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    posted a message on 1.9 - The update that never saw the light of day.
    Look at this:


    He basically announced today that he's not going to do another full version update of the game until Minecon, and continue to pump out pre-releases of Minecraft until the unveiling of the full game at Minecon.

    He said that "What we’ve got on our hands now is somewhere in between a finished Adventure Mode update and a version of the game we’d be proud to call just “Minecraft”." That means that now he's officially gone PAST the point of finishing the 1.9 version update, and is now polishing and pushing the game for a full release. :Skeleton:

    The pre-releases ARE NOT enough in my opinion. Pumping them out pleases the Single Player crowd, and maybe a sackful of private servers, but what about people that only play on the BIG Multiplayer servers? Many big server owners refuse to use the pre-release updates because they are too buggy and unstable to update the server, plus the fact that they have to wait until server mods and plug-ins are updated! Smaller private servers are ok with pre-releases, but the bigger servers that need a stable update CAN'T USE or WON'T use the pre-releases.

    Also, don't mention using Single Player as a substitute :dry.gif: It's very clear that I'm standing up for the Multiplayer crowd. Some of us (like me)can't stand Single Player because of it's loneliness and lack of things to do that SMP makes up for, and only use Multiplayer. For instance, all my current Minecraft progress is on ONE server that I visit weekly, and I do not have the time or the patience to mess with a Single Player world by myself. However, I understand going into this that a majority of people use Single Player for their Minecraft experience. I recognized that going into this, and I respect that. I also know a lot of people don't like to use pre-releases because of reasons listed in the poll above.

    I welcome anyone else's opinion about this topic, whether positive or negative. But I personally don't think that this method is being fair to everyone. A stable update would please everyone, including SMP players and mod makers, but a pre-release doesn't do that.
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    posted a message on Raiding NPC villages and killing NPC's. Bad or good?
    I know there are like three other topics about the inclusion of NPC villages, but I wanted to create a topic that was more specific. Several nights ago, Notch revealed several spoilers about the much-anticipated 1.8 update, and one of the spoilers was the inclusion of NPC villages.

    We brought this topic up on the multiplayer server I go to (a Vanilla Survival Server), and the head admin there said that he planned to expand the map specifically for 1.8, so that people can go beyond the map boundaries, and find new resources, dungeons, and NPC villages. Immediately, one of the first topics that are brought up by the server members is "Is raiding NPC villages okay?", and "Are we allowed to loot them?".

    For me, that seems kind of harsh. I was hoping that we could have at least had some decent looking, natural towns that aren't abandoned/griefed, and that they are always expanding and well-kept, by the NPC's of course. Instead, everyone is going to run out into the newly expanded map areas and start slaughtering NPC's by the dozens, maybe even hundreds, and looting their resources and buildings to help build their shitty ass towns that will be abandoned and griefed in five months. That makes me sick inside. Truly disgusted. But other than trying to get to those towns first to put a claim on them, what else is there to do?

    Mind you, this is on a limited Vanilla Survival map, with a border protection plugin. You can't travel any further than the limit they set (currently at +/=5,000, 6,000 come 1.8). Which means that when all those players burn, rob, and loot every NPC village on the map, they're gone forever. No more "travel to new chunks and find moar". When they're gone, they're gone. That makes me sad. I guess I could always play with them on singleplayer, but singleplayer is boring. There's nobody to show off to, or talk with. Nobody to help you, collaborate with you, trade with you. It sucks.

    That's my stance on it. I wanted to discuss this in a public, populated place where I could hear other people's opinions about this. Do you think it's fair to kill NPC's, and loot their towns, after reading my story? I'd really like to know.
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    posted a message on Realistic suggestions for Minecraft(with poll)(plz comment)
    Bravo. They are all excellent ideas.
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    posted a message on Monster Truck in Minecraft - Crafting Recipe by me
    Come on, wouldn't it be awesome to be able to drive around in minecraft in a Monster Truck, running over enemies, animals, and plants? Well, I thought about it for a while, and I came up with these recipes for the different parts you will need to build your own, of course, IF this suggestion even makes it to the drawing board.


    What you will need:
    - Four monster tires - Recipe Included - Nine Pieces of Rubber :GP:
    - One standard size truck cab - Seven pieces of iron :Iron: for the body, and two iron doors
    - One front end engine compartment - Four pieces of iron :Iron: for the body, two electric lanterns :--+: for headlights, and a furnace :Furnace: for a clean, coal-burning engine.
    - One truckbed with rollbar rack - Five pieces of iron :Iron: for the body, and four lanterns :--+: for taillights and rollbar lights
    - An extra piece of iron for the chassis extensions and driveshaft

    This would make a great extra project for you to be able to complete in Minecraft, for the hearty explorer and vehicle enthusiast alike. A land vehicle in this kind of game would be a great addition, and make transportation a lot easier. I really hope that you will at least consider this suggestion for future use in your game. Thank you for your consideration.

    - Two block high wheels allow you to climb walls and terrain with ease (up to two 1/2 blocks)
    - Headlights and taillights that automatically come on after sunset for night driving
    - Ability to run over enemies and animals, sometimes killing them (does three hearts damage)
    - Right click engine compartment with coal to provide fuel. Enter vehicle by right clicking the truck, and use normal directional keys to drive.
    - W for the accelerator, A and D for steering, and S is brake, or reverse if you're at a complete stop.
    - (Possibly?) Have the ability to carry goods in the back of the truck
    - Engine keeps running until out of fuel
    - Can be damaged to the point of being wrecked. But it is possible to salvage what parts are left, and start over, by destroying the remains.
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