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    posted a message on Giving away a Linux server [VPS] with 16GB RAM, 6vCPUs [for free]

    I mean I've made Minecraft servers before, I could never get a bukkit server to work though. But from the looks of the image you posted its a lot more than just make a Minecraft server and throw it in there, right?

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    posted a message on Giving away a Linux server [VPS] with 16GB RAM, 6vCPUs [for free]

    I am in need of a server host currently for my server. I would gladly take this server, however, I know nothing about managing a server. I've been trying to recruit people to help me but no one seems interested. ;/

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    posted a message on Fullmetal Alchemist Server Recruitment

    Bump. This is still active. Making the map with world painter is a lot more difficult than I thought! I'll try to get some pictures up soon!

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    posted a message on Warrior Cats Server

    I'm confused, is this server based off of something?

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    posted a message on Fullmetal Alchemist Server Recruitment
    For years I've been looking for an anime server that mixes the world and lore with the gameplay so it feels like your really there but I haven't been able to find anything close to this. So while on the internet I thought to myself, "why don't I just make a server?" and that brings us here.

    The plan for this server is to be an open world Fullmetal alchemist server complete with an in-depth alchemy system where your actions have consequences.
    However, this being a big project I am in need of people to help. I'm currently looking for people with the following:
    Coding Custom Plugin/Plugin Maintenance
    Server Hosting (Possibly)

    I'm currently making the map with world painter and trying to learn how to code plugins because I know most people won't do something like that for free unless they are really passionate about that specific something.
    If you interested in any of the following please leave a message below.

    Update 10/1/2018: We now have a discord! Feel free to join! https://discord.gg/pn3GTxb

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    posted a message on 🎀 Vanilla Latte 🥐 {Season 1} 🧡 Vanilla 1.13.1 🍦 Whitelist 🍦 Friendly Community 🍦 Dedicated Hardware 🧡

    What interests you about our personal server?

    Well originally in the title it said introverts and I'm basically the most introverted introvert to ever introvert on this earth.

    What would you like to tell us about yourself?

    I honestly don't like talking about myself, if we click you'll find out stuff if we don't maybe you'll learn some stuff maybe not.

    I like video games and I have a big imagination.

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    posted a message on WIP I Am Number Four Mod!

    Sadly I dont think so Blue

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    posted a message on New Mob: Foxes

    I've read another Forum with the suggestion
    for Foxes and commented on it a couple of times too, but I
    haven't seen it getting anywhere. So I decided Why not try this for myself? So here's my idea for Foxes in Minecraft!

    New Mobs: Red Foxes, Grey Foxes, Fennec Foxes, Arctic Foxes and (Edit) Kitsunes.

    I believe there are too many variants, like many others, I believe that the Red foxes, Arctic Foxes and the Kitsune will do. However, I'm rather skeptical about the Kitsune.

    Spawn areas: Red and Grey Foxes have an equal chance of spawning in
    Forest and Plains Biomes; Fennec Foxes spawn in Desert and Savanna
    Biomes; Arctic Foxes spawn in Snow Biomes; (Edit) Kitsunes spawn in the

    I don't really know much about foxes but I don't really think they would be on a plains biome unless they are hunting, etc. I think you would most likely see them in a forest type area so I believe that is the only area they should spawn.

    Arctic spawn area is fine.

    Kitsune is also fine (For now).

    Items dropped by the Mobs: (Massive edit) The only item dropped would
    be fur that can be used to craft rugs and hoods, with the hoods coming pre-enchanted
    . There are five different versions of the hood that can be
    crafted, with the Red-fox hood being five fur in the regular slots like
    a helmet would be in. Grey-fox hoods would be crafted the same, but
    with Grey Dye in the remaining slots. Fennec-fox hoods would be crafted
    using Sandstone in the remaining slots, and would provide Protection 1.
    The Arctic-fox hood would be crafted by putting Blocks of Snow in three
    of the empty spaces as well as a Pumpkin in the middle, and would give
    Respiration. The Kitsune hood would be crafted with two Blaze powder in
    the middle empty spaces, Netherbrick in the other two and would give
    Fire Protection 1.

    I like the idea of hoods, however again I only think the 3 varients of foxes should exist (Arctic, Forest, Nether).

    I don't see a use for the hoods other than just being a retextured leather helmet however, I would totally wear something like this around in my world. Maybe they could give night vision for a period of time at night? Or prehaps the hoods could give you night vision when you have 3 or more foxes following you around? Just some ideas.

    I don't think the kitsune hood should give fire protection, I think having a similar effect as the turtle helmet has, but giving fire resistance instead of giving water breathing.

    The Rugs would be a new decoration block. The crafting recipe would
    be three fur across in a crafting table, with the texture of it being
    randomly one of the five Foxes upon placing it down(Paintings anyone?).

    I don't really like this at all, I mean its an interesting idea, but to me, it just doesn't really feel like it would fit the game.

    Another item that would only be dropped by Kitsunes would be Kitsune
    Tails that can be used to make fire-resistance potions and also cooked
    to let you eat it and gain Blindness and Haste potion effects for 20
    seconds. When eaten raw, it only gives you slowness.

    This is just basically replacing blaze powder, maybe instead of this, the tails are required to make the Kitsune hood? That seems a lot better to me.

