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    posted a message on [feeler] Tool to find stolen/misplaced stuff

    Have you ever been in a server where your diamonds keep getting stolen, you wonder where you misplaced that sword, or where your horse is after someone took it for a ride?

    This will become an application (Not a mod!) to search the world files for items/entities. This software requires local access to the world files, so can only be ran by server owners (and realm admins?). If there is a lot of need for a tool like this, despite the restricted usage scenario, then I may assign more of my free time to develop on it. For now I'm putting this feeler on the forums to gauge what people think of it.

    I will soon release this on Google Code (R.I.P.) SourceForge, under the GPL license.

    Functionality that I already got working (sort of):

    Currently all search options are hardcoded in the source file and I have to run it from the IDE.

      • Places to find items/entities:
        • Player inventories / ender chests
        • Chest, furnace, jukebox, etc (every block with inventory)
        • Minecarts with chests, horses, etc (every entity with inventory, including Saddle and HorseArmor slots)
        • Armor stands, Mobs, etc (every entity with equipment)
        • Mobs themselves
        • Finds a leash if an entity is leashed
        • Flower pots
        • Dropped items (those that disappear after 5 minutes)
        • All dimensions are searched
      • How to find items/entities:
        • List everything a specific player possesses
        • Search by id (e.g. "minecraft:diamond_pickaxe")
        • Search by radius from a given coordinate

    Planned work for the future:

      • Application
        • Creating a command-line tool, so it can run at least stand-alone.Command-line is the easiest (but least user-friendly) next step to use it as an executable.
        • Skip regions that are out of reach when using search-by-radius
        • Make a GUI
          • Create search filters
          • Progress bar
          • Re-Filter results
          • Graphical map to pinpoint found items (simiar to dynmap)
            • Possibily re-use already generated dynmap tiles
        • Generate give/spawn commands to recover murdered horse, etc.
        • Generate a database from a world, so multiple searches can be done faster (searching a 600MB world takes about 3 minutes here)
      • Places to find items/entities:
        • Mapping between player UUIDs (as used by the saves) and nicknames
        • Not all entity/tileentity types are complete and/or debugged, because, well, I haven't encountered them yet in my server.
        • Search for items that could have been crafted/placed using the item sought for:
          • e.g. finds diamond_sword when searching for diamond (craftred)
          • e.g. finds book when searching for bookcase (drop items)
          • e.g. finds painting on wall when searching for painting item (placed)
          • e.g. finds enchantments higher than those sought for (upgraded/combined)
          • e.g. airborne arrow (fired items)
          • Select how many levels deep
      • How to find items/entities
        • Semi-automatic mapping between numeric ID, string ID and in-game name (e.g. 351:4 vs. "minecraft:dye":4 vs. "Lapis Lazuli")
        • More search filters:
          • by stack size
          • by custom name (given with anvil or name tag) (or presence of a custom name)
          • ... etc
        • Search by item properties:
          • specific enchantment
          • text in signs/book
          • leashedness of mob
          • ... etc
        • Ability to (automatically?) add items/blocks/entities from mods
        • Skip chested minecarts, or anything the user wishes to skip
        • Find a high concentration of a certain item/entity
        • Find everything unobtainable in survival
        • (currently half implemented) by comparing two world saves (newest and a backup)
          • it calculates the difference and finds items that exist only in the newest world. Unchanged items are ignored
          • also by selecting a specific entity in the backup
          • also by finding newly placed blocks

    Screenshots (for what it's worth):



    Another of my applications that I can integrate with this. You can navigate like Google Maps (but not zoom... yet)


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    posted a message on More Realistic Ores

    Emerald is already generated in a different way — depending on biome. It would only take a simple mod to modify the spawning chances / ore sizes for all ores depending on biome, or depending on chunk (re-use the slime algorithm with different perturbation values)

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    posted a message on Serious nether portal bug: player spawns at same coordinates, not times 8

    Sometimes when people go through a nether portal, the coordinate they appear at is the same as the coordinate they came from (regardless of direction).

    Whenever this happens, I see a server log like:

    [00:31:07] [Server thread/WARN]: Zuronius moved too quickly! 1392.296558596268,-4.0,-450.50526514748026 (1392.296558596268, 4.0, 450.50526514748026)

    I'm running my server for 4 months now and people really use the nether portal network a lot, and this bug only happened 3 times afaik. Once, the player above entered his overworld portal and appeared at the same coordinates in the nether. He almost fell to his death (onto a floating gravel on the ledge of something) and took 1.5 hours and all his pickaxes to find his way back to the center.

    Today, it happened to myself, twice in a row. First I entered the central nether portal at -45 62 -26, and appeared suffocating in the ground at -45 62 -26 in the overworld. When I got back to the portal in town at -317 78 -142, I entered it, and appeared in the nether at -317 78 -142, luckily in a cave at feet eight.

    What's going on~!?

    And moreover, is this a known bug (I can't find anything on the internet) or can this be caused by my mods?





    And what's with this fr*king minecraftforum bug? whenever I skrink font size or change the color, of a sentence, the sentence turns to 'undefined'! (and I see it shrunken and gray in the editor, but normal size and gray on the forum?)





