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    Quote from wyrmhole

    Whatever it is, that much is true. We're viewing the top of whatever it is, and can't see the rest of it if there is any.

    It's the only sure thing we know about that mystery object. Unless, Notch or Jeb posts another picture with this same object, it is likely to remain that way until release.

    Quote from jackcaver

    For me it's the opposite, I always wanted to have something like a hunger-bar, but never wanted experience bar.
    This just shows how different everybody's perceptions are. You simply can't satisfy everyone.

    All too true. NPC Villages, hunger, experience orbs, other RPG elements, the concept of winning, and a storyline are just some examples of possible features that cause controversy. Not all of which will come in this update, but some are. There are people that really hate any one of them, and want nothing to do with them. Then there are people with the complete reverse reaction to the exact same feature. This happens in any game.

    With as many new features as this next update is going to give us it is GAREENTED that some of those features will cause controversy. You can not satisfy all the people all of the time.

    In the end, the game belongs to Notch. He created it. We only bought the right to play his game. If you chose to use that right or not, it is completely up to you. Notch has the final say on everything, including controversial content. Notch is not an arbitrary dictator. He is very aware of the community and the concerns of those on both side of the issue on any controversial feature. For a moment try to imagine the kind of pressure Notch must be under with over a million people to satisfy. Each of those million people has their own ideas, opinions, points of view, style of play, and view of what Minecraft is to them. These all conflict with each other. In any event, regardless of how you feel about a feature; if it is implemented and Notch decides it doesn't work, it will go away. If it does work, playing with that feature might change your mind about it, or it won't. You may hate it just as much or more as before release before the exact implementation of the feature was revealed.

    Remember when updates used to be mandatory? Notch didn't like the idea of forcing an update on someone. So, he changed it to give us the option of when to update. I highly doubt he'll force a really controversial feature on us, without trying to do something to alleviate some, not all, of the negative feedback.

    Quote from zetsumeikerai



    I've wanted to cook chicken since the first five minutes I played Minecraft. I wonder if they'll be like the pigs in that if the chicken is set on fire before it dies it will drop cooked chicken.

    Quote from Mister Cloak

    Eating animations :biggrin.gif:


    Possible addition of eating cows


    And, of course, raw chicken too


    Yes, finally STEAK! Now I just need some corn and potatoes.

    Quote from shadow24811


    "For one, we decided we do want to add a food meter. You will be able to play without food if you want, but you won't be as cool if you do."

    food meter is optional

    That is wonderful news. I wasn't sure how I personally felt about a food meter in Minecraft. Having hunger as being optional does make me less uneasy about it.

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    Quote from Glain

    Pic of mushrooms and npc villages

    This pic makes me so very very excited. The mushrooms aren't quite how I had pictured them being implimented, but that's fine. I expected them to be blocky so I'm not bothered by how the giant tan mushroom is generated. I'm curious if this means it might be possible for present mushrooms to grow into the giant varities. I had expected the giant varities not to resemble the ones we already had.

    I have mixed feelings about NPC villages. I have had said mixed fellings since I first read on Notch's blog that he was planning on adding them one day. I decided to keep most of my judgements about them until I had 1.) more information and 2.) they were released. I could decide to hate them or not then, not before.

    I remember somewhere reading that Notch was thiking about possibly making moss grow natually. I wish I could remember where so I could post the link. Anyway, I am curious if he still plans to do that and if it might come in this update. Does anyone have any information on that?

    Quote from sargro

    I think we can see a "not so underground" ravine in the pic that Notch posted on his Google+: http://i.imgur.com/pqYck.jpg
    Its right in the middle, or am I wrong?

    Yeah, I have to agree with you. That does look alot like a ravine or even the beginings of a canyon. I'd like to see one of those made completly out of sandstone with a few waterfalls or a river running through it.

    Quote from stenger.96

    Check this out, new type of door maybe?

    Naw, I don't think it is a new kind of door. I think it looks more like a large patch of cobwebbing. Maybe we can get lagit cobwebs in 1.8 by exploring old ruins. I love the two new blocks found in the ruins. I wonder if they're ghast proof.

    If it isn't cobwebs, then it is possible they could be iron gates. In that case you'd be right. They'd be a new kind of door. If they're iron gates, I wonder if they creak open... I'd really love to be able to make a portculis out of iron instead of wooden fencing.

    Quote from Kiki023

    Notch just confirmed he's writing a totally new biome code for the giant mushrooms. So anyone worried that they look out of place, don't worry. And apparently you can grow them.


    ^^ Source

    Exellent! I'm sort of excited to see what the mushroom biome would be like and what else would be there.

    Quote from rikachu

    Seems like the largest update since Halloween...

    Absolutly. Personally, I have a feeling it will be even bigger. Of course that would mean even more bug fixes after the update is released, but it'll be worth it.

    Quote from ArThorS

    why not putting the mushrooms in the nether, they are fitting perfectly with the red and grayish colors, i don't like having a swamp/mushroom biome

    Just because mushrooms are getting a biome of their own doesn't mean that biome might not be in the Nether. I agree with you that they'd fit in quite well and fell quite natural in the Nether. I don't know if I am actually against having a swamp biome. Will we see block alogaters and crocodiles then?

