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    I haven't seen this suggested yet and I think it might be very useful to have an Ender chest minecart similiar to the chest carts with have currently. You'd craft it similliarly too. Ender Chest + Minecart = Ender Chest Minecart. It'd pretty much be an Ender Chest on wheels. So, you'd actually be able to move it just like any other minecart and at the same time have access to everything inside your Ender Chest storage space.

    Also like the current chest minecart, if you broke an Ender Chest Minecart you'd get an Ender Chest and a Minecart back. You would then have to recraft it back into an Ender Chest Minecart.

    Perhapes, in the proccess of making and Ender Chest Minecart, the minecart would turn dark too. ~Shrugs~
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    I would like to see some see creatures and plants more than are present right now. It's be nice to see sea weed and sharks. If we had sharks we might be able to craft more than one kind of soup, shark soup. Maybe with sea weed + shark + fish we could have sushi or just fish stew. Or perhapes sharks would drop teeth which you could use to craft a different kind of arrow.
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    Quote from jamiehamo

    Mounting a horses would be an awesome idea for 1.9, And horse combat yeahhh... now were talking. And i hope the NPC villages interact with other village's. It would be sweet if they had a diplomacy feature to the NPC villages and they could wage war or trade :smile.gif:

    Horse? No, no, no, you ride a pig in minecaft. Currently a directionless pig, but I am hoping they'll give us reins or something so we can control piggy. We should have combat a top our war pigs. We should be able to ride off into the sunset on our loyal swine-steeds.
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    Quote from Flannelboy

    I see volcanoes in Notch's future; and a biome, or area to house them... Falling ash would be an easy thing to code, and would really add to the essence of it, I think a lot of gamers would like to see volcanoes being added, sadly with every good idea there is a problem. Many people want dormnant volcanoes, and then they would have huge groundbreaking michael bay type explosions. Others would prefer volcanoes that are cool to look at and even build around, and would erupt in a cool, and satisfying way, like it bubbling over the top. The only difficult part is deciding which path to choose.

    Whatever path Notch decides on, falling ash from a volcano is something any active volcano would have. Since it acts like snow, it wouldn't prevent building around a volcano and dorment volcanoes wouldn't have this type of weather. If you came across a volcano biome and saw falling ash you'd know it was in some way active. If there never was any falling ash you'd know it was dorment. Notch could code both active and dorment volcanoes into the game in this way. Both people that want active volcanoes and those that one dorment ones could be happy.
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    Quote from azimo50

    To add to your top 9 things being added i heard fence gates were being added or some kind of garden gate?

    I am very happy for fence gate. I've been waiting for them. I have certain construction projects that simply won't be finished without them.

    Quote from mormel123

    Abandoned mineshafts will be in 1.8 Source: My link

    Edit: Ehm how do I link a tweet? But for the record u have to look at 3 Sep and see my Question to him on his page

    I am excited for more things to be able to explore.

    Quote from CobainNVM

    Does anyone else think the enderman is maybe Herobrine coming back? I know it was just a joke when Notch said Herobrine Removed in 1.6.6 but still... those eyes... :ohmy.gif: Anyways, that would be pretty kool.

    No, maybe they are past versions of Steve for every time you have ever died while paying Minecraft. They've come back to haunt you.

    Quote from Grand_Newt

    Animal breeding, eh? I wonder if breeding sheep can allow for easier sources of coloured wool? If so, then I wonder if we can breed blue or purple sheep? Any news on this yet?

    I vaguely remember Notch saying something a while ago about being able to breed sheep of whatever color you liked. You would just have to dye the sheep first to the color you wanted.

    Quote from SeniorOot

    I read through the list, but one thing I noticed was a few crafting recipes found at PAX were not on it, namely for Stone Bricks and Iron Bars.

    Using creative mode to use the supplies and a work bench, I found that Iron Bars (unsurprisingly) use Iron Ingots to create. Having a two-down, three-across section of iron ingots (like making a fence or trap door) will create either 10 or 16 Iron Bars (I believe it's 16, but just to be safe, putting the other number as well).

    As for Stone Bricks, they are used by putting Stone blocks (Smooth, not cobble) in a 2x2 part of the crafting grid. This creates four, an equal number for each stone. These are the undamaged stone bricks.

    Jeb mentioned that the crafting recipe for the wooden fence was not in the game yet, so I didn't check to see if it was in.

    Another block type (more of a decorative piece) I found was Ivy. Ivy could be placed on the sides of blocks to give a look similar to Mossy Cobblestone, but it also spreads to nearby blocks as well (including wood). The NPC house I tested this on's side was covered in a matter of a minute!

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for giving use those crafting recipies. I am super pumped for ivy. I think I might just go crazy with it and put it everywhere....
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    It is possible that in the 1.8 or the 1.9 update we may get volcanic biomes. We already have different weather in different biomes. I propose that in the event that Notch does include volcanic biomes of some kind, that such biomes should have falling ash as an occasional weather occurrence. It would act similar to snow, but it would be greyer in color.

