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    posted a message on Don't delete hardcore worlds!
    This really removes the point or hardcore mode
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    posted a message on Add Noises For Squids and Witches

    Most of you know (I'm pretty sure you know) that squids and witches have no sounds like ambient, hit noise, and death.

    I have noticed this for a long time and it just feels empty when you hit them and feels like nothing

    So please support me if you want squid and witch noises in the game!
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    posted a message on How to keep your Minecraft account safe
    1.Dont give your password to anyone

    you don't say?

    2.Dont put any login details to any other site other than mojang or minecraft

    Very obvious looking at website if its minecraft legit or not

    3.Dont use the same password for every site you have to log in

    I do that :)

    4. Keep a long password only you can remember

    Thats when textedit/notepad come to the help!

    Im just saying, these are very simple things that can be over ruled in lots of ways

    No support
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    posted a message on Bring back numeral IDs!
    I don't support.

    The ID's in my opinion were a pain in the ass remembering my searching it up or having an app.

    The minecraft: is a way better thing to use and more easier and you can also press "tab" on the keyboard to fill it in and choose which item/block you want.

    This seems worthless.
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    posted a message on How do I make world borders?
    go into and 1.8 snapshot with the worldborder command

    Step 1. /worldborder center (coords)
    Step2./worldborder set (radius) (time)

    It goes by blocks and time is how many seconds
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    posted a message on Underground zombies spawn with pickaxes
    MInecraft isn't turning into an RPG
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    posted a message on Enchantable Horse Armor
    I would think that enchantable horse armor would be a excellent addition to horses and the gameplay of survival.
    I already know that you can use a anvil and use a protection book. But I did some tests with my friends and it dosn't work. It will be kind of a little addition to minecraft not like a big one.

    The enchantments of armor would be the same as normal armor but resperation and aqua affinity because horses throw you off in 2-3 block water.

    And I'm just I saying I REALLY don't want encahntments so that horses would go underwater farther and I'm not saying that they're no going to add this, so please don't spam in the comments about this

    And also, thanks for anyone who would support this!
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    posted a message on Spawner in a minecart
    There is already MCEdit where you can do all the things you said in this forum
    Watch some SethBling videos and you'll see some of the stuff
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