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    Standalone CTM Maps:
    -The bulk of the maps are here, either one-off maps or series that only have one map at the moment.

    The Bane of Izarus
    Creator: Jamspots

    Friendly Egg Hunt Series
    Creator: Bogiga45

    Lost CTM
    Creator: rsmalec, Prof_Snape, iKonaKona

    Pathfinder Elemental
    Creator: ColdFusionGaming

    The Big CTM List:
    -Since there are hundreds of maps at this point, the rest will be a simple list. The best way to get listed above is to make more maps, continuing to fine-tune your skills!

    Naxza is going to start reviewing a few Standalone maps here. Stay tuned.

    2d Map
    2d Wool Challenge
    The Ancient Catacombs
    Apocalyptic Parkour
    Armageddon Series
    Argale Caverns
    Asteroid Wasteland
    Awesome CTM Map
    Awesome's CTM Archive **
    Becoming Insane
    Bedrock Hostilities
    Blistering Sands
    Boundless Horizon
    Brimfire Caverns
    Bryan's Fight to Survive Maps
    The Burning Desert
    Cake Quest **
    Canias Challenges
    The Carnivorous Pigs
    Cave Escape
    The Cavern of Drew
    ckbruin13's Maps
    Clues Core 2
    Cole's Challenging Maps
    The Conquest Chute
    Crawling Caverns
    CTM with a twist
    CTM Warmup **
    Cube Escape
    Cubes of Fun
    Cubic Horrors
    Dark Box
    Dark Days
    Darkness by Crocodoom
    Darkness Takes Over
    Deadly Realms
    Death Collection
    Death Dessert (sic)
    Death's Aerial Survival
    Desert of Demons
    Desolate Isles
    Discoveries of the Ender
    Distortion Series
    Domination Map Series
    Dreadful Enemies
    Drostan's Moderately Hostile Maps
    Dshing's Deadventures
    Dead Paridise (sic)
    The Ditch
    The Dungeon
    Dungeon Exploration
    Dwarf's Survival Island
    The Earth of Death
    Ecthel's CTM
    Elemental Towers Map Set
    ells death sentece (sic)
    The End - Extreme
    End of the Deep
    The Ender Throne
    Environmental Mayhem
    The End
    Extremely Adverse
    falapasta's maps
    Feed the Beast
    FizzyOLt's Maps
    Floating Islands
    Flock's Super-Badass Survival
    Flying Treasures
    The Forest of Eternal Dark
    Fortress Quest
    Four Islands
    The Frozen Caverns
    Galactic Gauntlet
    Giant Creeper Survival
    Gloom World
    The Gloomy Rain Forest
    Golden Soul
    The Great Cheese
    Guude's 404 Throwback Adventure Map
    Hard core survival
    Harrysbird Map Series
    Hide & Seek
    High Time to Die!
    Hollow Eyes
    Home Cave
    Hostile Lands
    Hostility Islands
    impossible dimensions
    Industrial City
    Infested Caverns
    Insane Terrain
    Insane Quest
    Intense Survival
    The Island
    The Islander Series
    The Islands of Chaos
    Islands of the Skies
    J.A. CTM
    Jester's Treasure
    Jrdarkness2's Map Shack
    Kyu's Mad Worlds
    Labyrinth of the Creepers Part II
    Lancerserverlord's Maps
    Land of the Ancient Entities
    The Land of Wool
    Lands of Lore
    Lethal Reality
    The lost memory
    LR Survival Maps
    Marooned in Sky
    Masta Jump
    Micro Hostile
    Minearia CTM
    Minecraft Madness
    Mini CTM, with a twist
    Mischievous Maps
    Missing Chunk
    Mission Impossible
    Mob Madness
    The Monster Monument Maps
    Mooshroom Survival Island
    The Mopo Way
    Mrlisawsome's Maps **
    Mountaineering Journey
    My CTM Map (DDBreath)
    My CTM Map (ManHands178)
    Napkin Shredder
    Nightmare Fantasia
    Nightmare World
    Obsidian Dome
    Odirodi (Ancestrial series?)
    Oneroot's CTM
    Panicville Hardcore
    Parkour For The Wool
    Philip234's CTM
    Piramid of the Damned (sic)
    The Plains
    Planetary Mayhem
    poorkitten CTMs
    Portal Run
    Rage Hard Series
    The Realm of the Endereggs
    Resources Limited
    Ruins of Craft
    The Run
    Saga of Death
    The Sandpit
    Sandy Islands
    Sburb Craft
    Sea of Despair
    Silent Series
    Sinful Flame's Super CTM
    Singapore12s's CTM
    Skyblock Extended
    Skyloft One
    the sky's the limit
    Sky Tower Terror
    Smitje's Maps
    Solar Survival
    Spanone's CTM
    Spooky Caves
    Stone Tree
    Stuck in a Coma
    Super awesome death island of fun
    Super Mario World CTM
    Super Survival
    Super Survival (Skyval)
    Three Islands
    Toxiic's Impossible Maps
    Trap Island
    The Trials
    The Trolling Worlds
    Tyrannical Turf
    The Unbeatable Series
    Unpleasant Experience
    Ultra Hostile
    Ultra Series
    Undead Mountain
    Underground Corridors
    Unpleasant Experience
    The Unrealistically Impossible Series
    Valley of Fire
    Verry Hostile (sic)
    Vice's Inhabitable Realms
    Wasted Lands
    Wealth of the Worlds!
    Wonderfully Shady
    Zap's Elemental Survival
    Zero Mercy (several mini-maps)
    Zombeh's Twisted Dimensions
    Zombie Town
    Zorro's Super Friendly Series

