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    I seem to be having an issue with this mod. I've been using it in the FTB Unleashed pack, and I've been looking for a solution to this all over.

    I noticed that I can't use any items listed as 'materials' in the books (Cactus, Bone, Flint, Stone, etc) with the more advanced wooden stencils. I make the wooden stencil of the Scythe Head for example, and I can't use -any- material to get a tool part (This happens with the Tough Tool Binding, Tough Tool Rod as well, but to keep this feedback straight forward, I'm using the Scythe head as my example). After hunting around on the web, I saw that you can/need to put the wooden stencils into the casting table of the smeltery and then pour either liquid Gold, or Aluminum Brass over it to make a cast of that pattern- the issue is, it doesn't work. I click the faucet, and nothing pours over the wooden patterns, and I have the same amount of liquid as I started with. I am unable to make ANY of the advanced tool parts using either of these methods, and it's incredibly frustrating. If anyone can help, knows what the heck I'm doing wrong, or if you have this problem as well, some input or ideas would be greatly appreciated! (Screenshots incoming)

    Trying to use materials with the wooden cast on the Part Builder to make a part to cast:

    Trying to pour molten gold from the smeltery onto the wooden stencils:

    Judging from the pictures your not using enough materials, the scythe pattern required 8 materials where as your only trying to use 1.

    Also you need to make the parts first and put them on the casting table as the cast needs to form around them
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