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    posted a message on What does your storage looks like?
    Quote from T1Cybernetic»

    That is very impressive ;) Simple but very effective is exactly what I love about parts of the game :) I may adopt that storage style into my new world when I get around to starting it.

    I tend to over complicate things :P But I really like your storage setup so I will try to have some restraint :D

    lol just get a pick with eff5 unbreak 3 , mending and start diggin out a huge hole lol :D
    mine took me about 1-2 weeks because i do not play on daily baisis. It's worth it on one hand , on the other nope.
    1. You have always problems with zombies spawning there , 2nd is that lucky for me unknowingly i dug into a slime chunk so even when i sleep in my bed there are slimes jumping all around the place.
    2. The good thing is that its a big more of a challange to dig out so much space to put everything , the mob spawner i made outside the base is huge on 3 levels and that was a challange itself because i needed bones and gunpowder and it looks like it will be working for a loooong time.
    You have to always keep an eye out for zombies as i said for they are a real threat to the underground villager breeder that i made.
    I am now thinking of making an automatic wheat/carrot/potato farm with villagers underderground wich i never did do it before so wish me luck :P

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    posted a message on What does your storage looks like?

    Well it took me quite a long time to carve out my underground home. I want to have a big , really big storage system that has a place for everything but i am very far from that lol. It looks like this for now but i am trying to figure it out to expend it on top possible on the sides :)

    Any ideas are welcome ;)

    I could not upload everything but i got a villager breeder underground , automatic farms , villager trade center :)

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    posted a message on making villagers spawn

    look around your home/area and look for zombie villagers if you don't have any , find 2 and heal them , make your own village and let them breed :)

    if they are not farmers you need to feed them manually , throw them food.

    here is a village i built

    this works in 1.12 also

    and here is how to heal a zombie villager ;)

    the cure process is pretty much the same except the gold apple you need to craft it out 9 ingots

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    posted a message on What are some of your best villager trades!?

    one of my best trades yet look xD

    i got like 3 chestplates and some 6 picks for a about 2 stacks of emeralds xD

    and i just started my villager farm :P

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