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    Minecraft Username: BrickyZolt
    Have you read the roleplay guidelines and understand that you are fully expected to participate?: Aye

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    IGN: BrickyZolt

    Pretty new to the server but it seems to have a good foundation thus far. The members I've talked to so far have been very nice!

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    posted a message on Nocturnal Server [1.14 [Vanilla] [SMP] [Whitelist] [18+] [Vanilla Server] - Come let the natural owl out of you!

    IGN/Username: BrickyZolt

    What should we call you?: Bricky or Zolt

    Age: 25

    Country + Timezone: US Pacific

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I used to play a lot back around 2012. I've since played intermittently, but don't really know everything to the recent updates. Just looking for a good server to play on while I have no other games to play.

    How active will you be?: Most likely 2-3 hours a day after work.

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?: Nope

    What do you think you can bring to the server? Once I feel comfortable with everyone, I can bring some good conversation. I'm not a very good builder but like exploring and hunting mobs. I always have some good ideas, just don't usually execute them well.

    Any other questions or comments?: Nope.

    Show us some of your past builds or contraptions (images/videos) (Optional): Nothing good, and nothing saved on my current computer.

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    posted a message on closed server

    I want to join Stonewick because I am looking for an active group of older players to build and adventure with. I used to love playing on super modded servers but realized that what brought me to Minecraft in the beginning was the simplicity of it. I want a server where people aren't afraid to talk to one another or build and act civilly.

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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]

    Your IGN: [/b]xoxZoltanXox

    Where did you hear about the server: [/b]This website.

    Do you understand and accept the rules: [/b]Yes I do.

    What's our policy on raging:[/b] Don't do it! The game can get tough but you can always start again.

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    posted a message on β˜… MineVill Network β˜… Upcoming Massive Minigames Network β˜… Looking For β˜… Builders,Developers, and other Staff β˜… Sponsored β˜…
    Sorry for the long post, but I figured I would apply for multiple positions that I felt qualified for. I condensed some of the applications so I wasn't answering the same questions over and over again,

    Moderator app:

    1.) Real Name? Jeff
    2.) Age? 20
    3.) *Do you have Teamspeak or Skype? I have Skype but can download Teamspeak if necessary.
    4.) *IGN? xoxZoltanXox
    5.) *How important is this to you? Honestly, I can't say it's not that important to me yet because I'm not working on anything yet. I am very interested in seeing what this project develops into. I have never had a super important job on a big server before, and I think it would be fun to help grow and develop a new server.
    6.) *Any past experience in this field or something similar? I have been a mod on a few small servers and gave a go at owning my own server for a short time, but couldn't keep it going due to school work.
    7.) *Have you ever been staff on a server / network before? See above.
    8.) *Would you still want this job even if it had high stress? Yes, I work well under stress.
    9.) *How many hours are you willing to dedicate a day/week? It depends on my work load, but I can put in at least two hours a day during the week, and more on the weekends.
    10.) *How can we trust that you are going to be a dedicated staff member? Once I dedicate myself to something, I'm in it for the long run. I am a trustworthy person and can be counted on to do my job.
    11.) *Describe your personality to us? In general, I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy. Most of my humor comes from sarcasm, but I get along well with almost anyone.
    12.) Anything else that we should know that may earn this application some consideration points? Nothing to add.

    Developer app:

    5.) *What are you applying for as a developer? (Plugins, Web Development?)
    6.) *Is your code
    clean? Yes.
    7.) Do you have experience with Git, Jenkins, or Maven?
    8.) *How long have you been developing/coding?
    I have been coding for four years. My main languages are Java, C, C++, and Python.
    9.) *What are some plugins you have created? (Provide basic descriptions, Links are a plus)
    I have never created a plugin, which is why I am applying for this position. I think it would be a good learning experience for me and I feel that I can help make big contributions to the server.
    10.) Anything else you can bring to the table?
    I am a dedicated worker, and if something needs to get done you can bet your butt I'll do it.

    I would also happily help as a builder, though that is not my specialty!

    Thanks for the consideration,

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    posted a message on .-~*Looking for Testers!*~-. Almost Certain Oppurtunity to Advance in Rank
    I'd be interested in testing your new server when it is available.

