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    This just happened to me today and I'm still a bit mad so please excuse me if I get a bit angry. I was playing on the official SAO minecraft server. I spawned in at the top floor by the final boss (who I left off fighting) when the mod w1ldcrd flew in and attacked me. I tried fighting back but he killed me and then tried to get me banned for attacking a mod. Thanks to him I lost almost everything, but I thought losing my items was the worst thing that would happen. I got some spare items from my chest and began helping my friend clear floors. While we were going through a floor, my friend killed another player and w1ldcrd blamed ME for it. He also blamed another innocent guy and got both of us banned! FOR NOTHING! He constantly called me a liar and a scumbag who deserved to be banned permanently. Plus, since he's friends with the mod, the mod obviously sided with him and banned us. It's freakin horrible on the server considering that w1ld's convincing the admin to ban innocents every day. I see about 10 people banned every day! FOR STUPID REASONS! I hope someone puts w1ld in his place!
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    Hi. I think I can help you out with this build. I've built minigames and houses for my friends in our world, so I think I can give you some help whenever I can. I won't be available all the time, but I can help you whenever I'm not busy or playing with other friends online. My Psn is xgen11347. Hope to see you in Minecraft.
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