    **- Recently added!

    WIP threads will not be added, sorry. Feel free to talk about what you are working on below though!
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    Classic CTM Series:
    -Vechs classic style of collecting primarily wool.

    Please check the first post for reviewer list (what color belongs to who)!

    Corrupt Lands
    Creator: xerothomas
    # of maps: 4
    Features: Open world branching combined with unique dungeons to explore.
    Rating: 9
    Commentary: XeroThomas has manifested vast worlds to explore, stirred in some 'complete the monument' genre, and held it all together with a piece of a story at each new area you reach. Each location is well defined and will require a wide array of techniques in order to obtain the respective pieces of wool. XeroThomas has done a really nice job in designing some locations in these maps - a style that is not like any other. Expect a good challenge, a nice view, and a lot of fun with these maps.


    Forgotten Lands
    Creator: Cranica
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Beautiful, puzzle-style areas. Branching gameplay.
    Rating: 9
    Commentary: Cranica's series is a brilliantly paced and inventive series in the mold of Vechs. His first map, Forgotten Depths feels like Kaizo Caverns Plus. The areas are well thought-out, aesthetically appealing and interesting, and have much variety without being overwhelming.


    Tenebrous Tales
    Creator: Thadiwyn
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Masterful aesthetics, well balanced, creative worlds, elements of plot
    Rating: 9
    Commentary: These maps are a challenge from start to finish. The First map, Blight Castle, takes place predominantly indoors, and is one of the first CTM map to have a storyline comparable to a well designed adventure map. His second map, Doomsday, challenges you to keep a furnace running while exploring three unique dungeons. If the furnace turns off, the victory monument explodes, and you have to start over. These maps are truly on par with the Super Hostile Series.


    The Ruthless Regions
    Creator: Amalon
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Intricate maps, great-looking terrain, awesome loot.
    Rating: 8
    The Ruthless Regions is a fun-to-play and visually appealing series. While the first map has many flaws, such as obvious MCedit brush strokes, the second map more than makes up for the first. Amalon really shines in this map, using many inventive traps, giving the player a lot of awesome loot such as enchanted tools and armor, and sculpting the terrain into what is one of the most aesthetically appealing CTM maps ever. Additionally, the intricacy and depth of these maps provides fun for hours upon hours.


