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    posted a message on Mod - or data pack if possible - that allows you to find recipes in world

    I am making a modpack for me and my friends, and I was thinking about how there's no way for a player to find out recipes to make things without using a cheat sheet or a mod like JEI. Reason I don't want JEI is because the fun of Minecraft, for me at least, is finding stuff I didn't know existed. So I had an idea.

    The mod would simply make an item that gives the player a recipe in the recipe book. This item, lets say a recipe paper, would be found in randomly generated chests, or from mob drops. It would include modded items, as well as vanilla items. This way you find new things you can make while exploring, without having to go online and look up the mod and crafting recipes, completely ruining the immersion.

    Now I could be crazy but I could not find anything like this on curseforge.

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