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    Quote from sp614x

    This looks like a driver problem with Multi-Core Chunk Loading. Disabling the "Threaded Optimization" only helps with flickering chunks. In this case it looks like the driver gets confused when accessed by several threads at once. Upgrading or downgrading the driver may help.

    Downgraded my Graphics Driver. But It did not help.
    Lighting Glitches with the RedStone Lamp are still there.
    RedStone Lamp is constantly on and off btw.

    However, Opening Doors do not seems to have any problem anymore.

    nViDia Driver: 314.22

    Before Light House Flickers back the light.

    After it Flickers.
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    Hi, I have a problem with Optifine HD D3 Ultra for MineCraft 1.5.2

    My Graphics Card is GeForce GT650M
    Driver: 320.18

    Sometimes it will spazzed out when I open a door, a fence and any other interactive blocks.
    RedStone lamp will also spaz out when It's on.

    While doing none of these things, Sometimes the graphics will also spazzed out.
    It does not happen to other mode such as Smooth and Standard. (See Screenshot below)

    I've tried Disabling Threaded Optimization Globally also.
    I am unsure if this is my graphic card problem or something else is making this problem.

    This is a bukkit Server. There isn't any mod added. Just Plugins.
    It happens to me while i'm in SinglePlayer too.

    There are only 2 Mods inside the Minecraft bin.
    1. Optifine
    2. CamStudio

    Lastly, the picture you're seeing below is actually sandstones. Somehow, they appeared like that for a few minutes. Chunk Error loading perhaps?
    Thanks for all your hard work :)
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    posted a message on [NOVEL] Diary of an Alchemist [Updated:23 March 2012]
    Chapter 3 Updated! [ 23 March 2012 ]

    Thank you for all your feedbacks! :)

    Quote from Babyfrosteh

    Not a bad read. Waiting for more :3
    Although I think you should just rewrite the story in Google Docs and link it here.
    Makes it easier to update.
    If you are using Google Docs to collaborate you could create a second doc for public viewing and the original between you and whoever is collaborating.

    We will consider that when we have move deeper into the novel.
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    Chapter 2 Updated! [ 19 March 2012 ]
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    Quote from miningfrizze

    Its nice! A good story, but are you seriously going to make another novell about steve? Evryone does that!

    No. I haven't named him yet. His name isn't going to be Steve or anyone that is going to be named.
    We appreciate your comments! :)
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    [NOVEL] Diary of a Alchemist

    Author: xiaopang
    Co-Author: Zeal


    My Mother, Trisha Elric, died of a terminal illness, leaving myself and my older brother alone. My father had disappeared, leaving my mother and brother alone before I was even born; we had no clue where he had gone.
    After our mother’s death, my older brother became determined to bring her back through the use of Alchemy; we researched Human Transmutation Alchemy - a forbidden art that which one could create a human being and possibly revive our Mother. We knew that it was a taboo to all Alchemists, but we did it just to see our mother’s smiling face again.

    A year later, after researching the use of Human Transmutation, my brother had prepared everything, double checked the ingredients for the alchemy, and we started the Transmutation Alchemy immediately, we activated the Alchemy and the Transmutation began.
    Unexpectedly, a gate was summoned and I was dragged into it by mysterious hands; as it disintegrated my body parts and I disappeared from the world I’ve known.

    I never saw my brother or mother again.
    Chapter 1: Unknown

    He screamed for his older brother as he was being dragged through the ethereal portal; his brother tried to reach for his hands but he slipped from his grasp.He continued to scream even as he felt the wisps of air flying past him as he fell through the clouds.He was barely conscious before hitting the surface of the ocean.

    As he woke up, his body felt broken and he cried violently. Subconsciously, he drew an Alchemy Seal on the sandy beach floor in a vain and desperate attempt to return to the world he knew as home, activating it. The Alchemy failed and backfires on him. A lightning strike from the cyan skies struck him directly and damaged his brain, causing him to lose all but part of his memories but he survived.

