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    posted a message on bspkrs' mods (ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, StatusEffectHUD)
    Quote from Stickky

    the core goes in the server mods folder and for you that is all that goes in the server mods folder.

    the armor status mod goes client side only not on the server this is why you are crashing

    Oh wow I'm retarded. Thanks
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    posted a message on [1.6.4 / 1.6.2] MamiyaOtaru's Mods (VoxelMap, ChatBubbles, etc)
    I'm trying to add the minimap-mod to the modpack I'm currently using (The one put together by CyaNideEPiC), and without it the server runs smoothly, however, as soon as I add Zan's Minimap (aka Voxelmap) the server won't run, and this is the crash report

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    posted a message on bspkrs' mods (ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, StatusEffectHUD)
    Downloaded a fresh minecraft_server.jar, downloaded a fresh Minecraft Forge archive from their website, and downloaded ArmorStatusHUD AND the darn bspkrsCore mods, but the server won't even run.

    I've tried pretty much everything, but the server ALWAYS crashes - as soon as I take out the bspkrscore and the armorstatushud my server runs PERFECTLY FINE.

    It's 1.5.2 (obviously as it's fresh), and here's the crash log:


    PLEASE help me as I can't figure this out at all..
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    posted a message on [ADV/PUZ] Jail Escape (V.2.1)
    The map was okay, but a wee bit easy.
    Found 54 MCs - couldn't be bothered looking everywhere, but if I had to take a guess, there's about 60?

    Anyway, good job, but try making a little bit harder, at least some places, and try to hide redstone more.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.4.5 Adventure map 'PrisonCraft'
    102 emeralds.

    The map was short, but enjoyable!

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    posted a message on [ADV][PUZ][PAR] Krakens' Hold - 23,000+ Downloads!
    Next time, don't make the map so ****ing annoying. The maze took 10 minutes to find the way out, and the parkour part was ****ing impossible. Everytime I got near the end I just bugged up, my running didn't work, I jumped to far, etc.

    TL;DR: Map was annoying - didn't play
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    posted a message on Pokemon Server (KANTO AND JOHTO DONE!/WIP-SINNOH/HOENN/UNOVA)
    In Game Name: zCourge
    How did you hear about us?(Forums, Youtube, other websites?): Youtube, Reddit, Forums
    Why do you want to join?: Because your server sounds like a lot of fun! :smile.gif:
    Do you know the pokemon theme song? Do you want to be the very best?!: Of course I do, and of course I wanna be! Gotta Catch 'Em All!
    Do you have TeamSpeak?(This is just software that allows you to talk to people. Do not worry if you don't have it. You can download it for free if you wish, but you don't need it): No, I have no working microphone neither, so I won't be able to use it.
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    posted a message on Aperture Science Minecraft (update: a test from Portal 2!)
    Quote from CompC

    No, not in the next three or four days. I still have a lot to do. But here's a DEMO with the first 10 test chambers! (00-09)

    These are the same chambers available in Portal: The First Slice, the official demo of Portal.

    The readme file has details on where to get each of the mods needed. The texture pack (regular and HD) is also included. Some textures are from the Precisely Portalcraft pack, but most are made from scratch by me.

    So… here it is!

    Download: http://adf.ly/28iHA

    Sorry for using Adfly :/

    I just tried this, ended up with a black login...

    In what order do I have to install these mods? I installed in this order:

    Vertical Redstone
    Buildcraft (I installed the A_core, that's correct right?)
    Logical Gates
    Portal Gun
    Speaker Block

    Black screen of death :sad.gif:

    I hope you make a patcher/installer when you release this "mod", as it requires many additional mods.
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    posted a message on [Puz] The Forgotten Password II [v2.1! - 7.11] [20,000+ DL's]

    I did this map, but at the end when I was about to put the code, I noticed you tried to explain how to put in the code, and in my silly head, I read it as "put in numerical order" not in the order I found it in, so the whole thing blew up.. Had to do the map all over again :sad.gif:

    I found 36 diamonds, and I looked everywhere, how can there be more of them? ._.

    Great maps, both of them!
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    posted a message on [Puzzle/Escape] Escape the Office v1.2 (Over 3,000+ downloads!)
    After you get the pickaxe, were you supposed to break the brick wall? I did, and everything blew up... :s
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    posted a message on [Adv] Galien Galaxy Mystery v1.0
    Nice map, I really liked it! :smile.gif:


    Although I recommend playing on Hard difficulty, because in Normal-mode, there aren't a lot of monsters, to be honest.

    I ended up with 33 Gold Ingots, forgot to look everywhere it could be more of them, but oh well.. I only missed 12 :smile.gif:

    Good job :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.7 - Locking Chests With Pistons
    Quote from TheMarsh

    To access the contents of the chest they can just break it.....

    Ever heard of anti-griefing? There's no point playing on a server with locksystems and **** like that if everyone could just break it, now would it?
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    posted a message on [32x,16x][1.3.1] Mixcraft - SemiRealistic (v47) Emeralds and Trip Wires!
    I've downloaded the latest HD Fix patcher and tried to install this texture pack (32x one, obviously), but I face problems.

    I did have the font problem, so I read the FAQ and noticed you said "be sure that Hi-Res Font is checked" and I did, and it was not, so that "solved" my problem.
    However, I'm not ABLE to check Hi-Res Fonts, it's greyed out.

    What the hell should I do?
    I could use the in-game (16x) pack, but the grass and trees are too bad in 16x, and nothing else. The biggest reason for installing this texture is because of the awesome biome colours on trees and grass.

    Thanks in advance
    - zCourge
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    posted a message on HD texture fix [Feb22: 1.3 support, fixed compass]
    Tried to install Mixcraft 32x32 pack, but I can't check "Hi-Res Fonts" in the patcher GUI, what's wrong?

    The texture pack includes "font/default.png" ...
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    posted a message on [Adv] Forgotten Temple (v1.7 Final)
    Quote from GameOver_n_mrsammich »
    My first try i got 34.


    P.S.When i went back through again i found two that i missed.
    so 36


    I was 99% sure I looked ****ing everywhere (even in the lava) and I got only 27... s: Can't have missed ****ing NINE goldbars? O_O
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