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    Quote from Dayyer»

    Will this update be for 1.7.10 or 1.12.2?

    Final 1.7.10 update.

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    Quote from AkumaSekai»

    Hi! Is this addon still being updated? I'd love to see new things honestly

    Greetings! I work on the mod from time to time. Because I have no classes during the summer months, I will hopefully have time to release something soon!

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    "While you were out and about gathering magical knowledge, you came across something rather disturbing - a blood-stained, ripped page from another Thaumaturge’s Thaumonomicon. From your understanding, it gives an ideal for a darker side of magic...

    The darkness intrigues you, even though it ensues a dangerous path. But what have you got to lose? The thought of an adventure into the unknown excites you!

    The page is still rendered unclear, you could only make out bits and pieces... But one day, you will decipher this page and have a newfound mastery...one day!"

    - Thaumonomicon: A disturbing find

    Tainted Magic is an addon to Thaumcraft 4 which focuses on the dark side of Thaumcraft. Tainted Magic adds lots of useful items and gear for both early and endgame Thaumaturges. This addon also brings something others do not... a great endgame set of gear and foci, which sets new goals for even the most experienced Thaumaturges.

    The main goal of Tainted Magic is to put use to the warp you gain, as well as to make it worthwhile to visit The Tainted Lands.


    Source code and bug tracker via GitHub


    Tainted Magic is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Lisence (long version). This mod was created with a deobf version of Thaumcraft used as a library. Thaumcraft is copyrighted by Azanor, all rights reserved.


    out of order

    Change Log...

    Stream 7


    • This is probably the biggest update ever... I can't really list everything here. Check it out for yourself!
    • Please note that due to code cleanup, updating from r6.4 to r7.0 will erase any existing items and blocks from Tainted Magic in your world. Just feel free to cheat your stuff back in :)


    • Fix: Bugfixes, fixed crashes.


    • Fix: Various bugfixes and texture improvements.
    • Fix: Fixed the Thaumic Disassembler text.
    • Fix: Fixed the Thaumonomicon entry for Shadowmetal Fortress armor, and Thaumium Fortress Blades.
    • Fix: Fixed a few recipes.
    • Change: Tweaked the rendering, animation, and sfx for the Tainted Storm wand focus.
    • Change: Tweaked some rendering for the Fortress Blades.
    • Addition: Upgrades to the Fortress Blades as inscriptions.
    • Addition: Hold down right click to charge a fortress blade, releasing a powered strike.


    • Fix: Fixed some Thaumonomicon entries.
    • Fix: Fixed some values.
    • Addition: Voidmetal Goggles of Revealing.


    • Fix: Fixed some Thaumonomicon entries.
    • Fix: Bugfixes.
    • Change: HUD changes.
    • Change: Changes to the Stormbound Inscription


    • Fix: Bugfixes.


    • Fix: Fixed some oredict stuff.
    • Fix: Code organization.
    • Change: Removed the stormbound inscription and replaced it with the undead inscription.
    • Change: Changed the volcanic inscription to emit a single explosive fireball.
    • Change: Balanced katana projectile damage.
    • Change: Retextured some stuff
    • Change: Made the Shard of Creation research secondary.
    • Addition: Added the Undead Inscription.
    • Addition: Added the Vis Shard focus from TC5.


    • Fix: Bugfixes and code cleanup.
    • Fix: Fixed various rendering problems... finally.
    • Change: Adjusted damage values for the Fortress Blades and certain foci.
    • Change: New thaumonomicon layout.
    • Change: Reworked thaumonomicon prerequisites.
    • Change: Texture changes.
    • Change: New formula to calculate the recharge rate of the Warpwood Wand Rod / Staff Core
    • Change: Some thaumonomicon entries were rewritten.
    • Change: Recipe adjustments.
    • Change: Reworked focus upgrades.
    • Change: Reworked the Tainted Storm focus with a new renderer and movement physics,
    • Addition: Lumos focus.
    • Addition: Diffusion upgrade for the Dark Matter focus.
    • Addition: Shadowmetal nuggets.
    • Addition: Particles when using the Time and Meteorology foci.


    • Fix: Fixed bugs where servers would crash under certain conditions.
    • Fix: Other bugfixes.
    • Change: Improved some particle effects.
    • Change: Texture improvements.
    • Change: Made adjustments to recipes.
    • Change: Made adjustments to research and prerequisites.
    • Addition: Flyte Charm.
    • Addition: New materials (stolen from Thaumcraft 6)


    • Fix: Bug fixes.


    • Fix: Bug fixes.
    • Change: Thaumonomicon layout improvements

    With the archival of the Minecraft Forum, further changelogs will be posted on /r/feedthebeast

    Supported Languages...