    Quote from BLourenco

    This update reminds me of Morrowind with the giant mushrooms. I'm really excited for this update, haven't played Minecraft in awhile.

    I was thinking the same thing, but you posted about it first. Giant mushrooms make me think of Morrowind or the Shivering Isle expanstion for Oblivion. For some strange reason though, I thought the giant mushroom might be purple and silver. I bet they will drop spores instead of saplings when you chop them down.

    Quote from MrRube

    I have a sneaking suspicion that blocks are going to remember damage. Also, it looks like there may be a new texture for iron doors, or a new type of door. Sorry if this has been covered already.

    If you look back to where Notch first started bloging about what he had planned for the 1.7 update before it became 1.8, he did mention that blocks were going to remember damage that you inflect on them. I really hope that doesn't include blast damage like from Ghasts and Creepers. It's bad enough when they blow things up normally. It's hard enough to buld in the Nether as it is. I don't see how having repeated blast from Ghasts wear down my cobble until it's destroyed fits into the catagory of "making the Nether more fun". Fun for who, the Ghast as it destroys everything I've built and murders me repeatily? So, yeah, I really hope blocks don't recall blast damage.

    It don't think that other is a new texture for iron doors. Again it could be either cobwebbing or iron gates.

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    1.7 is still going to be fantastic even though now it is the Piston update.

    But... Don't let that fool you. Remain calm. Beware looking at the glass half empty. I will give you a momment for those that already are to make the approprate adjustments.

    Yes, this will be a smaller update than originally anticipated. Yes, it will have pistons. It might have spiky pistons and it might not. You may not care one whit about pistons. This is fine. Yes, there will be bug fixes. Are there not always with bug fixes with the updates lately?

    Do not worry. Do not panic. Do not be disappointed. Do not be angry. Do not be sad.

    There was ALOT planned for the 1.7 update. Perhapes, one might say too much for one update. It was too large for it's own good. So, Notch decided to release a small part of it now and the rest later. This is a good thing.

    We will still be getting the Adventure Update, but it will now be the 1.8 update. What we don't get in the 1.7 update will come in the 1.8 update. The Adventure Update will not be any later do to the early release of pistons than if pistons had not been released early.

    Further, it is highly unlikely that pistons will be released alone or only with some bug fixes. I believe a couple pages back someone posted a list of things that are coming out with pistons, which included shears.

    It is HIGHLY likely that ANYTHING that Notch has ready to release right now, will be released along with the pistons. This would include things already confirmed and things we don't know about that Notch and his team have been silent about.

    Remember there was confirmed to be an unnamed amount of mystery content planned for release with the Adventure Update. We may get some of that with the pistons. We still have no idea what this content would be or how much they had planned.

    We are undoubtably getting pistons early in part so that Notch doesn't feel so strongly the impulse to leek spoilers to us. Giving us an early release of part of the update now would relieve Notch of some of the burden of all they mystery content he's so excited about but has been trying to keep secret until release.

    Releasing pistons now may be more for Notch's benifit than ours.

    If that isn't good enough for you, think about it this way: The Adventure Update along with everything planned to go with it got so large it got pregnant and had a baby. The baby will procede it and make way for it's mother's arrival.
    In this way, the baby, aka: the piston update, could also be considered to be the Pre-Adventure Update. The update to lay the foudations for the Adventure Update. A small taste of the cake to come. We all know that in Minecraft cake is not a lie. Getting a taste of cake in general makes you more hungry for the rest of the cake.

    I have a feeling that 1.7 will still be a decent sized update and we'll be surpised with all the things released with pistons. Most of what may be released will likely stay secret until it's actually released. This update will likely be better than most people are now expecting. I think we may all be pleasently surpised. Just give it a chance.
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    Quote from insomniac_lemon

    Ok, so now I have over 1.5 stacks, I have large spaces underground where slimes spawn I have a few questions about spawning:

    1. Will blocks without collision (torches, signs, ect.) on the walls 1 space above the floor prevent mobs from spawning, or does it only matter if it is on the floor or a solid block?

    2. Will blocks without collision (torches, signs, ect.) on the floor effect spawning area (other than a slime cannot spawn on that block)?

    In my experince blocks without collision don't seem to impede slimes from spawning in a space regardless of where you put that block.
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    The whole crystaline cave thing sounds really cool and more so with the new lighting system will be getting. I'd still like Ghast proof glass of some kind.

    I liked the idea of shears defusing TNT. I hope that still gets added. I don't want to have to loose my redstone every time I wanted to set TNT off.

    It seems like it is possible we will get the Adventure Mode AND changes that will make going out and exploring and cave diving more exciting.

    I'm certian that something will be happening to the Nether as well in this update. You know, now that it's enabled in Multiplayer now. It seems logical and natural that this update would include new content for the Nether. The new scary mob that Jeb created is most likely for the Nether, probably part of the new content that will be added for that dimention. This is promising to be a very good update, IF it lives up to all the promises made so far.
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