    He awoke with a jolt only to discover a cow was grazing on his ear, shooing it away, only to stare in awe and shock at the vast block-like natural foundation of this new world.Trying to remember what events occurred before he got here,He recalls little and vague details concerning about a portal opening, his brother desperately trying to grasp onto him, and falling into this new and alien world.

    These are the only three memories he has : A portal opening, his brother and falling from the skies. However, he can’t remember who he is, so he sets off to find a purpose, setting out to explore this new land. He barely climbed the cliff before the sun started to set.

    The skies began to get darker and it started to rain. He then took shelter into the nearest cave he found, leaning against the dry stone walls, he heard an unnerving hiss. He looked around for the source of the noise, only to be greeted by the sight of eight scarlet eyes staring at him.

    They have a brief and tense moment where they just stare off.Suddenly, the spider lunges forward, he dodged by turning his body, he was caught in the cobwebs that were spun around the cave that was not seen before due to the darkness. The spider recovered from its fall and had begun to spin webs around him. The last thing he sees is the dark silhouette of a man as the sun sets its golden rays upon him from the cave entrance, poised to take a shot at the giant spider.
    Chapter 2: Arrival of a Savior

    As the light slowly unveiled his face. A scarred veteran of this alien and hostile landscape, his face was pockmarked with many scars of forgotten battles, his eyes, wise although weathered, seemed to pierce through that of the spider. As the spider slowly shaped it’s silky web around his thrashing body, his eyes barely made out the silhouette of a man poised to shoot, the sound of him arming the bow as the arrow magically sparked to life as fire surrounded the

    Just as the man finished pulling the arrow back, the fangs of the spider pierced the boy’s belly through his shirt and he screamed in pain as blood leaked freely from the wound, staining his white shirt with a darkening crimson red, only to be muffled by the cobwebs over his mouth. He was in shock when he could not even move his limbs as the spider secreted it’s acidic venom into his body.

    The arrow was true to its mark and struck the hairy beast through one of it’s eyes , it screamed in pain as the fire from the arrow spread to it’s entire body in a matter of fleeting seconds , as the spider now lunged towards this stranger .. no, a savior, he casually and almost naturally brandished a shining blue colored sword from a leather sheath that blended completely into the man’s leather armour. with a strange glowing hue around the sword , he struck once with almost graceful ease , the spider fell , it’s midsection torn asunder by the strange blue blade.However, the venom started to kick in and it became too hard for the boy to maintain his consciousness and he only then did noticed that the man’s hair was albeit similar and almost the same as his brother’s, as he slowly faded from reality.

    ~~~~~~~oO0 Dream 0Oo~~~~~~~

    The boy found himself floating within a desolate void of darkness, in front of him lay another man, however, the man was comprised of many blocks fused to his body, the block-like mystical being called out to the boy.

    ‘’Young one, who are you and state why you are intruding in my realm!‘’ he bellowed.The boy found himself whimpering towards the god-like figure , to which he noticed had no pupils and was staring at him with eyes full of pure unadulterated anger.

    ‘’I …. was just trying to … argh, why can’t i remember ANYTHING?!” muttered the boy.“Sir, all I remember is my .. brother .. or something trying to pull me from a portal and falling into .. this world.” The mysterious sentient being pondered over this for a moment and finally replied.

    ‘’Damned Gaia… , I’ve found the reason why you’ve lost your memories, Gaia.., whom currently sleeps, used his power in the form of a lightning bolt to erase any trace of memories connected to alchemy, it’s very potential would have tipped the entire power balance of the Three Great Beings, seeing as you’re new to his world, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the most important facts.

    ‘’Diablo, The Being of Chaos, he controls the Nether World and at this very moment builds up his army of Demons, Devils, and many other unspeakable horrors.’’

    ‘’Gaia, The Being of Creation, currently slumbers away as he has exhausted his power building the realms, the very earth you were on before.. my meeting with you, every living being you saw here, every tree, man, and animal are his watchers of the world.’’

    ‘’Last but not least, me, Uranus, The Being of Light, I lead my armies of Valkyries and Angels to fight with Diablo’s Demons and Devils.‘’

    ’’So far, the war has been at a tense stand still, neither Diablo nor Me have been able to gain the upperhand and push into each other’s sovereign territory as Gaia exercises full neutrality enforces brutally that no one must be stronger then one another.’’

