you chop one down.
    7. Chop down the whole tree or leave it alone.
    8. Speak english.
    9. No Cheat Mods, ie, Flymod, Invedit, etc.
    10. No Cheating of any kind, ie, dupping etc.
    11. No digging outside your plot, in towns.
    12. No Autoing. Kind of constitutes cheating, but, yeah.
    13. No building in the spawn house, aside from sign placement where permitted.
    14. No placing of Fire, TNT, or lava. Ask an admin.
    15. No PVP outside of arena or PVP enabled areas. You can PVP in a non-PVP area if you agree to the fight. However, If you PVP without asking you automatically get warned then banned.
    16. Do not feed the squids.


    Preview video of the server it kinda sucks because I was running Minecraft, Minecraft Server, and screen recording at the same time and the audio kinda just ends. I was also using every MB of RAM while recording this. This video is for our old map. If you'd like to join the IP is below.

    IP: zneumann.dyndns.org:25574
    And start building.

    Our Big Brother server :biggrin.gif:

    Z Server Links area!
    For more links go here: http://zneumann.webs.com/

    Official Texture pack of choice Z Craft HD (32 x32) [No link yet...]

    Vote for us on .net :biggrin.gif:

    Please help us go 24/7 by donating <3

    Can't donate? Support us by making one of our banners your signature!

    The code...

    Z Server...

    The code...
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