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    Quote from DAVID8671»

    Accepted I will post the ip ;) Soon

    Can I add you on skype?

    If so which one is your picture?

    Incase you didn't get my PM, it's a dude in a white and blue windbreaker, short hair, smiling holding a golden circle thing

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    Age: 19

    Skype: xx3dgxx

    Email (If you have one): [email protected]

    How can you help the server by being this rank: I enjoy helping people, be it answering questions, showing them around, or settling disputes over anything. I would make sure rules are enforced, and punish those who aren't abiding by said rules.

    Can you bring players: Possibly.

    Can you welcome players: Of course.

    Can you help fellow staff: Any time I'm on definitely.

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    IGN: xx3dgxx

    Skype: xx3dgxx

    Time avalible each day: minimum 2-3 hours a day, will vary due to life.

    What Postition: Admin or Mod, depending on the level of responsibility of each position.

    How are you mature: I don't really know how to answer this specifically. I'm 19, I live a busy life between college and sports. I'm a team captain for my college's track and field team. I handle childish disputes well after modding a server a few years ago.

    Have you been punished on a server: Nope.

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    Your IGN: xx3dgxx.

    Where did you hear about the server: Front page of MC forum.

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes I do.

    What's our policy on raging: Don't do it, it doesn't accomplish anything.
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    Bandicam (I think the free version has a watermark up top)
    Ezvid - don't know much about this one
    Hypercam - I don't know if this is good with MC

    Google some stuff about these and in general just free recorders, decide which fits you best!
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    Just today I was reading Eldest, and I was just screaming in my head "BUILD DU WELDENVARDEN ON MINECRAFT" then I come across this. I shall check it out :D
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    Owning all the rights means that you didn't use copyrighted songs or anything copyrighted at all. You personally put together every aspect of the video. Or you have permission to use everything in the video if it does have some sort of copyright risk attached. But besides that, listen to TheTrueCatMan. People who prioritize money over fun literally always fail in this scenario.
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    posted a message on does minecraft feel like minecraft anymore?
    I just use features of the game I like and ignore those I don't. It's a sandbox and I play it in such a way that I will enjoy it, even if I don't enjoy specific aspects
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    posted a message on Need help with my server...
    Screenshot some of the stuff you've built! That stuff is probably pretty appealing to a lot of people looking for a new server!
    Also, since superbowl Sunday, not many people will be on today I'd imagine
    http://topg.org/minecraft_banner_maker <-- Here's a banner maker, I'm told its fairly basic but its a start! EDIT: Here's one I just made on it real quick

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    posted a message on The Emeralds 1.7.9 [CLOSED]
    Minecraft Username: xx3dgxx
    How did you find us?: Minecraft Forum
    Are you willing to join and talk with us on Mumble (voice chat)?: Whenever I have my mic around yes.
    Any suggestions for our server?:I'm too new to make any suggestions! I like it so far!
    What world should be used for gathering wood/mining (hint: read our features)?: The survival world so we can keep our farmworld clean!
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    Your PC ­craps on my PC's specs and I can stream just fine. You definitely can stream, assuming you also have the internet package for it.
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    posted a message on What Is Your Favorite Video Game Quote?
    LoZ: Majora's Mask
    "Whenever there is a meeting,
    a parting shall follow.
    But that parting needs not last forever.
    Whether a parting is forever or merely for a short while…
    that is up to you."
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] MindCrack-Like Vanilla Server (New Map!) Searching For Mature Players
    Ingame Name:

    Where are you from?:
    USA, California specifically.

    Why do you prefer playing in a small community?:
    I'm not a fan of crowds, even if it's in a virtual setting. I enjoy smaller amounts of people because the interactions are more personal, whereas in a large server there is often no personal connection between players. The genuine community feeling of smaller servers is very appealing to me. It's a better place to make more sincere friends.

    What is your favourite aspect of playing on a server with a vanilla-like gameplay?:
    As of recently it appears things like FTB and other mods are the popular thing to do. I've never tried any of those, they just don't seem appealing. I love the simplicity of vanilla MC, but get lonely on single player. This leads me to playing servers, but they are all loaded with unnecessary plugins. The home command is a wonderful addition to vanilla MC, and that's about as far as I care to go with plugins that affect game play.

    Tell us something about yourself:
    I don't lead much of an interesting life. It's generally school, then sports, then homework, then sleep, and repeat. I'm not one to talk a whole lot, but that changes as I get more comfortable with the situation. I'm one of the best high school track & field jumpers in the state of California, which is cool since I'm short and white (take that, stereotypes!). I'm a Zelda, Pokemon, and Kingdom Hearts fan, those being my favorite game series of all time!

    Why should we accept you?:
    This would be my first mindcrack-like server! I love watching Etho (one of the mindcrack minecrafters) and the server looks great. Just the idea of playing on a server like that is exciting. I fit in to the small server setting much better than any other setting, and would love to have the mindcrack experience with a group of like-minded people!
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    posted a message on Cheap screen recorder and mic/headset for mac?
    Piracy is bad people. Dxtory is very often pirated though. That is all I will say. If the program works for mac I'd recommend it, it's a beast.
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