    Uranus cleared his throat before continuing ‘’That brings me to the reason why I summoned your soul to my realm, The Skylands, to put it simply, your power provokes the balance of nature, not only are you able to change an object’s physical qualities entirely, you could force a complete catastrophe onto the entire dimension if you so very well desired.”

    ‘’Due to the unpredictable threat you pose, I’m modifying Gaia’s lock into one where I am allowing myself to fully control you as a weapon as when the war draws to a climax... hmm , it appears that I am out of time, I look forward to monitoring your progression.’’

    ~~~~~~~~~~~oO0 End of Dream 0Oo~~~~~~~~~~~
    Chapter 3: Return to Reality

    The boy woke up drenched in sweat and found himself having difficulty breathing. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his belly, rubbing it over with his palm, he found himself semi-mummified in rows of bandages.Thinking back at the dream only led to him struggling to remember even the faintest of details, sending a quick prayer that it was merely a dream and not a sign of things to come.

    His stomach growled as a cruel reminder as he hadn’t anything to eat ever since his arrival on this world, the boy emerged from the ramshackled room he was in and emerged into a common area of sorts, in the middle stood a warm and cozy farm, surrounded by many red bricks and tiles and on the mantle lay the head of a dragon, in a dark and violet hue, the head was adorned with many diamonds and valuable gemstones leaving the boy gazing in wonder at the dazzling sight.

    As he looked out of a window of the house he was inside, to the north, the boy could see a beautiful mountain ranged caked with falling snow, a desert to was in the south and the east and west were dominated by a massive jungle and forest respectively. Gazing downwards towards the plain in front of the house, he saw many fenced animals peacefully frolicking, grazing, and minding their own young.The boy then noticed a strange button, hidden underneath a book within the common room’s small library of handwritten journals and other miscellaneous parchment and scrolls.

    As any 10-year old boy would do when presented with a big strange button, the boy pressed it and and clicking of the button revealed a hidden door into the underground confines of the mysterious home. As he stared at the many weapons displayed proudly on cast iron racks and display cases adorned around the armory , lines of bows were spread out across the room proudly , each notched with the number of kills each had inflicted, the one which stole the most attention from the boy was the same sword the savior had slain the spider with.

    It was hung as the center of all the weapons, with each looking as inferior and as weak in contrast to the shining cyan sword, walking towards a table, the light shined almost directly on top of a strange looking book, it was decorated in the same hide that the dragon’s head was of, on the cover, it seemed to be adorned rows upon rows of gold trims and dominated by a single huge diamond set into the middle.
    The boy’s eyes gleamed with joy and just as he was about to peek into the strange book, it was snatched from his hands by a gruff man, clad in dank and dirty woolen tunic and pants, it was the same face of the boy’s savior!

    ‘’What do you think you’re doing?!’’ the savior demanded, ‘’I...I .. woke up and saw no one was around so I went to look for some food... I found your button and ….. just wanted to see what was down here!’’ the boy whimpered, on the verge of tears.The man relaxed slightly and said in a softer tone ‘’Look , i’m sorry for shouting at you , but you’re not meant to be in here, i’ll get some food for you ready, go upstairs and wait in your room for now.’’.

    After what seemed like an eternity to the boy thanks to the unending remainders of his desire to eat, the boy decided to explore the room itself, having prioritised that finding sustenance before he figuratively starved to death.

    As he looked around the crude wooden furniture, many showing cracks and many improvisations to keep it structurally sound throughout the years. Something however, caught the glimmer of the boy’s eye,It was a glimmering scarlet ruby located illusively underneath the creaking wooden frame of the bed, picking it up, the boy started to run it across his fingers, as in its wake left a warm feeling throughout his body,keeping it within his pocket.

    Hearing the man call him down to eat. He rushed downwards but found himself struggling for breath as he hoisted himself onto the table. Without a word, the boy soon found himself face-first into a mushroom stew, the bowl of which soon found itself replaced with a juicy pork chop followed by many other food items decked out onto the oak table. Stealing a look at the man, he was lost in reading the book and mumbling something unintelligible with his lips.