    Brandonn's Mini-CTM
    Creator: Brandonn
    # of Maps: 2
    Features: Well designed areas, rewards smart gameplay, no filler
    Rating: 7/5
    Commentary: If you've ever felt like scavenging for resources, fighting tooth and nail to survive, these maps are your ticket. Some of the best organized maps, you can tell lots of work went into designing them, optimized to challenge you and make you really think about your next move. Bonus points for unique victory monuments and the funnest maze I've ever played in the game.
    BRan's maps are a bit small, but look very nice and seem well planned out. They are fun to play, regardless of their length. His second map is a real fun one also, He has a very nice... suprise :D . The only problem is the amount he likes to blow up the gold and wool, since he offers only enough gold for 1 block. If you lose one, you're out.

    Deathly Lands
    Creator: timetoslide
    # of maps: 8
    Rating: 7
    Commentary: Timetoslide has given some of the most original and interesting terrain I've seen in CTM maps since I first saw Legendary, As a map maker myself he defiantly was a big Inspiration. Although he is a very talented BUILDER I believe as a map maker he still needs one big one for him to apply his knowledge from his many other maps into one insanely brilliant map.

    (z_bill's note: timetoslide has moved into another series in a genre he's developing, Rescue The Animals (RTA). Deathly Trails, while not strictly CTM, are similar maps in that you collect mobs instead of blocks.)


    Extremely Malevolent
    Creator: stuntdude
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Separate open space and dungeoneering areas, varying difficulties.
    Rating: 7
    Commentary: In a time where maps are popping up which are huge in size and increasingly more difficult, stuntdude brings 2 maps catered to the average Minecraft player. Asterak Caverns presents you with an intricate underground world to explore, each area presenting a new challenge. The Undersea places you in the middle of an endless sea of lava with smaller areas to conquer. Both maps have optional monument challenges allowing the player to choose their own level of accomplishment. Be sure to keep on the lookout for epic loot along the way!


    Creator: NoobieKills
    # of maps: 4
    Features: Familiar maps with well-planned challenges, plenty of areas to visit and mobs to cut a path through.
    Rating: 7
    If you're a long time fan of the Super Hostile series, you'll feel right at home with these maps. Unfortunately, the earlier maps may resemble Vechs' series a bit too closely, particularly with the Frozen Lands map. The implied difficulty on each of the maps is spot on- you can expect much more trouble in Underground Hostilities than the others, for example. Still, you WILL die again and again if you take a forward approach to any of the dungeons- craftiness will be your armor where equipment fails. In all, you can expect a satisfying play experience from this series, especially if you like thinking your way through or around devilish traps and ambushes.


    Maps of Death
    Creator: knaroef
    # of maps: 3
    Features: Short but compelling gameplay
    Rating: 7
    Commentary: For those who like CTM maps but maybe don't have the time to play a large one, and find mini-CTM's patronising, this is the solution. The maps may be short, but they feel fully complete, and provide a good afternoon's entertainment. Nothing special here, but some all-round good gameplay.


    Absolute Phenom
    Creator: Legendary_Phenom
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Sky platform with stone pillars housing expansive cave systems.
    Rating: 6 /
    Commentary: Come for the wool, stay for the danger. The hostile tone is set right away leading into your first cave. Try to take on the creatures of the night for an added challenge. Extensive exploration will be needed both below and above ground in order to complete the wool monument. Be sure to expect a surprise or two along the way.
    The first map is dominated by obvious MCEdit brushes and stone, the base material of the map. This, in combination with obnoxious wool locations and poor ressource placement which can easily eliminate any challenge, will soon start to bore you. I'll tip my hat if you can manage to find all the wool chests in this map without cheating.
    The second map isn't even closely done, it only has one area, but is already up for download, which makes me question the decision to put this into the "CTM series" section. The map incorporates the linear-branching style and clearly got potential, though.


    The Cybele Adventures
    Creator: kingkaider
    # of maps: 3
    Features: Wildly varying design choices and CTM 'flavors,' open world survival or dungeoneering, fairly high difficulty, challenge split between maintaining self and fighting mobs, initially poor visuals.
    Rating: 6/10.
    Summary: Kingkaider's series boasts an astonishingly large amount of style variation for three maps, for better or worse. Though series by name, players are best off choosing which of the maps best fits them as opposed to playing maps chonologically. Initially, there's little to look at, but a sense of style develops as the maps progress. Gameplay is intense no matter which map you choose. Possibly difficult and undoubtedly frustrating at parts, these maps are not for those lacking determination. Consider bringing a friend for additional carnage or setting the difficulty to Hard if you've the stones for it or believe Losing is Fun.


