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    Hello! I am the owner of an Upcoming Practice Server. There will be 12 maps on release. We will be opening with the following gamemodes:

    Ranked & Unranked:
    - NoDebuff
    - Debuff
    - Gapple
    - Bow
    - Combo
    - Build
    - Soup
    - Sumo
    - Spleef
    - Skywars Duel
    - Bedwars Duel
    - KOTH

    We will also be beta testing our PVP Bots, the bots can be in player/mob form. Currently you can only fight bots with NoDebuff, Debuff, Gapple or bow.

    For the launch, we will need staff to make sure the server runs as efficiently as possible. To apply for staff, you will need to register on the forums. The forums are https://shootmc.tk, and the staff application link is www.shootmc.tk/apply. You will need an account to register.

    We could also do with some YouTubers/Streamers to help advertise the server. They could be payed, depending on the size of there channel.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/SjcRvTB87q
    Website: https://shootmc.tk
    Staff Application: https://shootmc.tk/apply
    Store: N/A (Coming Soon)
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