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    Are you sick of playing those single player games of minecraft? Or are you sick of playing those multiplayer servers where you do not know anybody, or got nobody to talk to! Well I am starting a new clan where you can toss that out of your life. This clan does not have a name yet, but what I do know is that we will have a lot of fun. We will post videos to youtube. Play on server like hunger games, ultra hardcore.. etc. Do private servers, like mindcrack! We will do dual commentaries, and post them on each others channels, and maybe make a team channel if we think of a name for our clan! So if you are interested, fill out this application below.. and send me a message of it or post it in the comments below!
    Check out my channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/xcooland?feature=mhee
    """" Bandicam is gone, I now have a good recorder!"""""""


    Do you have a youtube channel:
    What kind of content do you present on your channel(put none if you have no channel):
    How long have you played minecraft:
    Why should you be in the clan:
    Do you have skype:

    (optional): Put a little more about yourself:

    *If you have a youtube channel please include it's name some where in the application*
    *If you have a skype please include the username somewhere in the application*
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