    Mob Behavior: Foxes would be scavengers by default, and when their
    around would attack Pigs, Rabbits, and Chickens, as well as pick up any
    dropped items they happen upon along the way. The only way to be able to
    tame them would be to use Raw Rabbit or (Edit) Chicken. Each time you
    try has a 50% chance of working. They will run away from you if you
    don't have either of these items. When tamed you will be able to access a
    sort of menu that has the items they store away by clicking on them
    witha (Edit)Feather when tamed. It will use up a Feather each time you
    do this. They will not attack Mobs for you and will run away from
    Creepers, but they will collect dropped items and bring them back to

    I think that they should only attack pigs when there are 2 or 3 in a group. The chicken and rabbits are ok solo.

    I don't like how foxes have a GUI. Nothing else really has something like that other than llamas and donkeys but thats because they are storing things cause they have chests on them. I think it would be a lot better and more realistic for them to just run up to you and drop anything that they had picked up. Damaging them should make them drop whatever they have, whether there tamed or not.

    Edit: All untamed over-world Foxes will be attacked by tamed Wolves,
    forcing you to leave them behind if you're searching for a new pet. They
    will become passive to each other once tamed.

    This doesn't really make sense, I mean I get it there both dogs like animals but that doesn't make sense for them to attack for no reason, I think it would be a better idea to have to be friendly with each other and have a similar effect that ocelots do when you have a fish.

    Edit: The behavior of the Kitsune is very different from it's
    over-world counterparts, with it avoiding water(Which would cause it
    damage) and being openly hostile to players in the Nether. The only way
    to make this mob neutral to you is to wear a pumpkin on your head. To
    tame it, you need Blaze Rods, with a 25% chance of taming it each time
    you try. It will not enter the over-world without being tamed by a
    player. It will attack all mobs in the Nether with the exception of
    Ghasts and Zombie Pigman, with it running away from Pigman, and the
    Pigman likewise running from it. This mob would take no fire damage.
    When in the Over-world, it will act like a regular Fox, though Snow
    Golems will be openly hostile to it, with it doing the same in turn.
    (Edit) When it bites a player, it sets them on fire.

    I don't like the "wear a pumpkin thing" that doesn't make any sense, I mean, then again it doesn't really make sense for the enderman either. I don't understand the whole "it being mad at everything in the nether", why would it do that, I think it should be like pigmen or wolfs and not attack you unless you attack it. I think it should spawn only in lava, that way its a bit harder to get to. The blaze rod as the taming item seems alright. It not entering the overworld unless being tamed sounds, ehh, nothing else in the game is like that so why is this fire fox so special? I agree with the not taking fire damage, I agree with it taking damage from water, etc. I also think that it should produce a glowing or a small source of light around it similar to redstone torches, since it's a magical fire fox.

    Mob Texture: For Red Foxes, I would go with the classic look of them
    having black paws, a red body, a white tip on their tail, and a white
    tuft of fur sticking out beneath their head on their neck and going
    along the stomach.

    The Arctic Foxes would be all white fur, and have the same sizing as the Red and Grey Foxes.

    (Edit) Kitsunes would be a sort of Netherack color all over, with the
    exception of the regular white tuft at the neck and along the stomach,
    and have three tails instead of one.

    All textures are up for debate in my eyes.

    After being tamed, they would get Black Collars around their necks, which are dyeable just like Dog Collars.


    Edit: Leatherworker Villagers would trade 6-8 Fox fur for 2-3
    Emeralds, and would give you one of the five fox hoods for 1-2 Emeralds.

    Trades are always different, just having one isn't a thing but I get where you're coming from.

    So, tell me what you think, what you like, what you hate, all that jazz, and remember, #FOXESFORMINECRAFT

    Heres a suggestion of my own, foxes should have den in forest where they store the thing they find. Also the den could contain pups that the adult foxes are raising but then again no mob in the game acts like this so maybe, maybe not.

    Also what would happen if you breed a fox and a wolf? What about the Kistune?



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    posted a message on 1.13 Vanilla SMP [Whitelisted]

    IGN: x_SquidMaster_x

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: A very long time.

    Have you ever been in a SMP?: Yeah, but most of them didn't go so well. A lot of SMP's are just trying to copy the 2 most popular ones, Hermitcraft and Mindcrack. People really need to make them there own thing.

    Do you think you'll be active in the server?: Hopefully.

    Discord?: Squid#8273

    What do you like to do in vanilla?: Build, etc.

    Are you okay with being pranked?: Sure as long as it isn't too crazy.

    How old are you?(Must be above 13): 17

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    posted a message on People still playing?

    I'm confused if your talking about starting up a public server or starting up a whitelist type server. Either way, 1.13 just came out thats pretty fun. Modded has a lot of offer too.

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    posted a message on [NEW MAP] Elytra SMP: 1.13 Vanilla Survival Community (Whitelist)
    Minecraft username: x_squidmaster_x

    Discord username (including #___ number): Squid#8273

    Age: 17

    Tell me about yourself: I'm squid. I play Minecraft. I like to build. Not much else to say. The rest of me is an experience.

    Do you agree to follow the server guidelines?: Ye.

    (For my friend)

    Minecraft username: _Poseidon____

    Discord username (including #___ number): Strungheim #0006

    Age: 13

    Tell me about yourself: I'm a very mature 13-year-old. I like potatoes.

    Do you agree to follow the server guidelines?: Yea
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    posted a message on Ancient RP is a new, community run, roleplaying server. Join now!

    The link is expired.

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