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    posted a message on [Active][1.7.10][SSP/SMP][Forge]yogpstop's Mods (QuarryPlus,and more...)

    If you got error startsWith

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/yogpc/qp/

    , I need more information to solve it.

    1. Please add -Dlegacy.debugClassLoading=true to JVM Arguments in Official Launcher Profile Editor
    2. Please launch minecraft
    3. Crash!!
    4. Please send fml-client-latest.log to me.

    If you don't use OfficialLauncher, please contact me.

    If you added option exactly, you can see "Loading class ... from resource ..." in fml-client-latest.log

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    All mods released under the LGPLv3 license.
    You can include my mods in any modpack.

    This is add-on for buildcraft.
    Add QuarryPlus and MarkerPlus and more.
    Default block ids are: 1970~1979



    ModSpotlight created by InsaneJ(HappyDiggers)

    Fix some problems.
    Compatible with newer BuildCraft.
    Fix some bugs
    Compatible with newer BuildCraft
    Fix server crash problem
    Replace file on 2013-10-18T09:46Z
    Add LaserPlus, BreakerPlus and PlacerPlus.
    Move default block id.
    Now, MarkerPlus and PumpPlus is working correctly.
    Change chat message.
    Add PumpPlus setting GUI.
    Many bug fixes and reworks.
    Now you can't enchantment PlusMachines in anvil.
    Decrease useless network traffic.
    Now, InfMJSrc can stop output with redstone signal.
    Fix QuarryPlus's liquid process.
    PumpPlus energy problem is fixed.
    A little increse performance.
    Fix ListEditor GUI's button duplication bug.
    Fix QuarryPlus with bedrock bug.
    Fix some bug.
    Now you can select block from list when select block quarried with enchantment.
    remove log
    Fix PumpPlus make minecraft crashing when place PowerConsumer next to it.(Before 1.5.2)
    Fix minimum recievable power amount.
    Fix re login crash problem in RefineryPlus.
    Fix server crash problem.
    Fix PumpPlus liquid extraction.
    Fix direction detection truth
    Remove non needed trigger.
    Fix direction detection.
    Change power calculation.
    Now, PumpPlus extract liquid itself.
    Now, big area liquid drain need fortune enchant.
    EnchantMover's very big changes.
    Add InfinityMJSource texture and fix GUI.
    Add RefineryPlus.
    Change QuarryPlus recipe.
    And more small fixes
    GUI rework.
    Add InfinityEnergySource
    Fix PumpPlus direction problem (now you can set default liquid with upside setting)
    Liquid high performance fix
    Fix mod loading problem
    Fix liquid Selector crash problem
    Fix packet recieveing problem
    Fix liquid campare problem
    Fix QuarryPlus area detection problem
    And more problem fixes!
    Fix many bug about PumpPlus
    Update to Minecraft 1.6 and BuildCraft 4.0.0
    Fix QuarryPlus placing bug when using MCPC+
    Fix ListEditor inventory bug(Thanks for AtoCrafter)
    Fix error message template
    Fix PumpPlus working and add QuarryRadius mode
    Fix PumpPlus direction check.
    Throw exception when config file is broken.
    Now, you can change liquid searching radius with wrench.
    Start to support MCPC-Plus
    Fix QuarryPlus area selection problem (using MCPC-Plus)
    2013-07-19 03:35:01 File replaced
    Fix marker laser problem.
    Fix chunk loading range tempolary.
    Entity bug fixed.
    Now, PluMachine's texture is change with work state of progress.
    Change default setting value of mining well's base power.
    Add PumpPlus.
    Remove GUI and add tools to set some setting end view status.
    MarkerPlus remaking.
    Recipe reforming.
    Localize to japanese.
    And more bug fixes!
    QuarryPlus can fix hung up problem in itself now.
    Fix power recieving bug.
    Fix problem about Minecraft server is hung up when placing QuarryPlus.
    Fix cannot create MiningWellPlus on HardRecipeMode problem.
    Fix item extracting problem.
    Fix some problem(HeadMovingProblem etc...)
    Add debug log to resolve an problem.
    More changes in amount of using power.
    Add MiningWellPlus.
    Add debug log to resolve an problem.
    Review amount of using power.
    Now, you can change amount of using power in config file.
    Fix trigger(gate) can't use problem
    Add trigger(gate) for only QuarryPlus
    High performance fix.
    some bug fix
    High performance fix.
    You should break All QuarryPlus before update.
    fix problem about QuarryPlus can't connect with pipe.
    Change error management.
    bug fix

