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    Welcome to Mine Wars.

    This is a texture pack brought to you to bring a quality, yet simple 16x16 texture pack to all the Star Wars and Minecraft fanatics alike. You don't even have to be totally into Star Wars to like this pack, as it mostly just provides a new way to see and play Minecraft: a darker feeling, sci-fi version of Minecraft where skeletons are stormtroopers, zombie pigmen are dark jedi, and of course, bows are blasters and swords are lightsabers. This pack mostly serves to make Minecraft feel darker, and has really taken into account how the movies felt when watching in order to make this pack as Star Warsy it can be. Of course, there's always room for improvement, so this pack is updated very frequently, whether it be for minor bugs or adding in something totally new. Please keep in mind, however, that this pack is NOT solely my work. I have taken and edited things to fit my pack from Painterly Pack, as well as two unfinished and discontinued Star Wars texture packs: Star Mines by ThomasG, Star Wars texture pack by sirius1912 and A Long Time Ago by Raphaero. Despite this, the VAST MAJORITY of this pack is my own work. And I intend to take nothing further from these or any other packs in the process of finishing this pack, as I feel I have gotten much better at pixel art. (This is my first time :P )

    More Info
    Visit this texture packs page on planetminecraft.com for more details such as update logs, upcoming features and more! Also it would be appreciated if you favorited and voted it up.


    To get the full Star Wars experience in Minecraft, you will need MCPatcher or else you're missing out on improved lighting, custom skies and more!

    To install, download, then drop it in the Minecraft resource packs folder. You can reach this folder by opening Minecraft, going to "Options", then to "Resource Packs", and then to "Open resource pack folder" at the bottom left. Then just drop the zipped pack in the folder, close that folder and it should appear in your resource pack list. Then just select and play!

    Key For Features

    Coming soon


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