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    posted a message on [1.2.5] MyCraft / MyCraft+ Beta - All your mods in one place! [V2.4.4]
    MyCraft Mod Manager
    Version 2.4.4
    Launcher Version 6.0

    Developers: xthexder & jli
    Twitter: @FrustraSoftware, @Portal2Sounds
    Minecraft Server:

    - The MyCraft Plus beta is now available! Scroll down for more info.
    - New Forum!, get faster support there and give us any suggestions you have.

    MyCraft Plus:

    Beta Features:
    • Drag-and-drop mod installation
    • Loads ANY mod (if your mod doesn't work, please contact us on the IRC)
    • Fully portable
    • Does not modify minecraft.jar
    • Auto-updating
    • Works with any minecraft version
    • In-game mod menu for changing options
    • Proxy settings for playing at work or school
    Beta Info / Download:

    The MyCraft+ beta does not include all the features that will be available in the full release. More info about the planned features is available on the download page. You can also check out our blog for status updates on development.
    If you'd like to try out the MyCraft+ beta then you can download it here:

    Download and Info:

    If you have any problems at all with it, please contact us on the IRC or on our forums, this way we can fix as many bugs as possible before the full release.

    The current beta has drag-and-drop mod installation, so you should be able to just download any mod, and drop the zip in the mods folder. The next time you run the beta, it should load automatically.

    Original MyCraft:

    MyCraft is a mod manager with some very useful features. Up until now, Minecraft modding has been a bit of a repetitive process. The modder must constantly update their mods, and the users must re-download the mods each time. This mod manager solves these problems.

    If you would like to develop for MyCraft, you can download the example mod here: http://www.frustra.o...les/
    This mod includes the Blood Pickaxe (breaks blocks instantly), blue torches (retextured) and some simple recipes.

    • No install or jar modification!
    • Organized and easy mod installation
    • Auto-updating client, no updating needed!
    • Automatic hooking, no need to find which class is which!
    • Refactored API, no more classes like aq, ie, and eu!
    • No mod conflicts! (For MyCraft specific mods only)
    • Custom mod menu for turning mods on and off!
    • Built-in mods for turning off particle effects for slow computers.
    • Built-in flying mod!
    • Built-in proxy option for playing at school or work! (Note, basically what this does is redirect all requests that were supposed to go to to our server, it does NOT proxy the connection to any game servers that you want to play on, so there's no extra lag)
    Fly Mod Info:
    Turn On/Off: V
    Move around: Same as walking controls
    Up: Jump
    Down: Sneak
    2D Mode: Can only fly up or down with Jump or Sneak
    3D Mode: Can fly up or down by looking up or down

    Installation Tutorial!


    Developer Info:
    Beginner Java Tutorials: Go to post
    Making a basic mod: Go to post
    Javadocs: http://www.frustra.o...vadocs/mycraft/

    Download and Instructions:
    MyCraft is very easy to get working.
    You can download everything you need here as well as read our development blog and see screenshots:
    Once you've downloaded it, run MyCraft.exe by double clicking on it (or run MyCraft.jar for linux/mac).
    MyCraft auto updates, so you will always have the latest version!


    (Updated every half hour, 4 days shown)

    Proxy Info:
    In order to get to the mods menu to turn on the proxy, you need to be able to log in.
    The problem with this, is you may not be able to do this without the proxy =)
    To turn on the proxy outside of the game, go to .minecraft/bin/mycraft/ and open settings.txt
    In there you will find the proxify setting. You can turn the ON of OFF yourself.

    Proxy Privacy Policy:
    What the proxy does is send your information, that would normally go to, to our server. Our server then sends it to, and responds with the authentication. We do not monitor the information that goes through our proxy. If you do not trust us or our service, you have the option of not using the proxy (it is off by default), By doing so you will be connected directly to when you play.
    We have purchased Minecraft ourselves, so we have no need for extra accounts, and will never look at/distribute the information going through our proxy.


    Problem: When I try and run MyCraft.jar, nothing happens!
    Solution: For windows, try running MyCraft.exe first, otherwise try right clicking on the jar and doing Open With -> Java, if this doesn't work you can try running with console.
    To run with console, the easiest way is to download this (Windows only):
    Place it in the same folder as MyCraft.jar
    Run it by double clicking on it.
    If it works, then you can download this one:
    It will run MyCraft without the black window.

    If it doesn't work, paste what it says in the black window here.
    (Right click and do Mark to select, and hit enter to copy)

    Problem: I want to change my launching options / ram usage!
    Solution: If you are using MyCraft Launcher 5.0+ then all you have to do is edit the Launch Options.txt file and MyCraft will automatically load with these options.

    Problem: My HD texture packs make the game freeze!
    Solution: Not all HD texture fixes work with MyCraft, you may want to try this one:

    Problem: I get bad video drivers when I try to run MyCraft!
    Solution: First, make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.
    If you still get this error after updating, make sure you have MyCraft Launcher 3.1 or above.
    Just rename MyCraft.jar to MyCraft-c.jar and it will run in compatibility mode!
    Make sure you are running the jar, not the exe for this.