    Warped Precision
    Creator: Megahostile123
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Linear-branching
    Rating: 6

    Commentary: The first map in this series, Athletarum Caverns, is reminiscent of Vechs' Spellbound Caves, especially when you look at areas like the "Flooded Library", but also has open-sky areas like a secret-filled vast forest with a castle in the center. Ressource placement is not ideal, as you could either get full iron armor right after reaching the first intersection, or right before completing it, creating quite some challenge to the absolute lack of armor. Nevertheless, you'll surely enjoy this fairly solid CTM map when attempting it, but also don't expect too much innovation going on here.

    Sungamer's Feared Maps
    Creator: SungameEdit
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Beautiful areas, but poor dungeons.
    Rating: 5
    Commentary: Sungamer's first map, Heaven's Realm, has a great focus on aesthetics throughout the main world, capturing the essence of a heavenly realm well. However, the distribution of resources is *interesting*, as most float in huge spheres that the player must bridge and pillar to. The dungeons themselves are also less well designed, as they all either feature a very similar passageway/cave made from different materials each time, or are simple and for the most part easy buildings. Come take a look if you want inspiration for a bit, but don't expect great gameplay. The second map, Nether's Rage, is largely unplayable due to the system-crippling lag in the very first area due to an excess of bedrock.

    Image: ?

    Unforgiving Lands
    Creator: Leafcake
    # of maps: 3
    Features: Lots of fire & mob-intensive dungeons, few traps. Large maps.
    Commentary: The first map in the series consists massive forest above individual caves with dungeons in them. The second map is consists of floating islands of netherrack brick, some gravel, lava, and lots of ghast and blaze spawners. Both maps rely almost entirely on mobs, with few traps. I would rate it higher, except some of the terrain is off (ie: floating snow layer blocks), and some practically impossible dungeons (100 skeleton spawners in a 30 by 30 room). The first map is enjoyable, and I highly recommend it. The second one is essentially impossible to complete, only play it if you enjoy rage quitting.


    Amos Survival
    Creator: xXAmosXx
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Cut & dried CTM with an unforgiving nature, few handouts, extreme scarcity of food.
    Rating: 4
    Commentary: Galexy Super Nova is a planetoids-style map with no consideration for the player and goals designed only to get you to play enough to see everything. Design is haphazard and amateurish. Skyline Caverns, on the other hand, is a fairly unoriginal-yet-refreshingly-uncomplicated CTM map which rewards skill and creativity with a fun environment to romp around in. Don't expect to be wowed, but it's certainly more entertaining than the previous map. Skip Galexy Super NovaX unless you hate yourself. Play Skyline Caverns if you want a CTM challenge that thrusts you into the map and doesn't bother you with handouts or complicated traps or hide-and-seek adventures for wool.


    Dangerous Dimensions
    Creator: Alphaedge
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Small maps crammed with dungeons
    Rating: 4
    Commentary: These maps have potential, but many of the ideas are too heavily lifted from other maps. For instance, The Livid Isles is survival island by way of Vechs. They also seem to devolve into rigid corridors or massive square rooms of darkness filled with spawners. There just isn't much creativity in the areas. Plus, he really likes to blow up the wool.

    If you've ever wondered what would happen if you fill an entire room with {insert random badness here}, chances are you will find it in The Creeper Caverns. It might be a good idea to make a backup (or two) from time to time.

    Super Survival
    Creator: Taizzzzzed
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Marathon length play times to complete, very different map sizes.
    Rating: 3
    Commentary: The first map reminds me of skyblock, only in reverse. The second map is like the first version of sea of flames. Both of the maps are good concepts, but they need to have a lot of changes made. If you download these maps, I can guarantee that it will take a very long time to complete them. If you are looking to climb walls, and build massive bridges over lava, but not so keen on fighting mobs, this series is for you.


