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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w39a Ready For Testing
    the new generation (not just about this snapshot) really screws things a bit
    it's cool that biomes are a bit larger and you arent at walking distance to basically like 5-6 biomes

    but now because of the new changes that certain types of biomes spawn together I have had such a hard time finding specific biomes...
    I literally flew in a brand new creative world for about 20 minutes and all i found was extreme hills, plains, swamps and jungles
    over and over again

    no signs of savannas/deserts/mesas anywhere! (or snow biomes) but I was looking for savannas and deserts because those are near mesas

    i couldnt find it ........ so i couldnt experience red sand personally
    Quote from Geforce132

    Y U NO POST CHANGELOG? Because, you know, most people are too lazy to check out the wiki....

    that's not the point you passive aggressive genius. If snapshot information is going to be on the wiki from now on, why even have a post here on the forum.........I thought snapshots were to tests out bugs/features, if none are listed it makes the work harder, finding and then testing it
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w39a Ready For Testing
    Quote from Sendoria

    For everyone complaining about no change logs....

    It was FUN before when there would be secret updates. Everyone would play and try to figure out what was changed. Do you guys remember the SECRET FRIDAY UPDATES? Those were all really fun. That was before we had an entire community that can just look in the .jar to see what has been changed.

    But, for you who don't see the fun in this, there is a thing called the wiki that tells you what is in the snapshots.

    Or mojang can just post it here and make snapshots serve a purpose. ;)
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w39a Ready For Testing
    what's with the secret changes, i thought snapshots were to test new features, how are we supposed to test them if they're hidden
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft "Dead"?
    i also think minecraft is 'dead'

    but for ME, I think it is only natural for this to happen though
    since I've been playing the game also about when it just came into the beta stage
    and quite frankly i don't care how original the game is how much content is added to keep it fresh
    IT HAS TO 'die' for you eventually
    nothing is forever, and of course you'll pick up the game once in a while, but it's not the same excitement discovering crafting recipes
    discovering a dungeon/double dungeon/triple dungeon for the first time, the jungle castle, the desert castle
    the abandoned mines, the ravines, the different biomes

    it all is fun for the first 1000000000000000 times with minecraft, BUT eventually it will be boring for you

    but it's not a minecraft fault, it's just us.......... and even then, it's not our fault to have that nature
    to get bored eventually

    hope i don't get hate for this
    i love minecraft, one of the few games that has managed to entertain me for almost 2 whole years

    apart from franchise games that release a new game every year that is basically an 'update' there is no other game that has done this other than minecraft
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w36a Ready For Testing!
    carrot on a stick = no horses ? =(

    still good work mojang
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Vanilla with Sprinkles - Mods built to fit closely with the vanilla game (Last updated: 9/8)
    i hope we see the majority of this mod in vanilla in the near future

    i dislike the slime and maybe the rods out of all the mods, not much though
    other than that great mod
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    posted a message on How will SSP be effected in 1.3?
    I hate that it essentially brakes SSP for me. The random lag spikes and freezing of mobs is annoying to say the least.
    I can be having a nice play in my world no issues and it starts lagging like crazy........ =/
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w23b Ready For Testing
    • Enchantment levels are slightly exponential again. oh man, i was having so much fun enchanting like i've never enchanted before
    • It now takes 825 Experience to reach level 30. awwww
    • Texture Packs image is displayed for folder based texture packs.
    • The player can now see the cracking effect on blocks when other players mine blocks in multiplayer. wonder what this is for?
    • Bug Fixes:
    • Pressing F no longer reloads chunks.
    • Fixed a bug when pistons pushed a wire.
    • NPC Villagers procreate again.
    • Mining a ore give now 3 times less experience orbs. it was a bug? oh man.... =(
    • Weathers transitions are back.
    • Slime and Magma Cube jumping animations have been fixed.
    • Armor and Tool enchantments now show on multiplayer.
    • The search function in the creative inventory now only activates within the search tab, meaning that the inventory key now allows you to exit the creative menu once again.
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    posted a message on Old worlds fall into voids, SSP lags... STOP WITH MINECRAFT SSP SERVERS!
    I agree with you, wth is up with making MC SSP into SMP, I don't want to play online!!

    freaking lag makes you mine a block twice, makes fighting impossible......

    This is ridiculous!
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    posted a message on XBOX>PC
    both have their pros and cons

    xbox-easy multiplayer (even splitscreen!), no lag/frame drop

    pc- mods, in general being able to customize the game a lot more

    so yeah once both versions fine tune all this we won't have to have this 'discussion'
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