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    Cooking in Minecraft is simple, acquire meat, or other material, and then cook or craft.
    I want to improve the importance of complicated cooking. So far the only item I think that would be a good example of what to do is cake. Cake is hard to make, but rewards the player for making it more than other foods (It can be placed for others, it doesn't take inventory space, it can give a lot of hunger back).

    Potions in my opinion are underrated in Minecraft's community; they grant large bonuses in defense and offense. Cooking should be the same way, except with easier crafting and weaker reward. I feel this would fit into Minecraft perfectly because of the deep but simple feeling to it.

    Examples of items are Spiced Steak, Salted Steak, Sugared bread, etc.
    Salt would give Resistance 1 and give the Salted prefix.
    Pepper would give Strength 1 and give the Spiced prefix.
    Sugar would give Haste 1 and give the Sugared prefix/
    The effects would last for a short time, like 15 seconds so that they aren't favored over potions for effects.

    To gather salt and pepper, you have to gather pepper and mine salt.
    Pepper plants will be found in jungles like cocoa beans, they will be rarer though and will stand 3 blocks tall. Salt is found in two forms, by the beach and underground. They will have two textures, a pure salt by the beach and an ore texture underground. Salt will be about the same rarity as gold, except will be in in levels 0-48 instead of lower levels. Harvesting these will drop 1-5 salt.

    Screenshots in the spoiler

    Salt on a beach

    Salt underground

    Freshly planted peppers

    Finished peppers

    Please let me know what you think!
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    One thing I've noticed in Minecraft, is that certain updates add very essential things to farming, trapping, etc.
    These items are used often and well, such as the pistons, repeaters, and the enchantment table.
    I want to contribute to the suggestion forum. There have been many similar ideas, but I want to express my version of the sift.

    Section One
    How Will Sifts Help?

    Sifts will contribute to many things related to item drops, but the main gimmick of the sift is that entities such as skeletons, endermen, players, etc cannot pass through it, but items can. This opens a realm of possibility for creative inventions. Such as...
    Adventure map "item lock" (Put an item down the sift, opens door)
    Item farming separation (Mob dies, you get items)
    Cannon switch (Throw an item down the sift, activates pressure plate without risk of self damage, or long trail of redstone)
    Trash bins (Safely in your home)
    And many more possibilities.

    Section Two
    What Are Other Properties?

    Sifts have properties other than just allowing only items going through them.
    Item Slowing : Items move slower in a sift, it acts like cobwebs except less dramatic.
    Crafting : Crafting the sift will be reasonably cheap, atleast 5+ iron bars to create one. You can make a reinforced one with iron blocks instead, which is more expensive.
    Lifespan : A sift can only support 250 sorts, meaning you can only use it 250 times. A reinforced sift can last 2250 times.
    Here's a big feature : Right clicking on the sift will open an interface which allows you to ban four items from being allowed through the sift. This means that you can filter certain items that you don't wait to go through the sift. They also allow an option to only allow a certain item, to the right of the four slots. This allows you to get certain items from your drops in your mob farm, make adventure map locks properly work so someone can't throw dirt into your lock, or even lock up your home.
    Sifts also cannot allow items through if they aren't powered by redstone.
    You may also repair 20% of its durabillity by right clicking it with an iron ingot.

    Final Section
    Wrap Up.

    Now that you have a taste of my ideas, please state your opinions of this thread.
    Keep in mind I'm not claiming to be the original poster of this idea.
    Here is some asthetic info.
    Sifts will be a grey color,
    Sifts will resemble a mob spawner,
    Sifts are the shape of a trap door,
    The texture of a sift looks slightly rough, and finally,
    Sifts will make a sand sound if they sift a sand block, the same goes for other blocks.

    Thank you for reading this short idea of adding a sorting block to Minecraft, constructive criticism is appreciated.

    Credits :
    Unh3lpful : Redstone Activation Lock
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    No pics, no clicks.
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    Today, I have an idea for a new block called a Sift.
    They would be a unique block that allows items and experience to pass through, but mobs and players may stand on it.
    This would allow you to kill mobs and let their items fall through, so that you can collect them.

    Since some people don't have much imagination, here's a texture I made: Sift Sift with Cobblestone background

    Please leave feedback!
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    Lovin' it so far. :biggrin.gif:
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