    Server / mods:


    Dynmap-2.1-forge-1.8.0.jar - that web map

    Morpheus-1.8-2.0.39.jar - sleep voting

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    posted a message on How to set a resource pack to a server
    Quote from Beginner3033»
    Till now, I cant find the direct link to Vattic's Faithful 32x32 resource pack. I know all those properties file except for the direct link. When I want to download his pack, all I need is to click the link and that's all and is I copy the link address it is http://goo.gl/kzNkX. What should I do

    With a network sniffer I found that it redirects to http://www.faithful32x32.com/dl/faithful32pack.zip
    try that.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from IStealyourRAM»

    yes .json are part of Blocks models (i think.)
    And i haven't looked into Block models yet so i know nothing about them :/

    In fact you don't have to know anything about json files at all to fix this in OptiFine. All you need to know is that somewhere in the MC code there is a branch where one path leads to a selection among variants and another path leads to generating rotated/mirrored version of the sole variant. It's after that branch that I like to see a conditional, based on a menu option. The current 'Alternate Blocks' option is a conditional before this branch.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from IStealyourRAM»

    Hmm i don't know, Random/Alternate Textures by CTM shouldn't be turned off.
    or do you mean alternate textures by Block models?

    What is CTM?

    What I mean are the alternate textures that resource packs provide for the same block texture (sometimes also a different 3d model). For example, PureBDCraft has several textures for 'Stone' that happen to all blend together at the edges, and different 'Grass' textures, where every once in a while there are flowers slightly raised above the grass (but the block directly above grass is air). That will all be disabled when I disable 'Random Textures'.

    While doing some research, I noticed PureBDCraft uses hard-coded alternate as well as rotated textures in a .json file. I acknowledge that in this case the 'random' and 'natural' are linked, because they all appear in the same list of 'variants'. However, older kinds of resource packs, even those fully compatible with 1.8.1, like 'faithful32pack', the 'Alternate Blocks' setting does in fact display rotated/mirrored versions that are not in the pack itself.

    They used to be two different options. I like to disable the automatically rotated/mirrored textures while enabling alternate textures in the packs. Currently this doesn't seem possible. I suggest you add an option to override the 'Alternate Blocks' setting added in MC1.8.1. by leaving alternatives on but turning automatically generated rotated/mirrored versions off.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from IStealyourRAM»

    Try turning "Alternate Blocks" Off.
    (you can find it at Options -> Video Settings -> Alternate Blocks)

    Ok, I tried that. It solves the problem I described literally. However, it also removes the 'alternate textures' in my resource pack, and that's unacceptable. Now let me rephrase my question: How do I turn off natural textures without turning off alternate textures?
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I downloaded OptiFine_1.8.1_HD_U_B4.jar and it renders 'natural textures' which I don't like (because I can't count blocks when building and it creates weird skeleton-like patterns on Stone with my resource pack). The menu option in the Quality sub-menu is gone and I can't find it elsewhere. Moreover, in optionsof.txt there is a line ofNaturalTextures:false but it's still enabled in-game. Changing other options in the file, like ofSky do affect the game, proving that I got the right file.

    How can I disable natural textures, and where did the menu option go?
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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    I'm using the latest version 4.5.8, all jars, (haven't used any other version). The GUI of the pipes and the Router Utility are black. It's not that they are unusable now, it's just an eyesore because I can't see where I can drop items unless I already know exactly where to drop them.

    Also tested 4.5.1, same story.

    In this video they are visible, and the Responder Chip has a button less, meaning in an older version it was fine.

    [edit] Tried on my TFT (I usually use a CRT) and it looks like it's not pitch black or missing, but just really really dark. on TFT I can see the item spots.
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    posted a message on JourneyMap 5.5.x: Realtime mapping in-game or in a web browser as you explore
    Another question, of more importance actually,

    In a server set-up, how do I prevent non-Op clients from seeing mobs/pets/villagers/players, without disallowing the PlayerRadar altogether?

    [edit] Or alternatively, disallow the radar for survival/adventure players and allowing it for creative players?
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    posted a message on JourneyMap 5.5.x: Realtime mapping in-game or in a web browser as you explore
    Quote from EzerArch»

    Erm... dude, you quoted an over-1-year-old post. Are you sure that was intended?

    5.0 works perfectly fine for me. Check your keybinds to see if zoom-in and zoom-out keys are red, if so they are being overridden by another keybind.

    It's not that zooming doesn't work, it's that I can't zoom out further than 1:1. In this reddit they recommend MapWriter left and right for this feature. I tried it and indeed they were correct, but I almost puked from all the other bugs, shortcomings and idiocracies in MapWriter.
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    I can't find a guide or wiki about NEI or it's cfg file anywhere.

    How can I configure it such that survival players only get the recipe mode and creative players in the same server get the cheat mode with the creative+ button?
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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    I read on the official page that Optifine is not supported.

    I tried it and only see a flickering texture on the Bus transceiver, Bus Randomizer, and Bus Converter when "Fast Renderer" is on. This can be fixed by adding a slight Y offset to the top textures.

    However, this optifine setting is even documented with "You can turn it OFF if you notice flickering textures on some blocks", which shifts the 'supported' factor towards optifine rather than elsewhere. In other words, projectred is optifine-compatible (as far as I can tell). That doesn't mean this trivial improvement can improve the compatibility.
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    posted a message on JourneyMap 5.5.x: Realtime mapping in-game or in a web browser as you explore
    Quote from techbrew »

    I hear ya! I'm publishing a release candidate of JourneyMap 3.0 later tonight. You should give it a try and see if it makes everything better.

    I came looking for a reason why I can't zoom out further than 1:1 or how to enable that, and I find this.

    I'm using 5.0.1 so I'm really disappointed that this isn't fixed, or has been removed since 3.0.0 RC1.
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    posted a message on the Code

    When pressing Tab in Glitch, I don't see a number like in the video. I'm using 1.6.2, vanilla, no texture packs.
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