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    Just a quick update! The spawn is now done for server! I am now working on populating the world with the new systems as well so that the server is a playable experience and a good example of what you could do with the plugin. It's worth mentioning the entire server will be available as an example download at some point to!

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    Hey everyone I have redone the thread! If your a paste time player please feel free to reach out and say hello! I would love the nostalgia of talking to anyone from this old relic!

    If your a new person to the this old thread let me know what you would like to know about the project! More info will become available in the coming weeks! :)

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    Yeah on my test with 5000 zombie horde, the server tps doesnt drop much, what does is my FPS, it drops like a rock down to like 30fps, i have a 3070, ryzen 5, 64gb ram. Though wondering if optifine would have any meaningful improvement haha

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    So I haven't been active on these forums in a long time and really the same could be said for minecraft for me. I've been gone for almost 10 years on the scene. So im looking for your thoughts and opinions on this!

    Over 10 years ago I ran a server that was a zombie survival server. I know how original. However now I am a coder and have been writing plugins for the past few years for clients and for friends.

    I decided to start working on my personal project again the zombie survival server a few years back but completely written from scratch using little to no public plugins.

    What im interested in knowing is would you play on a zombie survival server in todays age? If not let me know if the following would change your mind and just your thoughts on anything i've mentioned to this point as well!

    I always hated how in zombie survival servers the zombies were always to little in count. You never really ran into hordes. And i mean hordes, think walking dead sized hordes. The zombies are usually powerful themselves rather then being a dangerous enemy in numbers. I have always wanted to change this but due to performance reasons its nearly impossible to pull off in practice. However recently I have had some major break throughs where i was able to jump my active horde size from 600 zombies to nearly 2000 zombies without any tps loss. This includes them moving across the map not standing still.

    Would this make the zombie apocalypse a little more interesting? Imagine being in a store looting it, and all of a sudden you here the groans of hundreds of zombies and you know its impossible to kill them all. And the noise from using guns or explosives would only attract even more. So instead of fighting your way out you opt to hide out or try and find an exit out of the store rather then the way you came in.

    These hordes are also capable of coming to your base. You would need to defend it from these hordes or risk your base being over ran and ransacked. (Zombies in my project can break player placed blocks)

    I'm including a 2 videos below, one is a demonstration of 2000 zombies moving on screen in a large open area to visualize it, and the second video is 600 zombies moving through a neiborhood kind of demonstrating my idea mentioned above.

    2000 Zombie example

    600 Zombie example

    The server has some other features to like stealth, base building, its in a fallout based world with big inspiration from DayZ in mechanics like zombie infections, leg breaking etc. Some fallout mechanics like a SPECIAL stats and skills to go with said stats. I have a ton of future ideas that are also to far out to discuss as well.

    Looking forward to your thoughts and insights any opinions are accepted and welcome good or bad!

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    posted a message on [Adv/Surv] Fallout MineCraft: DeadState V2.4 Released!(Download Now!/200,000+ Downloads) + SERVER!

    Hey everyone! I recently updated the download link for version 2.4, all other links are not working but years later I decided to check on my old passion project of mine, I think of this project all the time. And I wanted to make sure everyone else who enjoyed it could still experience it for themselves! So with that said if your interested or played in the past feel free to download the 2.4 download link! I will be updating the older links as well, the most played version was version 2.4, but 2.2 and 1.9 were played alot to so ill have those link up so you can have the same nostalgia! The story worked up until version 1.9 if you played the version with the storyline! But thatll be up soon! Cheers!

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    posted a message on 𝗦𝗼𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝗟𝗶𝗳𝗲│[Pets] [Friends] [Games] [Shops] [ Events] [Lifestyles] ✅LIVE NOW!✅

    The shop event / competition is pretty cool idea! Look forward to more events like this in the future.

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    posted a message on Minions & Hunger - Competitive Survival Card Game

    Discord Link Click Here
    Public Server IP:

    Minions & Hunger is a collectible competitive card game. It is a fight between summoners to be the last man standing. You face an opponent who is summoning minions each wave to kill you, while also casting spells like meteor storms, lightning strike and famine. Hunger is a currency of life in M&H, very little passive mobs spawn for food, you will have to leave the safety of your building areas to get food. Or starve trying. All while trying to summon minions to kill you opponent, while playing spells and supply cards to destroy them. There is truly no mini game like Minions & Hunger in the history of Minecraft.