    • English (US)


    • If you are willing and able to translate this mod into your language, please fork the Tainted-Magic repository and open a pull request on GitHub.


    Special thanks to...

    • Azanor and LexManos for obvious reasons.
    • RapidMelons, Emma Cobanli for the initial idea and help along the way.
    • dlsm for the Chinese translation.
    • wiiv for the Fortress Blade models and textures.

    © 2015-2019 John Yorke (yorkemc)

    If you like the mod why not

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    Another project I'll probably never work on.


    *Please note that Baubles is required! Download it HERE


    out of order

    Mod Spotlights:

    Official Mod Spotlight by FastieTheWolf:

    Mod Spotlight by Amaxter:

    Italiano Recensione Mod da i Febag:

    来自Carter Chiang的mod反馈:

    Redistribution Policy:


    You may: Review and write about the mod. Link back to THIS page and credit the mod author please.

    You may not: Re-upload the mod's files, or source code. Measures will be taken to remove cases of infringement. You may not claim you own or created the mod. All content must comply to the terms and conditions (below).

    Modpack Policy:

    1. You cannot be making money off the modpack under any circumstances.
    2. You cannot claim ownership for any part of the mod, and you must credit the mod author (yorkeMC).
    3. If I ever ask you to remove my mod from your pack, for whatever reason, you must comply.
    4. Handle any bug reports or issues internally first. If you are having issues with your pack do not come directly to me.

    Terms and Conditions / Copyright:


    0. USED TERMS MOD: Modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities. Original author(s) of the MOD under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.


    2. USE: Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    3. REDISTRIBUTION: This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded,mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    4. DERIVATIVE WORKS/MODIFICATION: This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and are NOT allowed under any circumstances


    Release 16:
    • Initial release, first build available for download

    Release 23:

    • Second release, second build available for download
    • Tweaked textures
    • Animated some textures
    • Tweaked rendering
    • Fixed many bugs
    • Improved overall stability
    • New flight modes (use Left Alt to change)
    • Added a tooltip to the wings telling you where to equip them
    • Improved the tooltip on the wings
    • Tweaked sounds
    • Mediocris tools can now be repaired using Fairy Dust
    • Made Fairy Ore slightly more rare, and it now only spawns below y=30
    • Added support for Dutch and Chinese languages

    Release 27:

    • This mod might work with Extra Utilities now...
    • There is a 50% chance that the bug with multiplayer flight is gone
    • The Mediocris Hoe can now till and un-till soil
    • Fixed a few textures

    Release 30:

    • New HUDs when using the Alfhomancy table and the wings (press h to disable)
    • Minor bugfixes

    Please support me on Patreon - You won't go unmentioned.

    Language Localization on GitHub

    Supported Languages...

    • English (US)
    • French / Français (FR)
    • Dutch / Nederlands (NL) (MAY BE OUT OF DATE)
    • Chinese / 中国 (CN) (MAY BE OUT OF DATE)


    Special thanks to...

    • blackrose1303 / Lauren Belyea, for helping plan out the mod and for help with item textures, and the angel sound.
    • FastieTheWolf / Paige Adamczyk, for help with names for the wing types, and ideas in general.
    • Azanor, for the Baubles API.
    • Vazkii and Botania, thank you so much for letting me using bits and pieces of genius code :)
    • ChickenBones, for the Vector3 class.

    © John Yorke 2017

    If you like the mod why not

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    Quote from TimDual»

    So, any teasers for some new feature coming soon :P?

    Also, If you wanted to modify taint effects from the biome/ flux based blocks, would you be unable/unwilling to do that? Because right now, destroying someones base with bottles of taint isn't really an effective way :P. I would suggest adding some of your own flux based features to taint if you can, and some TC5 flux features because TC5 buffed tainted by much :D

    Also the new update is beautiful :)

    I'm working on some stuff. Will be updating soon.
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    Quote from Dayyer»

    I am French and offended.

    I am French and not offended.
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    Quote from Zsashas»

    Can't recall if I've already suggested this...the Mask of Cruelty. Damages entities under the crosshair, originally with a sort of black lightning effect lancing out to them. No current addons have the Mask that I can find, and it would fit well with this mod.

    Hmm I think thaumic exploration added it. But if they didn't... I can add somehing similar. The edge of the primordials is based off of the elemental cutter from TC2.
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    Quote from SparkySMD»

    So... What happened to the Warped eye?

    Removed for the time being.
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    Yeah, not updating until TC is 1.10.2 +

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    bit sad this mod is no longer being developed :( It personally is one of my favorite thaumcraft addons, I'd love to see it be continued

    Well, update coming at ya some time this week, check my twitter for some teasers.
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