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    I love the 16x machine sides. I'm the author of the GT Zederrian Technology, and while a lot of the textures I've made are unique, some are not (your TE machine sides/top in my pack). I'm looking to make those textures unique to each other and more Ic2.
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    Quote from Reaperguy666»
    I've been watching the mods progress on Forgecraft and I have to say that I will praise the day when all the new toys are released. I want to try the crossbow and shuriken.

    Some of them feel a little strong but they're all great. I personally like the crossbow, but the crossbow is definitely not a good option if you're faced with a large horde (if you go the strength route and make the limbs out of metal. You can also make them out of an organic material for good draw speed but the damage gets lacking.) You can wind it up and have it at the ready just in case.

    I feel like the Dagger needs some love, though. The damage is garbage and when you throw it you actually lose it and have to go pick it back up. It should have some cool bonuses, like if you've been crouching for 3 or more seconds, your next dagger stab does a hell of a lot more damage ("sneak" attack). Like the Cutlass, it should also have a chance to crit on any swing.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Neat aesthetic idea that I've not seen done before that I stumbled upon when making my infusion altar:

    Looks funky with blocks or large items as they clip the jar.
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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    Turns out I wasn't out as long as I'd thought, so I finished up the textures for the rest of the wires.
    Added textures for every insulated wire color, and the red alloy wire to be a little more 'metallic'.
    To me, it all feels together a little too 'woolen', but I couldn't figure out any other way. If it matches the bundled cable too much I can change it if needed.

    And the download:
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    posted a message on [FTB 1.5.2] NiceGregTech - Get rid of the unnecessary stuff
    I loved Greg's mod before he went ham with the stupid machines that only serve to make parts for other machines and waste your time (I'm looking at you, assembling machine and plate bending machine, hammers and wrenches)
    ...Because rotating machines for free is overpowered, right?

    You're doing great work here.

    Can I request crafting the machine hulls (aluminium, bronze, brass, steel, titanium) using 8 ingots surrounding machine parts? (The old recipes instead of the assembling machine recipes)
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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    You even got the lamps to have the glow. :Notch:
    The circle is now complete.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Gas Powered Stick Mod
    It never runs out of gas!
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    Quote from mc4eva

    I'm sorry to say this, but I am sick and tired of this crap. First of all. It's not a lie to say that people loved EE2 more than this. People came to that mod because it was different. It added awesome, godly items to aim for after diamonds. After 1.2.5 came around, you just left your fans in the absolute dark. The only reason people are still playing 1.2.5 tekkit classic and other old modpacks like that, are because EE2 is not updated to this version. All of the other mods in those packs are though. You come back months later, stating that you're removing everything from the old mod that people loved, in order to create some ­ty looking EE3, you approached it with no clear vision on what will happen with the new EE

    You apparently begin the development on the mod, yet after almost a whole ­ing year, the only bloody things available are a couple of transmute stones and some random blocks like the calcinator. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE CRAFTING RECIPES. The alchemy bags aren't working (you can't put items in them) and when i use the phili stone on the side of a block, the game crashes. I am not seeing progress or dedication. If you actually want to see this mod go anywhere, i would suggest you crack down on the development. If you don't care about it enough to properly develop it, then my best advice would be stop it completely. Your reputation is what's at stake

    We're tired of seeing your half assed efforts being released as download links. We don't want a buggy, depleted version of a mod that used to be so HIGH AND MIGHTY.

    It's open source so everyone can use the code, yet i'm sorry to say this, but People don't give much of a ­ about this version of the mod (if they do, the community is small/kissing your ass). if you actually cared about your fans, you would have made EE2 open source so that modders could update it. I understand that it is "your" mod and you wanted a clean break from EE2, yet in the end, who are you making it for? yourself? or all of your disappearing fans.

    I really think you need to take a good long think about what you have done to the EE2 community. Everywhere, people are screaming out, asking you why you suddenly decided to get rid of a mod we all loved and replace it with some eternally unfinished and buggy EE3. You make this version of the mod, which we don't give a flying ­ about open source, yet deprive the community of the code for EE2. The mod WE ACTUALLY give a ­ about.

    I used to have a whole lot of respect for you and your mod pahimar, but what iv'e seen lately is a just a whole load of crap. It almost looks as if you have stopped caring for the mod and the community.

    To any of your ass kissing fanboys/girls, or dumb people who think they are quite intelligent by responding in an oh-so-smart-way, do you really think that the mod is amazing and should not be judged as it is still a WIP. I have a news flash for you. The mod has been a "WIP" for about a whole year now. Nothing much has changed. Also, if you're going to say he devotes time and effort into the mod to get up to good standard, you're definitely lying to yourself. If he was really devoted to his fans and his mod, EE3 wouldn't exist. If it did though, it would definitely be MUCH farther along than it is now. DEVOTED is what the Aether team are. They work their butts off day and night, just to get their mod up to scratch. and you know what? I actually see PROGRESS THERE. I don't give a ­ about your comments unless the comment comes from Pahimar Himself. I'd really like to find out what he thinks about his half assed decisions and why he thinks that we're all okay with this ­.

    boy oh boy aren't you an entitled one
    getting started with the IMC system : 31 minutes ago

    Since you have a great mind oh holy one, I've linked you some resources that will help you on your journey since you can obviously make a better mod


    << Especially this one, that playlist will help you immensly
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    posted a message on Thaumic Tinkerer (Thaumcraft Addon) - Evolve Knowledge
    Just stopping by to give thanks for having your mod open source. I run a server for a few friends and I have some java knowledge, so I throw mods together for our liking once in awhile, and I'm indirectly learning quite a few things from you.
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    posted a message on Tips from a User: Making your mod work for everyone
    These are useful, but for some you're asking too much of a person. Most modders aren't a team, they're an individual having fun developing for a game they love.

