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    I need help choosing a monitor, maybe two.
    I previously had 3 monitors, in their choice I didn’t make a start (almost).

    I chose the cheapest and simplest 23 and 23.9 inches (was 22 and 24 inches) ordinary monics, and one game monitor aoc g2460pg (144 Hz) (At that time, he gave me a solid penny, cost about $ 800)

    He took monitors for comfort, for comfortable work + at times of games, perhaps streaming. Convenience was that, on one it was possible to work, at the same time on the second I often watched movies or TV shows. And on the 3rd, there were Skype, messengers, everything related to contacts.

    Time passed and it happened that I needed to sell two of the 3 monitors.

    And for several months now I've been sitting with one, I will say this .. For a person who has been working on the Internet for more than 10 years, it is terribly inconvenient, 0 is comfort, and therefore even work (not working) because something actually does not suit.

    Most recently, I decided to purchase two more monitors to one of my old lg22m35.
    Immediately I will write something too expensive or gaming to buy there is no longer a desire, because I was a happy user of a gaming monitor, I can say so, this is very cool. But, it is not worth it.

    The situation is as follows: I have a large table (very comfortable, it was made under the gaming bias). Accordingly, the table is attached to the wall. Now I plan to choose an additional 1 or 2 monitors, for complete convenience in terms of work and possibly games / streaming).

    I plan to leave a 22 inch monitor for chatikov (streams) (browser) (working messengers) depending on what I will do at this moment, work or play or stream.

    The main problem is to choose 1 or 2 monitors, in addition to what is already there.
    because Now my eyes fall on the diagonal of the monitors 27/29/32/34.

    The very first option that I considered to hang a 32/34 monitor on the wall, above the table. Anyway, I sit in a chair at a convenient distance, while working or something else it would be possible to conveniently gaze at a movie or a series, raising my eyes / head up a little).
    This option also included the purchase of a 27 inch monitor purely for games. But! 32/34 monitors I consider options ultra wide 21: 9. A 27 16: 9.

    So, help me with the choice. I do not have a shop in the city where monitors with such diagonals are sold for comparison.
    The most important thing in choosing is comfort, I didn’t have previously had ultra wide 21: 9 monitors, and indeed more than 24 inches monitors.
    What is the monitor for? For games, streaming, and work. No matter what sequence, but so that it does not bring discomfort in games at the same time. because YouTube doesn’t really convey the dimensions of these monitors, I want it to be primarily convenient for my needs, i.e. I'm afraid that 27 will seem small to me, and 29-32-34 (ultra wide) I'm afraid that they will seem big to me and not very comfortable in games (strategies) because for films, they are more than suitable.

    Generally from options:

    1. Buy 32/34 hang on the wall above the two monitors to chill (movies, etc.). And the second to take for games 27 inch to 22 inch which is available.
    2. Just buy a 29 inch as basic to a 22 inch in stock.
    Of the other options, this is + - inches for the main monitor.

    For me, this is a difficult choice, because I am very moody in these things, and I do not want to be displeased. The main requirement is comfort, in games and watching videos. For work especially no matter how many inch monitor, and for games and movies, this factor is important.

    I am afraid that the main monitor will be either too big or too small, because compare in real life is not possible, you need to go to neighboring regions. And it is not known whether I will like ultra wide or not, and it will be convenient in games (strategy genre).

    I apologize for the multi-book but already tired of sitting on YouTube for a week and watching videos of various kinds of monitors. because I do not see anything sensible there, except for a review of monitors, but it’s one thing to see the size of the monitor live and the other on YouTube.

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