    This is what a card looks like in game!

    There is three types of cards in M&H.
    Minions, these spawn each wave at the start of each round.
    Supply, these cards typically are resource related.
    Spells, these cards typically effect your enemies board.
    All cards cost Mana to play, they all have a rarity associated with the card and they are also in a set.

    Players will make their decks using a comprehensive deck editor with filter features and an easy menu to view all cards in the game.

    This is what the custom editor for your deck looks like!

    There is currently 108 cards total in the game! More sets will be released in the future!

    This describes the basic core loop of the game. From start to finish.
    1. The game starts, players draw 5 cards. Each player starts at 2 mana.
    2. After some time the round starts.
    3. When a round starts you draw a card and your mana increases by one and refresh to full.
    4. At anytime you can play any card for mana.
    5. This cycle repeats until only one player is left.
    6. Players can die to minion, the cold, or hunger.

    Your enemies health and hunger is always visible as a boss bar!

    Game Display
    While in game you will have this above your hot bar at all times.

    These icons represent different things.
    ☄ - This icon represents your players heat. Once it gets low players will take damage or worse start losing hunger. to warm up stay in well lit areas in your BUILDING area.
    ☢ - This is the round your currently on. You start on round 0.
    ⌛ - This is the time left before the next round starts!
    ☼ - This is your mana! Spend it wisely, however it comes back at the start of a new round!

    You can message me here at anytime for help or leave a comment below.
    You can also contact me on discord using xxxtrigger50xxx #3912.
    I am also a free lancing developer if your interested in my work!

    - You may not sell this plugin.
    - Support is not promised in the future, however this project is a passion of mine so its likely I will update this for years to come.
    - I reserve the right to not support this plugin at anytime as I do have a personal life so updates may not be frequent while at other times they might be daily.
    - I may update the Terms of Use at any time.
    - If you are experiencing a bug please contact me first before leaving unsatisfied. Im very personal so pm me on discord or on here and I will reply to. If your a customer I value your input and the bugs your finding!

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    posted a message on 💎💎⚔️Emperian network ⚔️is hiring some PAID positions📗We are hiring staff📗 🍀Apply today🍀💎💎 Join us on an EPIC journey!

    -*- Server you are applying for (Factions or RPG) - RPG preferably but either would be fine.

    -*- Position applying for - Developer

    -*- Age - 23

    -*- Time zone (country/state[Province]/timezone) - USA, Ohio, EST

    -*- IGN - xxxtrigger50xxx

    -*- Discord - xxxtrigger50xxx #3912
    -*- Plugins you know - I am out of touch with public plugins now for about 4 years. I make my own now.

    -*- Experience {servers you worked on, things you made or created} - I've worked on my own server for a long time. LifeEmulator & FALLZ were my most popular servers. LE was over 80k lines of code.

    -*- why I should hire you - I'm a very experienced developer, I made plugins for my server because public plugins were not cutting it. I only make quality as well. I have a few public resources and even paid resources on spigot premium.

    -*- What can you bring to this server - I can make anything you can think of. I've made a lot of interesting things I would be surprised if you could find something to stump me, from custom mini games never seen before, to DayZ like plugins, life plugins. My server were known for never using custom plugins and always being custom coded by myself.

    -*- [developers] what Programming languages you know - Java mainly, C#, Lua and some C++

    -*- [Developers (and highly experienced Builders)] Price you wish to be paid - As with most developers it depends on the work, id be okay with paid work per job or a monthly / weekly salary, but this is something i'd rather discuss with you on discord.

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    posted a message on Looking for testers for a card game! Minons & Hunger

    I have a free / premium resource available on the market place found with the links below.

    The game is basically a unique twist on a card game but in minecraft! Check out the links below if your interested in playing it or getting it for your server! :)

    Forum Link

    Public Test Server IP:

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    posted a message on Looking for Plugin Testers / Youtubers

    Im currently looking for anyone who is interested in trying out a custom plugin I coded for free. It currently is a premium plugin for 10 USD, however I want to have some people try it out in the hopes of creating some publicity for it as its very new and has no plugins like it so people may not want to try it as they don't know what it is! You will need to either be a high rep user on this site or be a youtuber to get this for free.

