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    Hello everyone! Thought I'd share this :smile.gif: Only 5 or 6 people knew it was a creeper, but I figure you guys will care more :wink.gif: Sorry about the quality, but my camera's busted. Luckily my phone has a decent camera! I appreciate your feedback for next year!

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    *Legal Stuff: This texture pack was designed from scratch using the original textures found within minecraft.jar as a guideline. I in no way own any of those images, and do not intend to or condone the infringement of any copyright laws. This was designed by me and any similarities with other textures (other than the originals) are purely coincidental, and do in no way mean that I am copying others' hard work. Feel free to use my textures in your pack. If you do, I would love to see the results, so PM me your pack!*

    TLUAFED! [v1.7]
    By Xenago

    Tluafed smoothes over Minecraft's graphics to reveal the beautiful details hidden inside. I have completed most of the textures as of the 1.2.5 update, but Tluafed still has a lot of potential. Take a look below, and then download if you like. Comments are appreciated, as most of my changes are made due to user requests. They will be added (if possible) to the Upcoming Features list below, and then to the pack! Enjoy :)

    *DOWNLOAD LINK [v1.7] (1.3.1 Update): Direct Download*

    Completed Features (In order of completion):
    • 1.3.1 COMPATIBLE!!! :iapprove:
    • NEW GRASS SIDES! :grass:
    • Changed the sun and moon to look nicer. B)
    • Changed main menu to brick background. :brick:
    • Made ores look better and more visible. :DORE:
    • New leaves. :Leaves:
    • Changed tree colors. :log:
    • Redesign of icons and inventory; they're transparent now! :Glass:
    • Better tiling! This means all textures will tile MUCH better and make them look less terrible ;)
    • Simple Steve! :lol:
    • Simpler water! Again, better tiling. :Water:
    • Better grass colors. :grass:
    • Better biome colors. Apparently swamps are hideous ATM... :blink:
    • Custom Minecraft logo! :)
    • Custom Boot logo. :DBlock:
    • New icon! :P
    • Updated pack description! :wood:
    • New boats! :|:
    • New grass! :grass:
    • New dirt! :soil:
    • New cobblestone! :cobblestone:
    • New smooth stone! :stone:
    • Beautiful, lush snow added :lol:
    Upcoming Features:
    • New leaves. :Leaves:
    • Custom Art! :Frame:
    • Custom Mobs! :Pig:
    • New lava animation... :Lava:
    • Better ores (that look better close to smooth stone) :goldore:
    • Custom armor! :Iron:
    • New Sandstone and Sand :) :sand:
    *I would recommend zooming in to get the full effect.*
    ^Pack icon^
    ^GUI is transparent!^ (v1.3+)
    ^The blocks! (as of v1.4 all blocks in photo are as they appear. However I haven't got all of the blocks in that picture.)^
    ^Updated Biome-related colors^
    Anyways, download and give me some feedback! I need help finding issues, so tell me :)
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    This is a short tutorial on how to mod the launcher to suit your needs or preferences. It's really easy!
    -KelownaTechKid on YouTube :smile.gif:

    *NOTE: If you're lazy, read the video description. It has a useful link.*
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