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    posted a message on Looking for Mature Survival Friends

    Yooo add me, on MC vita/PS4 (No PS3 now), have quite a few SPSHM worlds but want to do some MP xD
    A few of my offline worlds seem to bug out & crash while saving when put online, but have a few alternatives hahah

    ID: yupitsmine420, 27 survival player, 3+yr PC/PSN, ex buildteam member, extreme builder/redstoner ^^

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    posted a message on LF: MCVita/PS4 players (mature/SHM/SNM)

    Looking for some mature people for multiplayer/party play in MCV aswell as various other games.

    I am looking for mature gamers looking to start some crazy worlds or a round of KZ or SS, NFS:MW or anything :)

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    posted a message on Best Ways To Find DIAMONDS?

    Correction, diamonds spawn under layer 15, not 17.

    And are commonly found mostly around layers 10-13, due to the afformentioned spelunking, & lava lakes mostly starting at layer 10.

    However, due to generation mechanics, & solidity of the layers, most larger veins will appear between layers 4-6.

    Best technique for mining for diamonds is mine down to layer 5, make a small room, say 9x9 or so, 3 blocks high, use this for storage and stuff, and on an opposite wall, make a 1wide 2high shaft as far as you want, then starting at the beginning, make branches off the side, 1wide 2high, atleast 20blocks, space them 2 blocks apart. This gives you clear view of the contents of the chunk with minimal digging

    If possible, silk touch the ores & store them, and/or use fortune 3 to maximize your count.

    or you could do my method & just remove a few chunks in the overworld from Surface-bedrock, tends to produce a good amount of resources.

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    posted a message on New ps3 minecraft update

    Oooh harsh usagi, so let me be to, nobody cares if you stop playing. You already payed for it, also its a free update to a cheap game, compared to what it was when you actually purchaced it its still improved, regardless of current state, also, half the stuff your complaining about is not a bug, seed pre 1.8 not working here? New biomes n such changed world gen, thia is not new and happens whenever terrain generation is modified.

    New enchant system? Not broken and as intended, and actually fixed things such as repair costs & made books actually usuable.

    ry actually mentioning REAL issues like the block break delay messing up break & place, obsidian generating being broke, mobs spawning <6blocks away, sounds not playing when chained/played to quickly together,

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    anyone mention obsidian generators being broken by the new patch? Redstone/string varients all generate cobble now

    Oh for anyone complaining about not wanting to start a nee world n wanting a decent save for the new patch (classic size), feel free to send me a msg, i have full survival (trophies) one wit all wood besides jungle, large mesa, ocean monument, village, triple crossroad in the nether, untouched world minus a chunk (16x16 space) removed down to bedrock at world spawn exposing 13 diamonds, and the fortress which is meaningless cuz i also got a bonus chest wit 9x stacks of coal/iron/redstone/lapis/gold/diamond (each) ^^, the world has about 5hrs total playtime on it now in full SHM (never touched host privilages/creative), & has more then enough food/resources to support a full server as is, & has enough resources to garuntee the first large project done :)

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    posted a message on Hardcore survival...islands

    Crazy survival island seed for the new update.

    NO acacia in this world but oak/dark oak/spruce/birch are available, unsure exactly what all is on this map exactly, but it has 2 ocean monuments & i think 7 islands total, & on my block count its about 96% water :P

    The seed itself is: 8031485492763550

    I will post locations for the monuments & stuff i find, aswell as a screenshot of the full map

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    posted a message on My newest (survival only w/ trophies) world

    Havent done much more on this world since then, but if anyone wants a sort of OP starting grounds on a 100% survival world & knows how to install DL'ed PS3 saves, this ones uploaded @ http://www.mediafire.com/?3gvz1vrfoh5rvk6

    Has 3 full sets of max enchanted gear in the main grinder aswell as swords/bows for all players

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    posted a message on Members needed for MINECRAFT PSVITA Building Group - Experienced players only


    Redstone: 7/10

    Building: 6/10

    Terraforming: 5/10

    How often do you play: usually 2-3hrs a day (evening)


    Sometimes. depends on the mood.





    slightly misleading. so if i terraform using tnt, this is good? i can live with that.

    this one done me in already..damn.

