About Me

I am a 31 year old male, happily married for 3 years.

I spend very little of my time actually playing Minecraft or even browsing these forums save to update for the critics at random intervals. I am happy to assist anyone in any way I can.

When I do browse, you'll find me nearly exclusively on the Suggestion's Forum, my haunt.


I am self-defined as a big cat. I will try to remain respectful and on-topic when discussing criticisms though I'm not immune to indulging a derailed conversation or derailing a topic myself.

Sometimes, and this may sound mean, it's better for the suggestion to be derailed than for it to run it's natural life. I like to call that derailing "mercy". I request others to view it as the same.


I do not randomly add people to my steam friend's list. If you want me to add you, please PM me here and let me know your steam ID so I can recognize it through steam, thanks!

Profile Information

Steam yoshi9048