    IGN: xoxZoltanXox

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    posted a message on .-~*Looking for Staff*~-. 1.7.2 New Dedicated Server
    Moderator Application

    In-Game Name (Required): xoxZoltanXox
    Age (Required): 19
    Skype (Required until a Teamspeak is setup): I'm not comfortable putting my Skype name in public. Please message me if you want it.
    Have you ever been staff on another server?: Yes.
    Are you staff on a server at the moment?: No.
    You have the commands /kick, /ban, /tempban and /mute what sort of rules do you think should apply to each of these commands being used?: I believe the /kick command should be for players who have broken a minor rule such as antagonizing other players and been given a warning, then continued to break the rule. /tempban should be used when a player has recently been /kicked, but continued to break the rules. /ban should be used when a player breaks a very serious rule such as cheating or extreme racism/sexism. I would use /mute on spammers.
    What time zone are you in?: EST (GMT -5)
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    As Christop said it seems like the server still needs a few more experienced builders, so please apply!
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    First Name: Jeff
    Character Name: xoxZoltanXox
    Position:Builder/Tester/Possible Plugin Programmer
    Age: 19
    What Timezone you are in: EST (-5)
    Experience: I've owned my own server before and gone through most of the process that you are going through right now. I have much experience in coding as well, although I have never attempted to create a Minecraft plugin. I've been playing Minecraft since the alpha days so I consider myself a pretty good builder.
    Hours/Week (If Known -- not necessarily factored into decision): Roughly 10-20
    An Example of your work (if applicable): No pictures... got a new computer for school.
    Describe yourself in a paragraph or so: I consider myself to be very intelligent and mature. I can think of things on a large scale level as well as on a detailed level. I always aim to help the staff and the player-base as best as my abilities allow me to. I can brainstorm new ideas that will help progress any project that is being worked on.
    TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrilo, or Skype?: I have skype and can quickly download any of the other three if need be.
    Anything else you see necessary to tell me: N/A
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    posted a message on ~ 24/7 Survival Server Looking For Builders, Mods, Guards, and Players! ~
    Probably about 2 hours a day. I'm not sure exactly when but I will be able to help.
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    posted a message on ~ 24/7 Survival Server Looking For Builders, Mods, Guards, and Players! ~
    Name: Jeff
    Minecraft Username: xoxZoltanXox
    Age: 19
    Any experience?: I've been playing Minecraft since it was in Alpha, however I took a relatively long break so I'm not completely sure how a lot of the recent additions to the game work. I've owned my own moderately successful server before, that I ended up shutting down because I needed to focus on my schoolwork. I've been a mod on a few servers in the past as well.
    Why do you want the position? (specify which one): I would like the position of Guard because I don't know if I am quite ready to spend all the time required to be a full-time mod or admin yet. I want to get back into Minecraft and I feel that a formal position on a server is just what I need to stay addicted to the game. I love to help with building as well, and am always friendly, unless there's a player being extremely ignorant on the server.
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    posted a message on =~Iriliath~= | The most unique "ROLE PLAY" server out! | Tribal theme | Greylist | 100% Custom biomes | Events | Actual RP | Mag
    IGN: xoxZoltanXox
    Age: 19
    Previous RP Experience: None
    Why do you wish to join?: I'm returning to Minecraft after a relatively long hiatus and figured I'd try an RP server. This one looked pretty cool after touring the tutorial island.
    What can you bring to the server?: As I am returning after a long time, I'm not too experienced with many of the recent additions to Minecraft, however I am a very kind and helpful player. I'm am good at building and I enjoy teaming up with other players to make wonderful cities and buildings.
    Is English your first language?: Yes

    Name: Lazarus
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A tall, fair skinned man with equally fair, blonde hair. Through years of living in the jungle, his clothes have become worn and his hair a messy tangle of dreads, tied behind him in a knot. He has clearly seen his fair share of danger, evident by the bruises and marks on his body.
    Personality: After living by himself for far longer than he would have liked, Lazarus has began to realize that more and more people have been appearing in the jungle. He is afraid to approach them at first, since living his life for so long by himself has heavily damaged his social skills, as well as his ability to trust. He fears that these newcomers may see him as a repulsive nomad, and will not accept him as a friend or partner. Lazarus believes that he will need to prove his worth in order to be accepted in the new societies that have been forming around him. He is very brave and tough from surviving in the jungle by himself, and feels little remorse for just about anything anymore.
    Background Story: As was previously stated, Lazarus has lived in the jungle by himself for most of his life. Before that, however he lived a life of what tribesman at the time would call luxury. He was the son of the chief of their tribe, and could have anything he ever wanted. He was well educated by the elders and shaman of the tribe, and learned his tribes history. Throughout these lessons however, he also learned about the number of enemies their tribe had made due to the conquering nature. When Lazarus would ask the elders if anything bad would happen to them because of the bad things they had done to other tribes in the past, they always responded with smiles saying no one would ever be foolish enough to try to defeat their almighty tribe. They were wrong. After seeing his parents slaughtered before his very eyes in a raid on his village by a rival tribe, he fled into the jungle, never looking back. Years alone in the jungle taught him many things, but by far his most valuable lesson was to trust no one but himself. This lesson is what causes Lazarus trouble when trying to reintegrate with society. While living in the jungle, he taught himself not only basic survival skills, but craftsmanship and fighting as well. Frequently, Lazarus would wake up screaming in the middle of the night, remembering the day that his parents were tortured and slain just feet before his own trembling body. Lazarus now knows what he must do to stay alive and become a powerful force in what is seeming like an all new world: He must make contact with the new arrivals, and join the strongest tribe in the lands to avenge his parents.
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