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    posted a message on Starting a serious movie - Need as many people as possible :)
    Name/What we can call you - Kevin
    Minecraft ACC Name - Cool_aznboy101
    Skype/Steam name - Skype: xxcreeperkillerxx Steam: RedPhoenix123
    Which role would you like to play? -Set Builder
    Show us a video or screenshot of what you have done in the past to suit you to the role. - I don't know how to add the picture but i have made a pretty huge temple in the past and it took me roughly 3 to 4 hours
    Are you committed? - Very
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] In-Game Texture Pack Changer v1.3
    Good job i needed something to change my texture pack in the game because of full servers. Once i log out i cant log back in! GOOD JOB MATE!
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    posted a message on [REQ] Minecraft RTS
    If possible can someone make a mod that turns minecraft into an RTS game like Starcraft and Warcraft. Where you play as a Warchief and you start off with a Main Structure for your base and you recruit Steve Minions (Worker) and you get them to collect resources and bring it back to your base.
    Resources are Food, Wood,Stone, Iron, Diamond and Gold. Your Steve minions construct buildings like Houses for population, a Barracks to train soldiers etc
    Barracks train: Steve swordsman (wooden sword and leather armor but gets better by upgrading)
    Steve Archer (With bow and arrows)
    Steve Demolitionist ( Carries TNT and can destroy enemies by sacrificing himself to blow up)

    Steve minions can also build Markets (to trade resources), Dispensers (Defensive building)
    Bunkers (for Archers to take cover in), Wall (You know why..) and etc...

    There can be another Faction which is the Monsters. The worker is Spiders and swordsman are zombies, Archers are skeletons, demolitionist and well... i am not bothered adding more details but i think you great guys out there can think of some other great things to add and might even create this mod one day.... GOOD LUCK CHAPS!!!
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