    Survival Worlds
    Creator: sparton147
    # of maps: 3
    Features: Obvious MCEdit brushes, and fist-clenchingly bad spelling and grammar.
    Rating: 3
    Commentary: The survival worlds are set apart from other CTM maps in that it appears to have been made with little to no consideration for the mechanics of Minecraft. The first map features wool chests so far underwater it is impossible for the player to even reach them, let alone break the glass, and the second appears to simply consist of random sphere brushes of stone, interspersed by tiny areas of interest. Any and all dark areas in both maps are max spawn due to a lack of prethought.


    Virtually Impossible
    Creator: every1run
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Large single-theme maps with a lack of polish and detail; poorly executed survival ideas.
    Rating: 3
    Commentary: The Virtually Unconquerable series consists of two maps, neither of which propose any sort of unconquerable difficulty. No effort is made to give aesthetic life to these maps, with crude editing brush strokes ravaging the landscape. While fun in theory, these maps flop when it comes to gameplay. Bum through Sandstone Menace if you want to comb through a massive, round, snowy sandstone desert. Try Biospherical Problems if you want Biospheres with some sort of goal. If you want a decent CTM map, don't try either.


    Cremonstonter's Maps
    Creator: Cremonstonter2525
    # of maps: 2

    Deadly Dimensions
    Creator: megahostile123
    # of maps: 2

    Extreme Survival
    Creator: alexANDgames
    # of maps: 2

    Galdiir's Glorious CTM
    Creator: galdiir
    # of maps: 2

    Imperium Selection
    Creator: Viperoux
    # of maps: 2

    The Lands of Eternity
    Creator: bman1255
    # of maps: 6 (+1 Mini)

    LOL's Distorted Dimensions
    Creator: DJDude97
    # of maps: 2

    Maps For Men
    Creators: nexulus, Choco100
    # of maps: 2

    Penguin345's CTM maps
    Creator: Penguin345
    # of maps: 4

    Rat's Challenging CTM
    Creator: 1StupidRat
    # of maps: 3

    Super Ado
    Creator: DomoEver
    # of maps: 3

    Terra Nova
    Creator: TheFacetiousFolk
    # of maps: 2

    X - Series
    Creator: Maranatha
    3 of maps: 3

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    :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: NEWS :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand:

    Slightly modified version of Killer Banquet is up! Not much is changed, but everything is set to work in 1.3.

    Been away for a while, but saw I've now got over 700 downloads! Cool stuff!

    Map reviewer/creator extraordinaire rsmalec has done a great LP from a livestream in 3 parts!

    Plus he reviewed my map as an 18 of 20! What a cool guy!

    Second map is being worked on very slowly. Still on the checklist though!

    :gravel: :gravel: :gravel: :gravel: THE GOAL :gravel: :gravel: :gravel: :gravel:

    Search the map looking for "droppable" materials, such as :sand: , :gravel: , and :Lava: , and place them in The Chute! Once it's completed you enter and see what you have made!

    My main consideration with this map was to give the player a sort of "ending" for all their hard work. Completing the monument is cool and all, but I wanted to throw in a special incentive.

    The Big Rule- Do not enter The Chute until it's completed! (it'll be clearly labelled)

    Here's a screen of the completed chute in case you are confused (note- this just shows the placement of blocks and doesn't spoil the ending):

    It takes LOTS of sand/gravel to finish it.

    :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: THE MAP(S) :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava:

    - WORLD ONE: Killer Banquet -

    Man, you sure are hungry...

    This first map is both easy and short, a jaunt through a scenic and not especially threatening land. Consider it an intro to The Conquest Chute and the sort of maps I intend to make. It should take around 2 hours to complete.

    (version 1b for 1.3)


    Optimized for 1.3 (Created in Beta 1.7) SMP does work, but you will spawn on top of the starting area. Find your way inside!

    Let's Plays of Killer Banquet!:

    Vainadaite and Syzenna have a series in progress! (11 vids so far!)

    Xellnuu completes the whole map! (8 vids)

    The famous ZombieCleo takes a look. (one vid)

    Detfig! (3 vids)

    MackNT (one vid)

    Use spoiler tags when talking about the map! Also, PLEASE do not post screens of the ending area.

