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    I'm going to start a Minecraft 1.7.10 forge server. I've made multiple in the past, made one around 5 months ago with 50 mods in it i used a 6 Gb package. it worked OK but had a lot of problem + only had 3 people on it and were in the same area at all times.[/p] Anyways I would like some advice on what hosting to use and how much ram and memory etc. I have 16 Gb ram in my pc and good specs so my pc can handle it for the client side part... Like i said around 60 70 mods possibly more. Also about 5 plugins or so.. Was thinking about 8 maybe 10 Gb plan, Would 8 be enough?[/p] I'm going to put a 12-15 player limit, with around 2-8 players on all the time or maybe more at times not sure. I'm sure there will be people building farther away from everyone and players doing other modded things like other dimensions. so a good amount of chunks will probably be used.. although ill try and keep everyone as close as i can.[/p] I can link the mods i'm going to be using if need be, just have to get them all together.[/p] I was also calculating how many MBs all the mods combined are if that helps.[/p] This server will be up for most likely 2-3 months. let me know your suggestions. And if i forgot to mention anything please tell me. Thanks[/p]
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