    The boy, feeling much better after having his stomach spoiled with delight, found that flexing his muscles no longer felt like a drain on his body and found his pains slowly fading away a welcome change from the constant aching pain as a reminder of his first encounter with a monster.

    Suddenly, the man asked ‘’So, Boy, you don’t remember anything, not where you came from, not even your name?‘, ‘’No sir, only : a portal sucking me in, my brother reaching for me, and me falling from the sky’’

    The boy said before looking over the rest of the feast.The man seemed to ponder over something for several seconds which the boy happily spent gnawing on a roast chicken. ’’Alphonse’’, the man muttered.’’Wuht?’’ the boy replied, his speech muffled by the food in his mouth, was perplexed by the sudden name call. ’’Alphonse, it will be your name from now, because it reminds me of gentler times before…. all this.. happened’’.

    ’’Yuck!’’,’’sounds like a girl’s name , just call me Al I suppose!’’.The boy pouted and then dove back into his third helping of the stew.

    ‘’Al.. huh?’’, ‘’So be it’’.The man muttered as he slowly drifted off to sleep.
    Chapter 4: His name is Hunter

    We'll update new chapters daily or weekly!
    Let us know in the comments of what you think about the novel!

    Novel halt temporarily due to mid-year examinations. - 21April2012
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    I don't get it. It was posted on 18 october..
    Today is 16 october.
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    v1.01 have problem.
    It keep crashing when i login..
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    It works. Just manually delete META-INF and manually put in the mod loader and x-ray mod.

    It should work. Since it works for me.

    But firstly you should get a fresh update
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    I have a little problem with the torch.
    the torch makes the client lag while walking.

    Is it my computer problem?
    I tired playing without internet and its still the same.
    And I only opened the adventurecraft client.

    but when i turn off smooth lighting it doesn't lag anymore with the torch.
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    After I updated to r834, I clicked install.

    It gives me an error message.

    invalid entry compressed size (expected 17330 but got 17331 bytes)

    then it says

    Finished installing!

    I click start and it didn't start.
    It just shut down.

    I tried re-installing but still had the same problem.
    I check the space of my computer space. It had more then 60GB..

    I don't know whats the problem here.. Maybe I did something wrong?
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    If there are mistakes, please tell me too!

    -reserved section-
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    This is my second attempt! If this story gets a good rating, I shall continue. If not I'll write a new one.
    I do not know if this story is similar to other people but if there is please tell me!
    Oh. I do not know if in posting the right place.

    Minecraft Novels: Air flight that changed my life

    Chapter 0: Vacation flight

    After a long years of work.
    My boss recognize my hard work and decided to give me a vacation leave so, he booked me a flight to Hawaii.

    Okay, so I must introduce myself. My name is Eric Junior.
    I am only 25 this year. I am working as a Supervisor.
    I started working in this job when I was 20 and I am an orphan.
    My company does not have many staffs so I had to do multiple jobs without getting paid, bonus or pay increase.
    That's where my boss found out that I was hard working and hired more people to help me and gave me a vacation leave.

    Chapter 1: Plane monster

    Okay.. Back the main story!
    Everything is packed. I am ready to get to my flight.
    I booked a taxi to the airport. I went in to the security and passed it. Got into my flight on time.

    Found myself a good seat which the window view is the air wing.
    The plane took off and that's where my life changed.
    Just only half an hour. The plane experienced some turbulence as we were heading into the storm.
    The captain told us not to panic because we were just going into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Everyone in the plane laughed. As we all laughed, I look at the window and to my horror.
    I saw a man in standing on the plane's wing. Tearing the wing part by part with its bare hands.

    Suddenly it looked at me with those white eyes and smiled at me, It was horrifying, scarier then the movies. The moment the turbines caught on fire, that man vanished into thin air.
    Chapter 2: Warped

    - Thank you for reading till the end! Please leave a rating of the story! :Notch:
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    I can't make Fokker Dr.1
    i did exactly what it showed.

    But i can make the wooden plane..
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