    Problem: My game freezes when I start singleplayer or login!
    Solution: Make sure all your mods are up to date. If you still get the freeze with NO mods installed, you can
    post your log file here, or talk to us on the IRC. You may also try re-downloading your minecraft.jar by removing your version file in .minecraft

    Problem: I want to disable one of my mods, but I am too lazy to move it out of the folder!
    Solution: You're in luck! All you need to do is rename the folder for that mod so there is a # in front of it and it will be ignored by MyCraft when loading mods.

    Problem: I have two mods that conflict with each other and they say to install one after the other, what do I do?
    Solution: If a mod says to install one after the other, install them to the same folder in MyCraft in the order
    specified and it will work.

    If you've still got problems, you can post here, post on this thread, or join the IRC channel for support:
    Click Here for Web Chat!

    Server info: #mycraft
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    posted a message on Selling Valve Pack Games on Steam - 50% off - 4 Vouches
    I recently received a copy of the valve complete pack on steam for obtaining 36 potatoes.
    Since I already happen to own all the games from the pack, I thought I'd sell my extra copies.

    Terms and info:
    You go first, so if you don't trust me, don't buy. (Check the vouches below)
    PayPal only is accepted.
    Each game will be 50% of the price on the steam store (original price, not sale price)
    PM me if you are interested with your steam username and we will talk.
    These games are all full versions, meaning you will get anything that comes with it like the Source SDK (works with Garry's mod)

    Proof of games:
    Updated proof:

    Original proof:

    Games left:
    Counter Strike: Condition Zero
    Counter-Strike: Source
    Day of Defeat - $4.99 $2.49
    Day of Defeat: Source
    Half-life 1
    Half-life 1: Source
    Half-life: Blue Shift - $4.99 $2.49
    Half-life: Opposing Force - $4.99 $2.49
    Deathmatch Classic - $4.99 $2.49
    Ricochet - $4.99 $2.49
    Half-life 2
    Half-life 2: Deathmatch - $4.99 $2.49
    Half-life 2: Episode One (2 copies) - $7.99 $3.99 (I don't know why they are named two different things in my list)
    Half-life 2: Episode Two
    Left 4 Dead - $19.99 $9.99
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Portal 2
    Team Fortress 2
    Team Fortress Classic - $4.99 $2.49
    Super Meat Boy

    You can post here, but I won't sell you a copy unless you PM me.

    Quote from Droord »
    Just bought Super Meat Boy! Thanks again!

    Quote from Lilyo »
    Just bought Portal 2 without any problems. I really recommend buying games from him :GoldBar:

    Proof of purchase

    Quote from Cyrusc

    Just bought Half Life 2 and Episode 2 from him.
    The transaction was extremely quick and easily handled.
    In under 5 minutes of talking to xthexder we had already finished.
    I would suggest to anyone to buy from him.
    (Not to mention he was very helpful and kind throughout the entire process)

    Quote from jisu23

    Just bought Day of Defeat: Source from him. Thanks! :)

    I missed my chance to screenshot the gift when I received it, but I guess this is better than nothing:

    For mods: If this isn't allowed for some reason, then go ahead and remove it. I read the rules and didn't see anything.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] MyCraft / MyCraft+ Beta - All your mods in one place! [V2.4.4]
    We just made the new frustra website public!
    It looks a whole lot better than the old one, and uses fancy stuff like HTML5 and CSS3!

    There's an actual page for the MyCraft Beta now, so you can check that out too.

    You may have noticed that we've renamed MyCraft Pro to MyCraft Plus / MyCraft+. This is the finalized name.
    MyCraft will be replaced with the new version once the beta is finished.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] MyCraft / MyCraft+ Beta - All your mods in one place! [V2.4.4]
    Quote from captinjoehenry

    ok so i will have to wait for all the other mods to be updated right? befor i can use them rats :dry.gif:

    Yah, the mods you install with MyCraft still have to be updated.

    Quote from SockFish

    Would a mod, which includes folders with them, still work, for example if they created new items, which the pics would be in a separate folder?

    Yes, if you have something like: MyCraft/mods/Some Mod/gui/items.png it should still find it.
    If the mod has anything that needs to go in the resources folder, you still need to put it there though.

    Quote from timohawk

    hey sounds like a really good idea but i cant open with java

    Have you tried opening it with command line? There is a link in the OP's troubleshooting section.

    Quote from Pointy130

    You said that up until now modders needed to constantly update their mods. Does that mean that with this, we can use out of date mods?

    That is only for the MyCraft API, it's very limited right now, so there aren't any mods made with it other than the test mod. If a mod is made with the API though, it will never go out of date =D (Just like MyCraft itself)

    Quote from strongecko15

    Should the scroller to go down through the mods supposed to be not there?

    I made that menu before Notch even had scrolling, so there were no graphics to do that. Just use the scroll wheel.

    Quote from Epixpivotmaster

    You really could add a list, or make a new topic, with all the mods that are available for MyCraft. :smile.gif: I'll download it anyway and look up for 1.7 mods.