    WARNING SpawnerController, WorkbenchPlus, all of Mirror, ElectricArmorPlus will be lost when you update this mod from 2.0.3 or older to 2.1.0 or newer

    WARNING please DESTROY machines which provided by this mod before update this mod from or older to 1.5.7 or newer
    Currently you can check recipe only in NotEnoughItems
    Newest version is 2.1.0 updated on 2015-03-25 07:00:00
    All download is located here

    This create additional ores in new world.
    You can select additional ores from all blocks.
    Of course, it contains coal, iron, gold, diamond, redstone, lapislazuli, dirt and gravel.

    Press 'O'key in setting screen(you can change volume and more in this screen),open setting screen.
    If you use in SMP, please setting in client, and copy setting file(.minecraft/config/TimesOreForge.cfg) to server's config directory(config/).
    When you use in SMP, you don't need to install this mod to client.


    Remove debug log.

    All download is located here



    Sourcecode (Of all mods)

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    posted a message on [Active][1.7.10][SSP/SMP][Forge]yogpstop's Mods (QuarryPlus,and more...)
    Quote from Staegrin»

    IC2 not installed modpack without QuarryPlus to 2.0.3. fml-client-latest.log:

    IC2 not installed modpack with QuarryPlus to 2.0.3. fml-client-latest.log:

    Thank you very much. I'll fix that problem in next release :)
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    I release QuarryPlus 2.0.2 on sourceforge.net

    Many bug fixes
    Compatible with BuildCraft 6.3.X
    Changed MiningWellPlus recipe
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    I release 2.0-RC6 on my server.


    • Please use with NotEnoughItems inevitably
    • Please DO NOT use RefineryPlus and InfinityMJSource with BuildCraft 6.1.X
    • Please DO NOT use LaserPlus without BuildCraft

    Update zh_CN.lang
    Fix PumpPlus loading crash bug
    Compatible with BuildCraft6.1.X(without RefineryPlus,InfMJSrc)
    Compatible with older LWJGL
    Fix typo in chat message
    Fix older version language loading crash bug
    Fix crash without BuildCraft
    Fix crash when loading in Minecraft 1.4.X
    Fix some texture bug
    Fix GUI cannot open bug
    Fix marker direction bug


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    If you don't read RC usage post, DON'T USE RC VERSION.


    I'm remaking WorkbenchPlus, please wait :)
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    I release 2.0-RC2 on sourceforge.net!

    Some bug fixes

    ArmorCrashFix(Caused by ic2 not loaded), ArmorCrashFix(Caused by reflection helper bug), WorkbenchCrashFix(Caused by method call order), IInventoryItemPushingFix(Caused by empty slot is ignored)

    If you can, please test it and report bugs.
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    posted a message on [Active][1.7.10][SSP/SMP][Forge]yogpstop's Mods (QuarryPlus,and more...)
    New version is released.

    It contains compatible with newer buildcraft and more.

    New forum spoiler is very unuseful.

    I write changelog to this post.

    • Add compatible with newer buildcraft.
    • Fix pump not working bug.
    • Increase performace a little.
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    Hey everyone.

    I'll be back!

    You can report bug in here!

    New version will be released within a few days!!!
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    Okay, I thought carefully.
    I strongly feel desire of mod development.
    But I have no time indeed.
    Rongmario and Too-DAMN-Much, your suggestion is very very good.
    But it may generate difficulty.
    I want to consign QuarryPlus development to Rongmario.
    And I start developing other simple mod.
    I understand that I'm irresponsible.
    But if I have successor, I think that I don't mind leaving QuarryPlus development.
    Sorry about this. Thank you until now.
    And Rongmario, best regards.
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