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    I can just imagine a system set up where a player is underwater with a scuba suit minding their own business. He is tethered to an air pump on dry land.

    All of the sudden, a griefer comes up and destroys the air pump. The other player is too far down under the ocean to reach the surface quickly enough and ends up dying because of drowning. The griefer gets kicked from the server but it doesn't matter. He's laughing so hard he doesn't even care.
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    posted a message on A 'Leveling System' of sorts
    I consider that this game has level ups and it is accomplished through survivability.

    Level 1: You have landed and are about as useful as a bag of rocks.
    Level 2: You have hacked down 3 or 4 trees gaining the necessary lumber.
    Level 3: You found coal!!!
    Level 4: You made a workbench, you sly dog!
    Level 5: You made your wooden pick, and mined out the coal.
    Level 6: You created torches! You can now survive!
    Level 7: You tear into the mountain and build your small hovel from the bleak darkness. Your torches line your periphery, keeping an eye out for hissing, clacking, you have a few arrows in your shoulder, but you'll survive!

    etc. So, not necessarily leveling up, but there is character progression, just not in an easy-to-swallow quantized pill.
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    I was thinking of something similar just for reflection. I was thinking of a different way to make the mirror though. In the case I was thinking it would be 1 gold block + 1 glass block; or something similarly ridiculous in cost.
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