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    Hardcore MiniCTMs
    Maps belonging to this category are designed to be challenging experiences, with difficulties ranging from very hard to simply unfair. Players will be under constant pressure and they might need to show expertise on each facet of the game in order to succeed. Grab your equipment, think of a strategy and execute it flawlessly to be one of the very few to defeat the map. If you die, you start anew. These maps try to inherit Xekaj's 2012 Advent Maps spirit.

    Snowy Paradie

    Available now! Click to download

    You regain consciousness while looking to a crystal clear night sky and inmediately after, a haunting cold plummets your soul. Around you, only broken glacial terrain, you start to tremble under the feeling that this place will surely be your tomb

    The map contains three wools that must be placed in the Aethereal Altar, if you manage to do that, you win. Difficulty is set to hardcore, multiple copies of the map are recommended if you want to have the slightest chance to succeed. There are several custom mobs and plenty of custom items, including some designed specially for speedrunners.



    Current WR Speedrun

    Artwork by Quito.

    Do not forget to follow this thread for future releases!
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