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    posted a message on RubiksCraft: Whitelisted SMP Server! APPLY NOW!!!

    Age:14 (15 in dec)
    Minecraft Username: The_Maron
    Been Playing Minecraft For: about 6 years
    Discord: TheMaron#0199
    Building Skills: like 5/10
    Redstone Skills: 7/10
    How Many Hours A Week You Would Spend On The Server: Probably like 3-4 hours a day depends on wich day

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    posted a message on Minecraft DuMy SMP looking for players

    Nope, normal 1.9+ pvp

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    posted a message on Minecraft DuMy SMP looking for players

    Hi, my name is Maron and i Co-Own a Minecraft SMP. We recently started and are still looking for players. Most of our users are youtubers so that would be a plus. Anyway if you want to apply just follow this template and i will msg you if you are accepted

    Discord (required): (Example#1234)



    What timezone and country are you in?:

    What are your hobbies? (we want to get to know you):

    Why do you want to join DuMy SMP?:

    what can you bring to the SMP?:

    Are you a youtuber/Streamer? (if so whats your channel):

    Do you have a good and working mic?:

    How familiar are you with minecraft on a scale of 1-10?:

    Do you understand that when you join in you have to follow all the rules and if you break them it may result in a removal from the SMP?:

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    posted a message on Lexplex / 1.14.4 SMP / Whitelisted / Looking for active and dedicated players!

    MC Username:The_Maron[/i]

    Discord Username (if you have one): TheMaron#0199[/i]

    Why you'd like to join: I have recently gotten back into minecraft and i enjoy it alot and think SMPs are fun[/i]

    Your experience with Minecraft: I got minecraft late 2013 and played it alot in 1.7-1.9 but then i think i stopped playing like i said in the previous answer i have gotten into minecraft recently and think its fun[/i]

    How active will you be on the server: I will probably play alot except for some days of the week[/i]

    Age (optional): 14, (15 in dec)[/i]

    Other: I stream on youtube sometimes. :))))[/i]

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