    - WORLD TWO: BugTown Blues -

    Yes, I am working on a new map! Sorta looks like this:

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    Not entirely CTM related but a few of us are playing on an SMP Server called LavaFall dedicated to Let's Plays and recording vids.

    Crontab (an epic CTM Let's Player),
    Thadiwyn (Genius CTM mapper of Blight Castle)

    & Myself! Here's my second vid:
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    Welcome to the New CTM Central!


    New commentary on Cybele Adventures, Sungamer's Feared Maps, and Virtually Impossible series!!

    CTM Central needs new Reviews/Commentary by you! Let me know if you have anything insightful to say about map you've beaten in the Series lists!

    Naxza wants commentary for a new Standalone Map review section!

    The Big Standalone list is constantly being updated, new releases marked with "**".

    :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:

    What is CTM? It means "Complete The Monument" and involves exploring hostile landscapes to find blocks or materials (typically colored wool) and placing them in a trophy-like monument! The primary appeal of the genre in terms of gameplay is the introduction of a concrete goal into the endless sandbox that is Minecraft. It was originally created by Vechs' Super Hostile series and has since exploded into a genre of hundreds of maps!

    Here is the list format, starting with the original and greatest CTM series:

    Super Hostile
    Creator: Vechs
    # of maps: 11 (+2 Mini Hostile)
    Features: Heavy combat & mostly terrain-focused environments. Open-world, Branching, etc.*
    Rating: 10
    Commentary: Vechs' maps really cover the gamut of every sort of terrain and style of progression. The sense of scale in his maps can only be described as "sublime." Known for being very difficult, they deal with dungeon-crawling and navigating large, violent areas. His map thread is the main resource for CTM as well.


    Please message me if you have any insightful commentary in the vein of what I'm writing (green text) about a map/series you have completed.

    Reviewer list:
    -Here's the color coding for all the reviewers in this thread.

    Gray Text is commentary by bman1255
    Orange Text is commentary by isaac_bardin
    Salmon Text is commentary by killfish11
    Brown Text is commentary by kingkaider
    Light Blue Text is commentary by Knyghtfalcon
    Red Text is commentary by Michael7123
    Blue Text is commentary by Naxza
    Purple Text is commentary by padsanda
    Green Text is commentary by z_bill

    :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:

    Thread Contents:
    Classic CTM Series
    Variation CTM Series
    Standalone CTM Maps


    Use this code to promote CTM Central!

    I want CTM Central to be a resource that is not just a list, but a place to discuss CTM and our favorite maps. Please stay tuned!

    It would be cool if you posted:
    -Victory screenshots of your CTM conquests!
    -Let's Plays of Non-Vechs CTM maps (let's keep Vechs' vids in his thread please).
    -Screens of CTM Works in Progress!

    The original CTM Central thread and idea by Goreae. Thanks to him!
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    To Ani0Tokene and others concerned about the ratings, feel free to send me a review/rating you think is more just. If it's better written and seems to more evenly consider the map, I'll replace the current commentary. I don't have time to play all these maps, (not even close!) and that's why I rely on others' reviews. I'm the first to admit it's not a perfect system.

    Regarding particular series mentioned:
    Super Hostile- It is a bit of politicking that gives it the max rating. But you also need to consider the sheer number of consistently great maps he has put out. I don't think any map series with 2-3 maps deserves the highest rating.
    Corrupt Lands- I have not played much of these maps, but considering their popularity and how much I see them played in LPs, I considered the rating okay.
    Forgotten Lands- I believe this series completely deserves its rating.
    Tenebrous- Honestly, I was leery of letting the 9 rating slide, considering my reviewer seemed very over-zealous claming "best map ever" and wanting a 10 at first just a few days after the map was released.
    Twisted Logic- This may deserve a 9 at this point, as the rating doesn't yet reflect Moon II

    The way your favorites lie, I'm not sure your mindset isn't "newer is always better." Maybe you should find a way to look at the older maps with fresh eyes? Just an idea.

