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    posted a message on It's Notch Birthday!
    happy Birthday Notch :D :Notch:
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    posted a message on What do you want to be added in any update?
    Quote from MazeCraft

    I want be able to call for my pet by typing his name.

    Hey, that is one good idea you got there !
    you should post it on the suggestions :D
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    posted a message on Is there a mod that changes the villagers to have the Steve model?
    I guess you can change them with texture packs
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    posted a message on .
    i think shaders mod, and a biome and animals mod like mo'creatures (except it has wrath and golems and stuff...)
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    posted a message on "Man at Arms" Creates a REAL Diamond Sword
    Quote from Zcraft123

    Oh btw a watermelon is as dense as a human skull!!! Meaning if you used one of those in the zombie apocolypse, (which is more real than you possible could think. You would be as effective as a monster truck ramming the zombies down...
    wait, it is as dense as a human skull ?
    i would love to have that sword :D
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    posted a message on My Unfurnished Modern House (Please Rate 1-10) 10 being highest.
    7/10 i think it needs to be placed somewhere green, a natural landscape probably.
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    posted a message on What to do with nether fortress ?
    Quote from Emerald_Digger98

    getting the netherbrick is pointless as you can just smelt nettherack, a base made out of that is not very appealing you can use nether wart in potions!

    Oh I did make potions with the nether wart and made a small netherwart farm
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    posted a message on What to do with nether fortress ?
    hi all, i just found a nether fortress in my world and i don't know what to do with it :steve_sneaky:
    it has about 3 blaze spawners away from each other, some nether wart.
    if you have any idea what should i do with it, please tell me.
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    posted a message on minecraft wont load
    weird, is it giving you a black screen ?
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    posted a message on [1.5.1][SP/MP][Mini-Game]Zombie Arena 3
    cool :D
    i tried it out and i keep getting thrust into lava by skeletons :steve_rage:
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    posted a message on Awesome stone pickaxe!
    Awesome :D
    you could have spend all that exp on a iron pick.
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    posted a message on A survival world, from the ground up - Lots o' pictures! [Day 44!]
    cool, good luck on the rest :3
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    posted a message on Wow, this Skeleton is a Stalker!
    The skeleton is a Spy!
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    posted a message on Creepy Minecraft Stories
    Quote from Anongineer

    Post creepy stories of things that have happened to you in Survival. I've found that this game mode provides quite a few thrills because:
    • Darkness means mobs, so any darkness begins to scare you. Caves especially.
    • Mobs means death, which means you lose your inventory.
    • Nighttime means darkness, which means that once the sun starts going down you start crapping yourself if you're nowhere near shelter.
    • Ambient and other sounds means darkness somewhere around us.
    Since patch 1.4.2 a couple of very frightening things have happened to me in my solo Surival world.
    1. When mining 2 days ago while running the pre-patch, I came upstairs and saw in the distance what looked like another player sprite wearing full gold armor. As I walked towards the person it disappeared! Despite this being a world on my own computer only, this even had me typing, "anyone there!?" into the chat like a crazy person. It was seriously weird, and the only explanation that I could think of is that it was a zombie that spawned with full gold armor and I witness it despawn because I was too far away.
    2. Last night while building a melon farming tower in my castle, I noticed an Enderman hanging out near the construction site. I haven't even been to the Nether yet, but I figured I'd collect another Ender Pearl. As soon as I struck the Enderman, the most blood cudling, inhuman noise played for about 10s. I've never head that before, and it wasn't announced with the patch. Scared the crap out of me. I didn't know if it was an Enderman aggro sound or what, but the next night the same sound played and I didn't so much as look at an Enderman. I'm genuinely scared I provoked some evil onto me that was hidden in the update...
    So what do you think, and do you have any stories to share?

    same here, i went to make a mine far away from my home, i came back and slept and then the other morning when i looked out of the window, there was a zombie and it didn't burn :"( it had full gold armor, and then it despawned.
    so scary :(
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    posted a message on Strange noise while underground.....Need identification.
    Quote from TheTallBeverage

    One time I was playing Minecraft at around 2 am during the summer, and I heard a loud scream too.

    The next day I saw cops take my neighbor away, so lol.
    you made me lol so much :D
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