    I truly, TRULY agree with you on some of these, and as a modder myself I'll give a little insight on why we do what we do:

    1: Multiple texture sizes are unnecessary. In my opinion, by default they should be 16x, and it is up to the user or texture pack maker to upscale/do as they please. Textures should fit in with vanilla minecraft as well, as most of the population uses it/it makes sense.

    2: This is a good one and makes configuring IDs easier for the user and it literally one line of code

    3: Always a must for configs nowadays if you're serious. More configs are ALWAYS better than less configs. See Gregtech; that mod has the biggest and most configs of any mod out there. You can configure almost 100% of that mod, so almost everyone who changes his configs ends up with a different, tailored product to their taste. Hardcore? Sure. Ezmode? Got it too.

    4: A must as well. In my opinion, modloader is depreciated software, and Forge should be used in almost every case. It's far more powerful and has far more flexibility. If you can't do it in Forge, you probably can't do it in the Minecraft engine.

    5: This one is funny but true; most people think "nobody uses these! I will for compatibility!"

    6: People do this?

    7: Fuels (in this case) should work in every instance of a fuel-burner except ones that have custom heat values (railcraft boilers). Unless compatibility really needs this, I find this one to be a little further than some modders will go, myself included. I don't want to have to package tons of APIs or use reflection just for the small chance someone wants to do that instance. Mods, by default, usually fit in well with other mods in one gigantic puzzle of mods, unless you're doing something crazy like TFC but that's designed to change everything. But you're right, compatibility DOES sell more.

    8: Agree, see 3

    9: Increasing in popularity, but for smaller mods or new modders this (was) an advanced concept, but now it's easier than ever, and is recommended in Forge itself. (Registering a non-meta block is now depreciated)

    10: This isn't always possible. Apis change, Forge changes, Minecraft changes, and life gets in the way. For 1.3 and 1.5, these were two especially hard updates.

    11: I agree. This partially reaches back to the configs, if someone doesn't like this part they can turn it off. The stigma surrounding "if you don't like it don't use it" is completely untrue; it's still there if it isn't turned off. This one just reaches at the huge mods that include multi part submods (RP is the perfect example you used.) I JUST want Eloraam's logic gates and bundled cable. I could care less about the microblocks. (Immibis does them better, even. His work on TE conduits, BC pipes, and much more.)

    If the user doesn't want it there, and it can't be turned off/seperated, you're just making the mod user waste block and item IDs. With more and more mods being created, these are getting very precious.

    12: I don't understand why some coder's don't test at LEAST with a few possibilities in vanilla. I understand cross-mod unwanted interaction, but your mod is to be expected to have as little bugs as possible in the confines of just vanilla. All computers are different, and so are a few java installations, but a problem that is global that causes your new bow to crash whenever you hit an enemy is completely unpolished and untested. If you don't have time, put it out for open beta! Many people would love to test it for you to get their hands on a new copy of something in the process.

    13: This is almost a given, but I'll also say that some modders are (sadly enough) only in it to impress 'certain' people to join a 'certain' server. Tip guys like that: your mod is your baby; you have to love it to make it see impressive, interesting growth. Railcraft was once a small mod that added a few new rails: now it's one of the huge mods that adds rails, trains, a whole signalling system, interesting blocks that remind you of the 1800s industrial era. It's a whole, whirling, polished machine. If you've watched Covert's videos, you can tell he loves his mod.

    14: True, but this is a matter of one's level of comfort. There was once a time where I wouldn't show anyone my code because of my lesser understanding and the fear of being told I had ­ code. I can understand if someone isn't comfortable in theirs, either. On the better side, there ARE people to learn from (and very good too). Pahimar's EE3 code is extremely readable and working.

    15: This is also a matter of comfort, to a greater extent. Life gets in the way, things happen, but you want to continue your mod that you gave to someone for a while, and now it's a completely different mod that you had planned. If you reboot it, you'll fall under the 'MFFS' syndrome.. (There are like, 5 iterations of that mod now).

    I would never want to see Redpower in the hands of someone else. Eloraam has a grand vision for her mod that was never completed, and things were added in to reach that vision. Only she sees that. No amount of explaining would get the vision across.

    16: I agree. There isn't much to say in this case, but if you want to 'do it again', do it in your style. If you add a 'diamond furnace', don't just make it smelt faster or some garbage; maybe make it run off of nearby mob kills! Maybe the fuel efficiency is determined by the moon phase! (Or only works at night or in the Nether)

    I'm not trying to promote myself here, but I've added Gravity Boots to my mod that have thrust determined by the gravity of the dimension you're in. They don't work in the Nether, they work OK in the Overworld/Twilight Forest/Other, and they work extremely good in the End. An interesting concept I've never seen before. There is a config that lets you add dimensions to the low/medium/high list as well.

    17: This is true for anyone that produces content, youtubers and modders alike. You're a person, and your viewers/users are people just like you.

    I greatly respect your opinions, and hope you take all that I've written here as my own opinion, too.

    Very well written post you've got here.
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