    Discussion like this is totally welcome btw.
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    Variation CTM Series:
    -These maps differenciate from the classic style, either hybrids of CTM and other genres or involve collecting other sorts of materials.

    Vinyl Fantasy
    Creator: three_two
    # of maps: 3
    Features: Huge, open-world maps, amazing terrain, unique dungeons.
    Rating: 9
    Vinyl Fantasy is, arguably, the best up-and-coming CTM map series. Many have said that three_two's maps parallel or are even better than Vechs', and for good reason. Aside from his mini-maps, the main focus is his brilliant and dazzling first map Vinyl Fantasy. It's a huge, open-world map with amazingly sculpted terrain. In this elaborate world, one must search for "Birdcages," which contain records. Finding one, you take it back to the JukeBox Monument, where a visual cue plays after you place it. This method is original and fun, reflecting the map as a whole. This series is a must-play given its enormous scale, inventive completion method, block combinations, and terrain design.


    Twisted Logic
    Creator: Kerblah/Stormesswan
    # of maps: 5
    Features: Open world, very exploration & puzzle-based, experimental, fresh gameplay
    Rating: 8
    Commentary: This series started as a survival/CTM hybrid and has evolved into the best exploration and story-based CTM maps. All about experimentation, you find interesting, fun things around every corner. They are absolutely filled to the brim with inventiveness, and there are tons of great secrets buried. The first map, Green Hill, merges the vanilla Minecraft experience perfectly with a narrative and puzzles. He is in the process of revamping the older maps, which are great but a little more identity-confused. The goal of the maps is to find records (and sometimes other materials) for The Note Room.


    Creator: Jep3
    # of maps: 4
    Features: Open world, platforming & building based, spheres!
    Rating: 7
    Commentary: This is one of the oldest and best CTM series. Comprising mostly of spheres, you have to scaffold and jump a lot, traverse sky areas, and discover unique materials (such as bedrock!) to complete his original Sphere of Triumph.


    Peaceful CTM
    Creator: gimlear
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Traps galore, and the ability to be played legitimately on peaceful.
    Rating: 7
    Commentary: A unique idea done well, but the lack of mobs mean that in most cases, if you are careful, traps should be easy to disarm or avoid, being based almost purely on Lava and TNT, leaving little in the way of serious threat to the careful. Having said that, however, you still need to be on your toes the whole way through both maps, although it must be said that the second is more liable to cause a lapse in concentration through sheer boredom of travelling through miles of pointless frozen wasteland.


    Warrior's Disk
    Creator: Dack105
    # of maps: 2
    Features: Open world, small/contained maps, balanced, unified themes
    Rating: 7
    Commentary: This is a prime example of how to make small maps that are still entirely fulfilling. Well designed, every inch of space is put to good use with fun dungeons and great scenery. Giving over completely to a single idea, for instance "Forlorn Gorge" or floating islands (in the map-maker's words "Skyblock meets Legendary"), these maps are focused and smartly deliver exactly what they promise. Also present are some fun, new gameplay ideas, such as a satisfiying enderpearl transportation system. The goal is to find all the Enchanted Disks.


    Super Docile
    Creator: Vechs
    # of maps: 2
    (This is here because you are able to dye wools, a bit different from a classic CTM)
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    posted a message on bRanN's MiniCTM Series
    Wrote this over on CTM Central!

    Features: Well designed areas, rewards smart gameplay, no filler
    Rating: 7
    Commentary: If you've ever felt like scavenging for resources, fighting tooth and nail to survive, these maps are your ticket. Some of the best organized maps, you can tell lots of work went into designing them, optimized to challenge you and make you really think about your next move. Bonus points for unique victory monuments and the funnest maze I've ever played in the game.
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    posted a message on [HYB][Collection] ♠ Kerblah's TWISTED LOGIC Series ♠
    This map will be the one to bring me back to Minecraft, I think.
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    Multiplayer CTM Maps:

    I'm no longer going to be able to keep up with CTM multiplayer maps. The best place I've found to keep track of competitive Race for Wool maps and tournaments is The /r/mctourney Subreddit.
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