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    So I was looking through the application folder for Minecraft Pocket Edition and I had seen that they've added the :Skeleton: and :Spider: skin, so expect them SOON in the game (as well as the most anticipated mob, the :SSSS: ).


    1. Seeing that the crafting menu has 4 slots, one for blocks, tools, health & armor, and decorations, Mojang is going to add a new button that will look like a "Railroad Track" used for mine carts and what not. Don't believe me? Check the new crafting template, because you can see it has the pictures from the crafting GUI + the new rail system inside of it....

    2. The GUI blocks have more blocks coming there way! New blocks will be the following;

    - TNT :tnt:
    - String
    - Bone
    - Bone Meal
    - Pink, and Orange wool will be added :Pink: , :Orange:
    - Lighter brown wood for trees :Logs:
    - Gunpowder :GP: (so that means CREEPERS will be EVENTUALLY added!)
    - Charcoal :Coal:
    - Many more things that I don't want to include since it will make this thread too long, but you can see them in the minecraftpe.app folder
    And that pretty much sorts everything out.... Many of these things should be included in the next update....

    Quick note: I did NOT see a furnace in the gui_blocks.png picture so I don't know if that will be added but you'd never know! (This also goes for :Sap: 's , :chestfront: 's , :....: 's , etc.)

    Don't forget to drop some :Diamond: 's and always stay tuned on the forums! (:
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    Quote from xXiNightXx

    I have not skinned some ios images yet.

    Thank you!


    I have iOS and I used your Android download for my Minecraft. IT WORKS PERFECTLY!

    Just saving you some time. It works for me. I copied all of the important things etc.

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    Quote from ryandodd

    Errrrr..... One problem. He doesn't work at Apple, so how would he know if it is in review. Pls correct me if I'm wrong, but developers don't know when the apps are being reviewed do they? For certain Ik they know that they are notified when the update is released, but idk about them knowing if they are being reviewed.... Oh well.... If not then it will be out soon anyways!

    When the developers of an application or update for a game submitted, they will have a page that say:

    In Review
    Ready for Sale

    They are privileged to view it. In my original post, Kaplan said that the update is now in review(meaning the status of our update was changed from Submitted to In Review). We can expect the update at any moment of the day, because the update has been in review as of 12:29 A.M. so it's been ALOT of hours in review. It can be out any minute so be on a look out.
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    Quote from albee123

    It was submitted for review, now apple is reviewing it, 5 days later.

    Submitted on the 11th*
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    posted a message on Death by fire?
    Well I was watching Minecraft Pocket Edition videos on youtube since I am also an iOS user waiting for the update, and he was burned by lava.


    Go to 6:30 to see him go to the lava and get burned.
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    Kappische tweeted that the Minecraft Pocket Edition update went into review last night at 12:29. Check his twitter.

    I'm also glad to see that everyone, like I said, is starting to chill out and be patient for the update. Good job getting a hold of yourselves! :Diamond:'s for you guys.


    It's in there some where ^^^
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    posted a message on Look Guys [iOS users]

    Please specify what you mean, English abbreviation shows 'the most' and 'maximum'
    Mean exactly the same thing. Don't flame me for saying that just explain what you mean.

    But also they have no wording there to say it takes 7 days please provide a link on your
    4 - 7 day post. The link I provided, was given to another forum users when they asked
    When minecraft update will be released.

    I don't need a link.

    It's logical sense. Apple approves over 80-100 apps/updates a day.

    Proof that an application/update can get approved anytime:

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    I know but I realized that complaining won't help whatsoever. BTW you replied in the post -.-

    May I also say that YES, I may have posted about this subject because many people were very curious as to what to expect so I just supplied them with as much information as I can find. I am NOT part of ANY problem. Some people just took it upon themselves and created it into a bigger problem as to what it really is. >.>

    So before you start saying things, make sure you got the facts straight. :biggrin.gif:

    I say this is a nice way but I guess you're one of those that think it could be here
    By Thursday because kappische said soo for approx date.

    How about staying patient as you mentioned possibly having
    to wait another 7 more days maximum from the 8th of feb.
    So possibly being released 20th to 22nd or so


    I'm still willing to continue to hassle apple.

    Look at the picture correctly, good sir.

    The picture you've posted is talking about APPLICATIONS, not updates.

    Updates take approximately 4-7 days for approval from the date it was submitted.

    5 days is the most amount, 7 is the maximum amount of days.
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    Let's set some things straight here..

    I know we ALL are excited for the new update, but the more you think about it or worry about it, you feel as if it takes forever.

    Patience young grasshoppers. I'm not so worried about the update as to some of you are. It's not going to come anytime sooner so why can't any of you guys stop being stubborn and accept it SHOULD be out by Thursday?

    Like seriously, everyone is now up to the desperate point into emailing the AppStore.:blink.gif:

    There's one thing you fellow iOS users can do for me, sit back and learn to be patient as some of us iOS users are..

    I can't imagine how when the next updates come out and Android gets them a week before us every time. The forums are going to be flooded. :sad.gif:

    So hopefully I get my point through to you people. The update will be released/signed/approved between NOW and Thursday.

    Like or hate me if you want, just know that I only stated the facts.

    Case closed. :angry.gif:
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    posted a message on So.... I emailed apple
    Quote from 7788andrew78

    Jeb said Thursday, so its not gonna be until Thursday. Everyone just calm down and wait.

    He said he thinks.

    It should be by Thursday.

    It can come out ANYTIME before that.

    The update will be released like this:

    Now - Thursday

    be patient pl0x.
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    posted a message on This is how the Update for iOS will Look

    This forum isn't just for ios users. The android one is out already.

    Sorry xiz3ro for the mis understanding, I believe the photo is real but from the android market.
    Really sorry for not mentioning that part. I too am an iOS user and want the update ASAP.

    But the Android Market has a different look/appearance.
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    Quote from xXiNightXx

    my bad, wrong link XD


    It was a bug on my site, I Fixed it.

    Thanks. :biggrin.gif:BTW One more question, it's for iOS devices as well right?
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    posted a message on [7.1 Android][x16]MyCraft PE -Original Design- <6/5/13>
    Quote from xXiNightXx

    It was in the 4.0 spoiler at the bottom. but here is the link anyways XD

    Thanks but that link is for HOW to make a texture pack/skin from what I read from it.

    There are no download links for your MyCraft texture pack ANYWHERE.

    I even went on the Pocket Edition area you had there and saw the MyCraft texture pack. I went there and it said download but the word "Download" wasn't clickable nor was a download link.

    Help? ._.
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    posted a message on This is how the Update for iOS will Look

    :smile.gif: np. Thanks.
    Just thought I'd share the info.


    So you're saying this COULD be real? Possibly some iOS users may have gotten the update? ._.
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    posted a message on This is how the Update for iOS will Look

    No it doesn't mean it's fake, some places/people write the date/month the other way around.

    I personally use dd/mm/yyyy but some use mm/dd/yyyy

    I never thought of that. Thanks for sharing. :biggrin.gif:
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