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    IGN: Cartman0123/yourlunchable


    Country: North America

    How did you come across this server:You messaged it to me on skype and I was like, "Oh I'm a fan, why not.""

    Why should you be accepted: I don't expect you to remember this, (It was a long time ago) But we once worked together with TheMinecraftTales, or as I knew him, Izzy. I really liked your builds, and then I saw you make a channel. I've been there since the 1st video :). Anyways, (Stopping trying to be special.) I'm an overall nice person and I'm interested in a new server.
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    Hey MinecraftForum users! Want a server where you can do anything you want? This is the server you should play on then. Our server has 3GB of ram and and can hold 76 players, lag free. some of the plugins on the server include:






    And much more!

    The server's admins are cool, and pretty lenient, and you start out with stone tools. PillageCraft is a Hardcore PVP/survival server with a few twists. Weekly hunger games tournaments will take place, and with winer will receive an overpowered item. Griefing IS allowed, but only a few kinds.

    Nature griefing is NOT allowed.

    Whole building griefing is NOT allowed. (No eye sores)

    Spawn Griefing is NOT allowed.

    Griefing to get into somewhere IS allowed.

    Please, no terrible builders, as we do not want any eyesores to make a bad first impression on players. Also, faction raiding IS allowed, so raid away! But no flaming please.

    Finally, PillageCraft is a unique server, and we hope that many join. The server is 24/7.

    The IP is server.pillagecraft.com:25623
    Please Join!
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