    This would be an easy way to signify that the volcano was active and possibly had erupted. This would only happen in volcanic biomes and nowhere else. How common the falling ash occurred would be determined by how active the volcano was. This also makes it possible to have dormant volcanoes. They simple would never have the falling ash weather.
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    All this talk of shrooms is making me hungry. It also reminded me of a rumor I heard. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any truth to it. I heard that current mushrooms might act as saplings if planted in the dirt and eventually grow into the giant shrooms. I am hoping that the mushrooms we have now and the giant variety will be separate. I do not know how we'd grow the giant variety, and I'd like to be able to. I do not want my mushroom farms suddenly trying to grow massive mushrooms.
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    I am okay with no NPCS and just the villages. We can get the NPCs in the second half. Bosses could come even later. I'd rather they be delayed and done well, than thrown in and be crappy.

    Quote from War_Cookie

    I hope they really put a good amount of work into enhancing the Nether. I think it could be pretty awesome. (Also secretly hopes for DRAGONS!!) :biggrin.gif:

    Don't we all!?!?

    Quote from SabbyKat

    We'll have to wait and see. I am harassing the crap out of @jeb on Twitter, but Notch just redirected all his stuff to him, and now he can't reply at all -.-;

    But I'll continue pressing for info on 1.9 and the Nether! >=) I SHALL NOT REST UNTIL VICTORY IS IN MY HANDS!... or in my head, whichever. :tongue.gif:

    But I can safely assume Biomes, rivers, and ores are a solid chance for the Nether. biomes being like distinct lava oceans, and such. Nothing like the real world, like 1-3 biomes roughly. Slap in a mysterious flaming-forest biome made of unique trees/plants for the Nether, lava ocean biome, and then the standard 'hell' we have now, and that's a nice bit of change.

    I totally agree. I would love to see some kind of plant life in the Nether. I would also like to see food Native only to the Nether, something that isn't a mushroom. Maybe something that takes lava to grow instead of water.

    Quote from MaggotKing

    I agree. Maybe nether dungeons too? Full of very rare new nether things?

    Dungeons? Nether ruins, that's what I'd like to see. Ruins made of some material we don't have now and is only found and is native too the Nether.

    Quote from SabbyKat


    More on topic, Grinders may soon be COMPLETELY DESTROYED, as Jeb is debating on making mobs only drop items on player-activated death. Aka drowning, lava, etc, makes them drop NO ITEMS AT ALL. Scaryyy... they better up the bloody drops then!

    I really don’t want them to utterly break my mob traps. If they do, I hope that it only affects Hard difficulty.

    More than likely Dragons would be in 1.9 due to the fact of just putting Dragon Lairs INTO VOLCANOES! :blink.gif: Giving you a extremely hard challenge if Dragons can fly! It would make more sense putting Dragons into Volcanoes for the Dragon Eggs to be insulated by the heat.

    You want a pet dragon don’t you? If you want one so badly, check out my sig.

    Quote from GorgeousTaylor

    I wonder if by "stronghold objectives", he also means better loot?

    I think he means like bosses and reasons to go to strongholds.

    Quote from Daveyx0

    I just want 1.9 to improve the Nether in any way possible. I want to have a reason to explore the Nether and not only get some glowstone and leave...

    Glowing trees…

    Quote from ArcticKitsune

    I'm looking forward to the "Land claim flags" for my server. Me and my fellow fox minions ended up building cities and this should help keep territories safe from vandals and griefers, depending on how its coded. Something with players not stealing from city mines, no matter how deep they go. Hmm....Wonder if these flags can be customized......

    And as for the Nether update, that be interesting. I wonder what more they could add to the nether.....maybe every certain blocks you walk souls can grab onto you? You would have to smack the arms before they drain your hearts? *shudders at the thought*

    I believe that is why Notch said that soul sand makes you slow, the souls stuck in the sand all grabbing on to you… So we have that block already, just not the animation of all those blocky hands holding on to you.
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    Quote from Anstar

    Notch :iapprove: is adding bats :DDDDDD
    go check his twitter :wink.gif:
    I wonder how blocky they're gonna be :dry.gif:
    and if they're hostile :ohmy.gif: :unsure.gif: He says theres gonna be spawners :ohmy.gif:

    I quote :3:
    " notch Markus Persson
    I reverted to the second-to-last update that didn't have the broken bat spawner. Now I go sleep."

    Well, bats would have been intersting if it had been true instead of a different game. Then we'd have to check the ceilings of caves when we went exploring.
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    Quote from Patrickrand

    why not glass?

    It could be glass. I'm also not thinking it will be a full helmet. It could be it, but I am thinking it would be more like goggles. If it is a full on helmet it will likely have iron in the crafting recipe.
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