    Could do that.

    I doubt it :/

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    posted a message on LF mature players for survival NM/HM

    Looking for people to play sum survival with, getting boring alone lol i only play survival when i play (trophies/leaderboards active), & im typically on in the evenings, my newest world is ready to tackle the end, & gear/food is easy enough,

    Mature players is a must, & mic usage is preferred, my PSN is the same as my username here, feel free to send me an invite if you wanna play some MC/KZ/MW/HD/FW :P

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    posted a message on Using my world.

    If you both share the same account:

    1.) Upload save to PS3.

    2.) Sign in on PS3.

    3.) Download map

    4.) reupload map for PS4/Vita

    5.) Download map on second vita.

    If you use seperate accounts:

    1.) Follow previous steps to step 3.

    4.) Use USB thumbdrive to copy map from PS3.

    5.) Sign in on second account on PS3.

    6.) Restore map using USB backup.

    7.) upload map from second account.

    8.) download map on second vita.

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    posted a message on Duplicate Worlds?

    One way to duplicate is with PS3, upload save for PS3, dl on PS3 then re-UL for vita, when u reDL on vita it creates a copy of the save, this is actually useful ^^

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    posted a message on Efficient Mob Farm

    Hahahaha yes!! Nice catch on the nether portals bruh, u should add meh, i feel we can do gr8 things, my solution for the portal light is halfslabs & the portals are placed 1 level above in the water level (no other spawn areas), this also allows portal "grouping", making an even more efficient "grinder in grinder", pushing mobs from the nether into the waterway, il post a pic in a few min of my portal setup, this is all built in full survival btw, trophies/leaderboards r active, my efficent model has a built in customizable pulse generator for accounting for lag on vita, or seamlessly transfering to console, has 12 11x15 spawn areas compacted into a 33x35 area on 3 floors, each floor is shifted by 1 block in seperate chunks, to work appropriately with MC spawn mechanics, & all floors are uniquely timed to allo a mob to fall seamlessly into the waterway without touching any other surface, regardless of starting floor, & i even added a full toggle-able spider system, some say i went overboard on it, but i hooked the toggle up to a button which can toggle the state, reset it to default, or automatically toggle with XP/grinder mode ^^ no more spiders congesting the system


    apparently dont have the picz on my phone atm, n vitas to dead to turn on, but they my newest survival seed thread in "Show your Creations" (the one below this thread), its all built in full survival dude, this is technically my 14th version for the shifting floor, i have 1 on that world, about 3 on my last ^^

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    posted a message on Efficient Mob Farm

    haha nice dude, n ye i faced all ur issues, i even came up with 2 versions of superclocks for testing timings lmao my findings were:

    1.) if the floors are timed exactly 2 ticks after one another (top to bottom), mobs will fall cleanly through up to 3 floors without contacting any spawn areas on the floors.

    2.) As with 1, mobs are considered "falling" as soon as shift starts, which does not effect spawn rates, techically, faster the shift, faster they come, not always true though, unlike on PC versions, my testing showed no mobs spawning on a moving halfslab surface over a 10min test, forcing me to add a simplified auto clock to the system in between pulses, this also reduces lag.

    3.) Math! The game scans multiple levels simultaniously during each cycle, most say tower floors, i simply used a repeater to connect two floors side by side, each with a spawn area of 12x15 completely open, with the connected floor being raised 1 block on the same line, techically i fit 6 floors into a 3floor height + 1 block ^^, this allows full simultanious packspawning on all floors (maximum efficiency) & can hit cap almost instantly.

    4.) Allowing endermen lowers efficiency. Endermen have a chance to teleport almost instantly at spawn, if you build your grinder good, this is alright seeing as its a max of 60 blocks, BUT, in testing it causes them to periodically miss shifts, which means they sit in there, reducing spawns. And the fact that Building layers 3 blocks apart increases build requirements drastically, meaning more resources to farm, more time to build, etc.

