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    posted a message on ★ DrugRun v3.0 ★ Amsterdam Spawn ★ Drugs ★ Recipes ★ Custom ★ Quality ★ Police ★ Factions ★ McMMO ★ Quests ★ Economy ★ Ranks

    In-game Username: yonz
    Age: 14
    Timezone & location: EST USA
    Why do you want to join the Police Force?: I want to join because I believe in justice, and being within the law. All day I see people smuggling drugs throughout spawn to sell, and that sickens me. In real life I've dreamed of fighting crime, and bringing justice to the human race!

    Why should we accept you?: I've known how to fight since I was 7. My black belt in Tae Kwan Doe can prove that. I have thought of how to win in a fight in every given scenario. I know where people go to sell their drugs, and I will hunt them down if I see anything suspicious. I'll try my hardest to complete any task you throw at me!


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