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    Wow. Just... ah! Downloading.

    Does this fix the animated fire as well?


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    Try the beta of the next version!

    If you have problems with the patcher, please make a post in this thread. I check this thread regularly, but if you start a new thread or post on some other site I will never see it! Please follow these steps to create your post:

    0. Read this entire post and see if your problem is already addressed. Indicate that you have done this as the very first thing in your post.
    1. Describe the problem you are having in as much detail as possible. Specify what texture pack you are using and what options you have selected on the patcher and any other mods you have installed.
    2. Run the patcher and patch your game as normal.
    3. If the patch worked, click Test Minecraft.
    4. After you have encountered the problem, close Minecraft.
    5. There should be a window from the patcher called "Log Window". Click the "Copy To Clipboard" button in this window, or take screenshots, or whatever you need to do. If you lost it, click Test Minecraft again to get it back. Always copy the entire log. Do not change it. Do not omit parts. Do not say "I have the same error as so-and-so." Do not say "I get some opengl error." Do not say "I get a black screen."
    6. In your post, type "[code]". Then paste the log messages. Then type "[/code]".

    This buries other posts and is extremely annoying. If you do it I will probably just add you to my ignore list and will never read your post or any future posts you make.

    Common Errors
    ########## GL ERROR ########## @ Pre render 1281: Invalid value
    The game is trying to render textures at a different resolution than it was patched for. The patcher replaces the default Minecraft textures and this is the only supported use case at this time. Either delete options.txt or switch back to the default texture pack before patching. This will be fixed in future versions.


    So I made a patch to fix the glitches with 32x32+ textures. It puts the water, lava, fire, and compass animations where they belong and makes them the right size. (Actually the compass needle is still/will become too small, but it works.)

    This patch only works with the downloadable version of the game. If you try to play it in your browser you will just get a black screen. I don't think it is possible for me to fix it.

    This patch only works with texture packs installed in your minecraft.jar, or that you install using the "Texture Pack" option on the patcher. If you just have your textures in the same folder as your Minecraft app/launcher, the patch will not work. The texture pack selector inside of Minecraft is not supported, but may work.

    Animations are not recommended for tilesets 128x128 or bigger. Drawing these pixel by pixel is incredibly slow, so your game will probably lag intensely.

    If you get an error message, post it! Do not just post "I get an error." I will punch you through the internet if you do! It is extremely aggravating and impossible to help with unless you post the actual error message. Also, please do not paraphrase or reword the error message. Use copy and paste, or take a screenshot of it.

    If something goes wrong with the patcher, please make sure you're using the latest version in this post. Post exactly what you did, from the moment you downloaded the patcher, and exactly what happened. If necessary, delete the file you downloaded and start over, and write the post as you go.

    If something goes wrong in Minecraft, please use the "Run Minecraft" button in the patcher and keep the Log window that pops up open. After the error happens, hit "Copy to Clipboard" on the log window and paste the information in this thread.

    0. Open Minecraft and switch to the default textures.
    1. Download and run the latest file for your OS below.
    2. If the file fields are not automatically filled in, hit the top browse button and find your minecraft.jar
    3. Hit the browse button next to "Texture Pack" and find the .zip file for the texture pack you want to use.
    4. Click patch.
    5. When it's done, click Test Minecraft. If it doesn't work, follow the instructions at the top of this post. If it does, you can launch Minecraft normally.

    WINDOWS: http://github.com/downloads/pclewis/mcp ... .12_02.exe
    MAC: http://github.com/downloads/pclewis/mcp ... .12_02.dmg
    EVERYBODY ELSE: http://github.com/downloads/pclewis/mcp ... .12_02.jar
    SOURCE: http://github.com/pclewis/mcpatcher
    OLD VERSIONS: https://github.com/pclewis/mcpatcher/downloads

    1.1.12_02 - fixed compass
    1.1.12_01 - beta 1.3 support, compass (and more?) is screwed up
    1.1.12 - Improved compatibility with other mods, improved logging, improved error handling, added custom resolution support, added higher resolution font support (include font/default.png in the texture pack, size is independent of pack), added unpatch button, added animation performance warning, removed rar support, removed admin privs requirement on Windows, fixed disabled animations removing sandstone texture.
    1.1.11 - Kahr added custom portals, fixed 256x256, and made custom animations automatically fix themselves for new versions.
    1.1.10_01 - Fixed custom water/lava for beta 1.1_02
    1.1.10 - Fixed custom water/lava for beta 1.0. Changed Run Minecraft to Test Minecraft for clarity. Patch from Kahr to add versions to backup jars, so should no longer be necessary to delete minecraft.original.jar all the time. Also from Kahr: Custom water/lava will automatically be disabled when there's a new Minecraft version if the class names aren't right.
    1.1.9_04 - Fixed custom water/lava for 1.2.6.
    1.1.9_03 - Fixed custom water/lava for 1.2.5.
    1.1.9_02 - Hand-patched binaries for 1.2.3 from Kahr.
    1.1.9_01 - Fixed crash when minecraft.jar already contains custom_*.png. Added OS X app/dmg package.
    1.1.9 - Portals, watches, and compass fixed by Kahr. Install custom_*.png from texture packs. Fixed crashes/reduced buffer size on 16x16. Fixed "Run Minecraft" from inside .minecraft/bin folder.
    1.1.8 - Updated for Minecraft 1.2.2, removed Better Grass. Should work on OSX again.
    1.1.7 - Basic support for new update. Lots of bugs.
    1.1.6 - MrMessiah's Better Grass patch included (with permission). New custom water/lava animation options for artists: if there are files called custom_water_still.png, custom_water_flowing.png, custom_lava_still.png, or custom_lava_flowing.png, each square going downwards will be used as a frame in the animation. For example, a 32x128 image would have 4 frames. Slower default custom lava animation. More helpful error messages. Less scary interface. Easier backup process. More max memory when using .exe launcher. Open source!
    1.1.5 - Fixed edges on equipped tools. Custom water and lava animations. These use the textures from your terrain.png and scroll them in the direction the water is moving.
    1.1.4b - Java 1.5 compatibility
    1.1.4 - Added support for tilesets up to 256x256. Added a combo box to change the tile size. Fixed compass location on tilesets higher than 32x32 (Still tiny for now! With 256x256 tilesets you will have to pull it out to use it.)
    1.1.3 - Added buttons to open your Minecraft folder and to run Minecraft with debugging output. Fixed issues when patching inplace without a backup. Fixed detection of minecraft folder on OS X. Added a log window and fixed the progress bar. New exe package should fix errors on launch and 64 bit jvm detection.
    1.1.2 - Fixed bug with backup.
    1.1 - There is now a GUI which will let you choose to keep static textures, and can optionally install a texture pack for you. 64x64 textures should work (compass will be screwy). 16x16 textures also work, allowing you to remove animations from those packs. It should automatically find your minecraft.jar on any OS, and you can manually browse for it if not.

    Menu ui


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