    Youtubers will be required to upload a video on the plugin, and the plugin they are supplied will be disabled after some time to ensure that a fair exchange is made. After which the plugin will be given to you in full.
    High rep members will be given the plugin for a short amount of time and a vouch should be supplied for me! After which the plugin will be given to you in full.

    You can find the plugin here!

    The plugin is a competitive trading card game! That has elements of card games you know and love with minecraft added into the mix!

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    posted a message on Life Emulator - A life server TRULY unlike any other (RPG, Life, Businesses, Economy, Everything Custom Coded)

    Finally I have got my account back! My account was consumed by the twitch / mine craft forums merge from awhile ago! It took months and dozens of tickets lol..

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    posted a message on Life Emulator - A life server TRULY unlike any other (RPG, Life, Businesses, Economy, Everything Custom Coded)

    Server is live again! We added a few new industrial properties and updated the surrounding land as well. Along with this the building the server store was at was reworked as well. Patch 0.74's was also partial patched this fixed many issues with minions & hunger and several game issues.

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    posted a message on Life Emulator - A life server TRULY unlike any other (RPG, Life, Businesses, Economy, Everything Custom Coded)

    Patch 0.73

    - Portal creation disabled
    -Block placing above chests fixed
    -Hunger food capped at 0 and 100 for farm mobs
    -Vehicles with expanded fuel tanks should now show up correctly with their fuel bars
    - Shovels nerfed
    - M&H bow display your stats instead of just showing zeros
    - M&H minions no longer destroy blocks when they are dead
    - Lightning storm should now apply to the enemy instead of yourself
    - Experience notification syntax cleaned up
    - Woodcutting money adjusted, nerfed bonus from time
    - Barista income buffed by 25%
    - Crafts & Creations income buffed by 35%
    - Firefighting money reward buffed heavily, fires base value raised to 5 instead of 1, participation reward buffed from 50 to 100
    - Level up achievement fixed
    - Quest check syntax changed
    - Potential fix to having experience higher then the requirement for jobs fixed
    - Frames can be taken from properties unless your a tenant now
    - Frames can no longer be emptied from properties unless your a tenant
    - Mining job now works again
    - Variable is now dropping on gold now
    - Barista villager no longer deletes your item in your hand if it isn't the item they wanted
    - Saving store data tweaked, potentially fixes shops being wiped
    - Shops now save every ten minutes
    -Seasons Book
    - Farming Book
    - Procedural crafting book
    - Business Book
    - Minions & Hunger death prevention no longer applies to the normal world
    - Business Bureau added to compass
    - Clearsenview added to compass
    - Condos added to compass
    - Current season can be viewed on the help book or by using /season
    - Astar while loop catches, potentially fixes server crashing on navigating
    - Cooler item added, can be made via industry in basic assembler.
    - Key copy kits now give copies based on the amount of copy kits now
    - Smithing exploit fixed
    - Disabled level requirements from police profession
    - Paintings cannot be placed in properties anymore if your not a tennent
    - Homeless tax
    - Commercial properties cannot have crafting tables or furnaces placed in them
    - You can no longer gain experience in commercial properties except from bottles.
    - You can only store items your shop is selling inside of your chests now
    - Stores now require items to be the item frame to be empty when created, this is because the display item no longer takes an item from your hand

    Thanks for posting these for me!

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    posted a message on Life Emulator - A life server TRULY unlike any other (RPG, Life, Businesses, Economy, Everything Custom Coded)

    sorry for patch 0.73 not being live when it should have been it is now live! Check our discord to find the patch notes!

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    posted a message on Life Emulator - A life server TRULY unlike any other (RPG, Life, Businesses, Economy, Everything Custom Coded)

    Patch 0.72

    - Navigator switching now supported

    - Items cannot be frozen and refrigerator

    - Server store location readded

    - Fish job now works, this will be reworked in the future

    - Contaminated check fix

    - Minions & Hunger Stats

    - Base raiding changed

    - "Link" bold in votes

    - /Donate command added

    - Broadcasts updated with vote and donate messages

    - Card stack fix

    - Card dupe fix

    - More ways to obtain cards for Minions & Hunger

    - Card Packs

    - School / server store added to compass

    - Fishing denial message changed

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