    There's not going to be a list, because every mod I've tried works with MyCraft.
    If you've got questions about how to install a specific mod, just ask on the IRC (linked in OP)

    Quote from XxBlackhawk

    When i was watching the tut there were 3 files: mod, mycraft, and a txt file,, but in the download i didnt get the text file, and its not working for me and i did what you said :unsure.gif: do you have any advise? Could the missing txt file be the problem?

    The txt file is made by MyCraft after you run it for the first time. You don't need it.
    Join the IRC (linked in OP) and I can help you out with getting MyCraft running.
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    posted a message on Portal 2 Soundboard website! Contains EVERY Quote!

    I personally have finished Single player and Co-op (as well as all the achievements), so I needed something to do that was portal 2 related =O

    I decided I'd make this website with my friend jli:

    It has EVERYTHING ever said in the game, and even some stuff that was removed.
    You can send quotes to friends easily by clicking the PERMALINK button.
    If you haven't finished both single player and coop, I don't really recommend viewing it.

    If you like this site, you can check out my other topic.
    I'm selling copies of Valve games for 25% off, the link is in my signature.

    Hope you like it!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] MyCraft / MyCraft+ Beta - All your mods in one place! [V2.4.4]
    Making a basic mod:
    Basic mods can be created by making a class which extends BaseMod. In your class you can override certain methods in order to customize the mod. To start with, you must override the init() method in BaseMod.

    public class ExampleMod extends BaseMod {
    	public void init() {

    In the init() method is where you will be adding new items and recipes. In this example mod we will change the look of torches first. To do this, we call the setTexture() method in BlockMod. This method requires some parameters for the block id and the texture. The block id for a torch is 50, and we can create a new custom texture with the TextureInfo class.

    BlockMod.setTexture(50, new TextureInfo("/mods/ExampleMod.png", 0));

    This piece of code will set the texture of torches to the texture that is in slot 0 of the ExampleMods.png image. Slot numbers start at 0 in the top left, and are in rows of 16 (the slot below slot 0 is slot 16)
    The next thing we will do in our mod is add a new crafting recipe. The one in the example will give you a diamond pickaxe if you place 2 blocks of dirt in opposite corners of the 2x2 crafting square. The id for a diamond pickaxe is 278 and the id for dirt is 3. You will receive one diamond pickaxe from this recipe.

    addNewRecipe(278, 1, new Object[] {" #", "# ", Character.valueOf('#'), BlockMod.getBlockById(3)});

    The last thing we will cover in this basic tutorial is creating custom items. The item we will create is a tool which will break or kill anything instantly (Blood Pickaxe in this example). To do this we need to create a new ToolMod, and override some of the methods. The getDrops() method must be overridden so that we get the drops from all blocks we break. The getSpeed() method must be overridden so that we can break blocks instantly. The SUPER tool type is used, which has the same durability as a Diamond pickaxe. We are going to add 10 to the attack, so that it can kill anything instantly.

    new ToolMod("Blood Pickaxe", new TextureInfo("/mods/ExampleMod.png", 1), 10, ToolType.SUPER, new Object[0]) {
    	public boolean getDrops(Object block) {
    		return true;
    	public float getSpeed(ItemSlotMod slot, Object target) {
    		return this.speed;

    Now that we have our custom item, we need to be able to get it in game, to do this we need to get the id of our pickaxe, and create a new recipe for it. The pattern for this recipe will be 3 dirt blocks in the shape on an L in the 2x2 crafting sqaure.

    ToolMod bloodPickaxe = new ToolMod("Blood Pickaxe", new TextureInfo("/mods/ExampleMod.png", 1), 10, ToolType.SUPER, new Object[0]) { /* ... */ };
    addNewRecipe(bloodPickaxe.getId(), 1, new Object[] {"# ", "##", Character.valueOf('#'), BlockMod.getBlockById(3)});

    The code for our example mod is now finished, and should look like this:

    public class ExampleMod extends BaseMod {
    	public void init() {
    		ToolMod bloodPickaxe = new ToolMod("Blood Pickaxe", new TextureInfo("/mods/ExampleMod.png", 1), 10, ToolType.SUPER, new Object[0]) {
    			public boolean getDrops(Object block) {
    				return true;
    			public float getSpeed(ItemSlotMod slot, Object target) {
    				return this.speed;
    		BlockMod.setTexture(50, new TextureInfo("/mods/ExampleMod.png", 0));
    		addNewRecipe(278, 1, new Object[] {" #", "# ", Character.valueOf('#'), BlockMod.getBlockById(3)});
    		addNewRecipe(bloodPickaxe.getId(), 1, new Object[] {"# ", "##", Character.valueOf('#'), BlockMod.getBlockById(3)});

    All that is left for this mod to work is to draw the custom textures. This mod has 2 of them, so the ExampleMod.png file will be 32x16. The left 16x16 square being the torch, and the right the pickaxe.
    Once you have drawn them, you can put the file in the mods folder along with the class files for the example mod.
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