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    1. How old are you? 17

    2. What are your strongpoints? anything

    3. What is your skype username? devinreeves900
    4. What position of staff are you looking for? head-admin

    5. How will you benefit the server will being a staff member on the team? i will make a difference on the server in any possible way i can do and to the best of my abilities. i can help with almost anything.

    6. Do you have any bans on any other servers? no

    7. What is your past expirence of being a mod? expert. currently working on three different servers, one admin, one owner, and one moderator

    8. What is your IGN? x_HD_Studio_x

    9. What do you like to be know as? &5Exodous

    10. Do you have a working microphone? on my ipad i do

    11. Do you have a recording device? not atm
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    sorry accidently did it twice
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    posted a message on [Need Staff / Builders] [Rectonix Network] | Facitons | Prison | KitPvp | & More |
    Age: 17
    Skype: devinreeves900
    Time Zone: EST, i will be on whenever i am free

    Experiences:admin X4, moderator X2 co-owner X1
    Skills:can do anything pretty much: applying for head admin
    Any ban records. Why: i have banned people but never been banned
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    posted a message on New 1.7.10 factions server! STAFF NEEDED!
    IGN: x_HD_Studio_x

    Age: 17

    Experience as staff: i have been co owner and admin of many servers and i am currently admin on a server and moderator on another server

    Plugins you have knowledge about: essentials, worldborder, bettercommandspy, socialspy, marry, factions, essentialsspawn, worldedit, mcmmo, bukkit, timtheenchanter, /afk, /mute, /kick, /tempban, /ban, manuad, ect...

    Anything else: i have everything its got to become staff i would like to apply for head-admin/co-owner
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    Application : hi my name is x_HD_Studio_x aka devin i want to become a staff member i am very responsible and helping to everyone i believe that every server needs a good staff to create a good gaming environment i am able to be on at any time of the day and able to be on.the server the day it opens


    Skype(Must have): yes and it is: devinreeves900

    Describe yourself (character, values, maturity, etc.): i am funny respectful helpful caring and very mature. I am friendly to anyone i talk to i do not cope with rudeness and or abuse/harrassment

    How long have you been playing Minecraft:

    I have played minemcraft since the day it came out i know a lot about servers and the way they work.

    Rank you are applying for: head admin.

    Experience you have as staff: i have owned my own server but i shut it down because it lagged my computer. I have been moderator/admin on 10 servers and everyone loves me.

    Other info: let me know if i get the spot i want to help and make a difference in the way players act on the server and when it opens

    Thanks, x_HD_Studio_x
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