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    @Tai1er I tried to compile it for 1.10 or 1.11 but Forge wants to be stubborn about it.

    I guess there were too many changes between 1.7.10 and 1.10.2 to make it compatible via updated gradle buildscript.

    I can rebuild it for 1.7.10 just fine though.

    Unless somebody wants to update the parts of the code that can't compile in newer versions of Gradle, I don't think you're getting that update you want.

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    That video is a terrible example.

    A great example of a shader, though this is MC JRE edition exclusive as far as I know, is the Sildurs Vibrant shaders.

    I mean, just go to the topic and look at the screenshots of it:


    Combined with an ultrarealism texture pack a great shader like Sildurs Vibrant can look like the Promised Land, Elysium, or whatever other terms that can describe something of that decibel.

    On my laptop, with its GTX 950M 2GB, 8GB of DDR3/5GB allocated, and I7-5500U, I can run the Sildurs Vibrant Extreme+Volumetric Lighting 1.161 at default shader settings, 16 render distance, a 128x resource pack, and 1080P and I can get 25-30 fps rock solid.Higher if I tone it down to 720P.

    Shaders are amazing, and that video cannot represent them well at all.

    Why did I just rant about a video on a random thread I found while searching out of curiosity? I have no idea.

    Here are my own screenshots of it in MC JRE 1.11.2, showing different places where different features of the shader really shine.

    I'm using the VanillaBDCraft 128x textures with it if you want to know.

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    Quote from ryancarlson

    I am constantly surprised by the idiocy some people display.

    you gawt dat right :3
    i busted a CMOS battery fixing a charger in a laptop once..... still not as bad as this mistake of putt-putt's
    CRAP ima get sued yet AGAIN for saying "that company"'s name D:

    ive had my account for a half a year now and i still gotta have 3 more approved posts after this one. that's just to showhow inactive i am o some sites on a computer :3

    bad and unintentional attempt to change the subject isnt it? lolz legal idiots these days.
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