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    Ages 12-20 ish only please. I have made successful servers in the past but I gave them to other people. Want to make a new one. I already have most of a discord set up but we need new members. Here’s the description (might be a little long) you can either join a tribe or start one. Each tribe picks an animal(doesn’t need to be a Minecraft animal) and the admins build a giant version of it wherever you want. You get special perks based on that animal. The server has some set rules but each tribe can set certain laws for within their kingdom. If someone breaks that law but fleas from that tribe you can put out a bounty my messaging one of the admins. You can set a price for the bounty and everything like that. Theirs going to be a main spawn and you can build shops their or at your own base. Tribes can go to war but only if both agree. There are two types of war 1. Being “friendly war” where you can have a small battle at an arena or something and 2. Being total war where the two nations both have to agree and tell an admin that they will have that war. During total war the nations can use tnt on each other’s bases. More will be added join https://discord.gg/D3DSFXM if interested

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