    5.) Disabling spiders DRASTICALLY reduces spawns. a "spider" is a common mob in MC with a common spawn rate, & the game is limited on same-type mobs selected during each cycle, meaning if you remove a big part of that, there really isnt much to replace it, i have a system for that ^^.

    6.) Waterway collection will lower spawn rates slightly (rather neglegable with the amounts possible here), but decrease requirements for drop collection aswell as a dropshaft for converting to XP. This will force endermen to teleport to a valid pad within 60 blocks if they're allowed to spawn.

    7.) The drop for best kill rate is 32 blocks (40 if endermen are allowed). Its garunteed to kill witches, & all mobs up to feather falling IV. The drop itself can be broken at the 21rst block by water to generate toggle-able XP

    8.) using Nether portals connecting to a nether farm helps increase rates dramatically o.O

    Another tip is if you're placing your pistons high, make sure theirs a block below them, & if sideways, a block under where the head opens to, weird but will help with lag.

    Also, build it all with halfslabs if possible (besides wiring) if you're worried about resources,, as they still effectively block light when on the top 1/2, & for open surfaces place them on the bottom side.

    For player accessable areas, place upside down halfslabs first, then on the bottom half on the next block, giving you a full block offset by 1/2. the 1/2slab (on the top 1/2) under the floor is protection for relog, as on a regular halfslab on the lower side will cause a player to fall through if logging on it. The one on top (floor, lower 1/2 halfslab) stops accidental spawns, & allows an excellent mob kill pad for XP if the pad is 2 solid blocks up (1.5 blocks off the 1/2slab floor), & inclosed to 1/2 a block, of built right is 0 agro as the mob cannot make eye contact.

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    posted a message on My newest (survival only w/ trophies) world


    As i said in like the first post.

    When autosave is disabled & exit without saving is used, the save is uneffected by any alterations to mode/privilages (nothing is written unless the game is saved).

    And also as mentioned above, i use creative for alot of screenshots, just go try and check my other threads, & this world is ALOT more progressed now, and FTR, y the HELL would i have half that crap in creative??? (for one, one screeny has 2 picks (1 efficiency 5, other silk touch, guess which is which), one is 1/2 broken. Does durability wear in creative now?) when u switch ur game from survival>creative in the menu, ur hotbar stays.. ur the first n00b i've seen whine about that.

    As a matter of fact, i was actually excited to finish that, & rushed to get some screenies up before i even finished the courtyard & main statue :(, ofc id forget stupid sh-tuff like disable arm & hotbar opacity, but common dude, ofc im in creative in some, IM FRICKEN FLYING! You go get them angles in survival bruh, remember, no host privileges, i play straight survival.

    Nah bruh, this worlds 100% survival, trophies/leaderboards active, same as my 3 other worlds, its actually all i ever play on >.>

    Y u sayin that crap, cuz of my house? LOL Hell bruh go check out my first survival world on vita >.>that one the main house was about 2x bigger, different style tho, or even my second world where i did all of that, n deleted 1/2 the end.......in full survivival

    But you go on now, run your mouth. Begone wit ur child self.

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    posted a message on My newest (survival only w/ trophies) world

    my official first house on this world :)

    again, the screenshots taken in creative are of the final build in survival, but simply switched to creative without saving to get better angles ^^, trophies & leaderboards are still uneffected, all work is done in 100% survival

    there is only 25 rooms in the build so far (13 east wing/12 right wing), large library & ballroom ^^, i had to do something different with my yard, as i still wanted a "fortress wall" but hate the effect on flat worlds, & needed it mobproofed, playerproofed (without breaking blocks), as such the courtyard is raised by 1.5 blocks at its lowest, but the courtyard is unlit as of yet, the building interior is done, but i need more cobble before the courtyard work can be completed ^^

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